Classic CFN: 1999 NFL Draft Underclassmen Projections

Classic CFN: 1999 NFL Draft Underclassmen Projections

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Classic CFN: 1999 NFL Draft Underclassmen Projections


Classic CFN: 1999 NFL Draft Stay Or Go

CFN 20th Year Anniversary: It turned out to be a historically weird draft with Ricky Williams dropping a bit, and the quarterbacks getting the nod way up top. Who should stay and who should go? Here’s what we thought, January 15th, 1999.

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It’s the 20th anniversary of this season. I stumbled upon a ton of old, weird, painfully-dated articles that I’ll put up from time to time. I’m sorry.

Welcome to the early draft look at the top players going early to the NFL way back in 1999 – back when taking off early really meant something.  I’m putting it up as it was originally published – mistakes and all – on CFN on January 15th, 1999. 


Shaun Alexander RB Alabama

THE RIGHT MOVE? Yes if he’s happy in college. No if he wanted to be an NFL star. While he’s a very good running back, there are some rumblings that he’d make a superstar wide receiver. He would thrive in a West Coast-type offense where he could catch passes out of the backfield. He’s not going to get that kind of practice at run-happy Alabama.

Ron Dayne RB Wisconsin

THE RIGHT MOVE? It was until his performance in the Rose Bowl. He showed a great combination of power and speed and he went from a 2nd to 3rd round draft pick to a 1st rounder. With a 1,500 yard season next year, he’ll be a high first rounder.

J.R. Redmond RB Arizona State

THE RIGHT MOVE? Yes. He needs another year to prove he’s a top-flight player.

Peter Warrick WR Florida State

THE RIGHT MOVE? Not sure. Word is he didn’t want to take a pay cut. KIDDING, bad joke. Receivers from the state of Florida that are his size have had very limited success in the NFL. Jacquez Green, Jack Jackson, Riedel Anthony, and Ike Hilliard, while all Gators, haven’t lived up to their hype in the bigs. Now, name a WR from Florida State in the NFL…don’t think NFL scouts don’t notice that. With another year in college, he’ll be a top 10 pick next year. He would’ve been top 20 this year.


Rahim Abdullah LB Clemson

THE RIGHT MOVE? No. He could use another season to climb into the elite status of players. This might be a huge mistake.

Champ Bailey DB/RB Georgia

THE RIGHT MOVE? Absolutely. He’ll be a top five pick and this year’s Charles Woodson.

Dre’ Bly DB North Carolina

THE RIGHT MOVE? No. Much like Andy Katzenmoyer, there was a backlash against Bly this season after two years of hype. He had an average year and was exposed to be an average corner. He could use another college year to work and bump up his draft status.

David Boston WR Ohio State

THE RIGHT MOVE? For the money, yes. He may be the first receiver taken but he needs another year to polish his route running and push himself into top five status.

Chris Claiborne LB USC

THE RIGHT MOVE? Maybe. He has nothing left to prove on the college level but might need another year of seasoning to be a true NFL superstar.

Tim Couch QB Kentucky

THE RIGHT MOVE? No. No. No. He, like all quarterbacks, needs another year of maturity. Quick, name a quarterback other than Drew Bledsoe who came out early and succeeded. Ryan Leaf? Not yet. Heath Shuler? Nope. Trent Dilfer? Not on my watch. Tommy Maddox? Todd Marinovich? Be like Peyton Manning, stay and learn.

Sedrick Irvin RB Michigan State

THE RIGHT MOVE? Maybe. In the right system, he looks like another Fred Taylor. He must dazzle them at the combines though.

Edgerrin James RB Miami

THE RIGHT MOVE? Yes. A big, bruising back like James has a short life span. He can only take so many hits.

Kris Farris OT UCLA

THE RIGHT MOVE? Only if no one sees the Rose Bowl tapes. How many times can one man hold and get away with it? He’s not a top 10 player.

Brock Huard QB Washington

THE RIGHT MOVE? Yes. We might be the only ones who like him but with the right coaching he could be an NFL star. With Huskies coach Jim Lambright gone, staying for a final year wouldn’t do him much good.

Corey Hulsey OG Clemson

THE RIGHT MOVE? Yes. There was speculation for a while that he’d be gone. He needs a good line coach in the NFL to turn his potential into greatness. Anytime you’re 6’7″ and 335 pounds and quick on your feet, there’s a place for you in the NFL.

Andy Katzenmoyer LB Ohio State

THE RIGHT MOVE? Maybe. There was a serious backlash against him this year with people criticizing him for everything from a lack of quickness to bad instincts. If he goes to the Indianapolis combines, he’ll wow the world with his workout and will be a star player for years to come.

Jevon Kearse LB Florida

THE RIGHT MOVE? Oh yes. Jevon Kearse will be a superstar in the NFL for the next several years. He can do it all and with his combination of size, strength and speed, he’s what every NFL defensive coach dreams of.

Solomon Page OT West Virginia

THE RIGHT MOVE? Yes. He looks like another Jonathan Ogden. The NFL will love him.

Larry Smith DL Florida State

THE RIGHT MOVE? Big time. He might not be the big name of Seminole defensive players of the past but he is a run-stuffing lineman who should step in right away and be a fixture on a NFL defensive line.

Amos Zereoue RB West Virginia

THE RIGHT MOVE? Yes. He will be a star featured back in the NFL for the next five years.


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