Bowl Final Thoughts, Predictions & Advice: Rose, Cotton, Sugar, Outback Bowls

Bowl Final Thoughts, Predictions & Advice: Rose, Cotton, Sugar, Outback Bowls


Bowl Final Thoughts, Predictions & Advice: Rose, Cotton, Sugar, Outback Bowls


Bowl Final Thoughts, Predictions & Advice: Rose, Cotton, Sugar, Outback Bowls

Check out the final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice for the Rose, Cotton, Sugar, Outback bowls – because you have to.

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Game Previews & Predictions
– Goodyear Cotton: Wisconsin vs. Western Michigan, 1:00, ESPN
– Outback, Florida vs. Iowa, 1:00, ABC
– Rose, USC vs. Penn State, 5:00, ESPN
– Allstate Sugar: Oklahoma vs. Auburn, 8:30, ESPN

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Really, College Football Playoff? That’s what you gave us? Two ugly blowouts that – worst of all – were fricking boring? You owe us, college football.

There are just five games left in the college football season. Let’s start out 2017 better than we ended 2016, shall we?

But if you’re sick and tired of watching things and just want to know what’s going to happen, here you go.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only. However, just in case you dabble …

You owe us, Rose Bowl. After the Stanford McCaffreys ripped through Iowa last year in a brutal game that sucked from the start. Be interesting, Penn State and USC.

Heaven help the College Football Playoff committee for putting an undeserving Ohio State in the CFP/Fiesta Bowl if Penn State destroys USC.

The Big Ten hasn’t stunk it up like you think it has. Okay, Ohio State wet the bed, but Michigan battled hard with Florida State – the bowls haven’t been an exposing of the league as overrated. If Penn State loses, though, that’ll be the narrative.

But the Pac-12 has been worse. Obviously, there’s no dawging – sorry, long night – Washington for losing to Alabama, but there’s no getting past that Colorado loss to Oklahoma State or Washington State’s loss to Minnesota. I’m not altering my core belief that the Pac-12 stinks this year. Remember, USC’s only two good wins in this whole run were against Washington and Colorado.

Penn State is better than you think it is. The month off and the San Gabriel mountains tend to do weird things to good Big Ten teams, especially against USC, but that time off will make Saquon Barkley better. The Nittany Lions will look the part.

If the Rose Bowl is going to be an ugly blowout, though, it’ll be because USC ripped Penn State, and not the other way around.

But Penn State getting seven? Merry New Year.

You owe us, Cotton Bowl. We’re all still scarred after postponing our New Year’s plans last year to watch Alabama-Michigan State.

Don’t overthink this. I know the Group of Fivers have been great in the New Year’s Six and BCS days. I know Western Michigan has the talent and the potential to pull off the Cotton Bowl win. I know this isn’t just your typical MAC team. It won’t matter. Wisconsin isn’t one of those teams or programs that doesn’t show up like a Florida State vs. Houston in last season’s Peach.

With that said, if I’m Wisconsin, after the way the Penn State receivers went gonzo in the Big Ten Championship, I’m sweating bullets that Corey Davis is going to go off for 172 yards and two scores.

Wisconsin’s pass rush and running game will roll. Again, don’t try too hard here. Giving up eight points might seem like a lot, but don’t dismiss the idea that the Badgers just might shut down the MACers cold.

You owe us, Sugar Bowl. Halftime last year – Ole Miss 34, Oklahoma State 6. And, Oklahoma, you owe us for that Orange Bowl performance in last season’s College Football Playoff.

The Sugar Bowl should be more fascinating than it appeared when the matchup was first announced. All of a sudden, after being a punching bag all year, the Big 12 seems okay with Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Baylor doing a nice job this bowl season. But perception almost always starts up top. An Oklahoma win turns an already good season into a truly amazing one, even with those two early losses to Houston and Ohio State.

Auburn should be much, much better with the time off. There were three teams coming into the bowl season that were supposed to be better with time to heal. One was Clemson and another was Florida State – all good there. The Auburn offense will work.

I know I’m being wishful after a horrible New Year’s Eve, but this might be a terrific game. Both offenses will be solid, but the Auburn defense is good, the Oklahoma defense isn’t.

But Auburn getting three? Merry New Year.

And the over/under point total only 59.5? Merry New Year, again.

You owe us, Iowa. Rose Bowl – Stanford 45, Iowa 16. And it wasn’t even that close.

You owe us, Florida. Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl – Michigan 41, Florida 7. And it wasn’t even that close.

The SEC has been good this bowl season, the Big Ten has been just okay. Not happy about it, but Florida -3 in the Outback? Okay. I’m going with talent over plucky.

I feel like the 40-point total is too obvious. It’s begging for you to go over, but don’t blow off the idea of these two miserable offenses, and these two amazing defenses, coming up with a 26-10 combined final score.

After eating Chick-fil-A with every meal for a week in Atlanta, no, Outback. I don’t want a Bloomin’ Onion or Coconut Shrimp. Do you have a piece of raw broccoli?

AND FINALLY … over the next week, a flood of Alabama money is going to start coming in. If you think the Crimson Tide will win the College Football Playoff national championship, get in on them -6.5. Now. Really.

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