2017 Prespring Rankings: No. 122 San Jose State Spartans

2017 Prespring Rankings: No. 122 San Jose State Spartans


2017 Prespring Rankings: No. 122 San Jose State Spartans


2017 Prespring Rankings: No. 122 San Jose State Spartans

The 2017 prespring college football rankings, taking the first look at the San Jose State Spartans

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No. 122 San Jose State Spartans

San Jose State Spartans Prespring Status

San Jose State is always a tough nut to crack, but Ron Caragher fought the good fight. After a tough 4-8 season with no defense and an ugly first half – going 1-5 at the halfway mark – the program made a chance to Brent Brennan to try making the Spartans a player in the Mountain West race. Who’s Brennan? He’s a young, former wide receivers coach coming from Oregon State, which doesn’t seem to fit considering the Beavers didn’t throw all that well, but he spent a few years as a SJSU assistant from 2005 to 2010, and now he gets the shot to run the show himself. At the very least, he’s a bold choice.

San Jose State Spartans Biggest Issue

With a defense that’ll be average, at best, the Spartans have to figure out how to score again. That starts with figuring out how to throw the ball better and more efficiently. Starting quarterback Kenny Potter is gone, pushing Josh Love into the top spot going into spring. Leading receiver Tim Crawley is gone, and star tight end Billy Freeman is done, but Justin Holmes and Tre Hartley have deep ball skills.

San Jose State Spartans Biggest Positive

The offensive line should hit the ground running – almost literally. The running game wasn’t a prize last season, and the O line gave up 50 sacks, but this could and should be the team’s biggest area of improvement with four starters back – all seniors – and four good-looking young options giving the offense more depth than it’s had in a while. For an offense that needs to be better, the new coaching staff should have a good foundation to start with.

Really, Why Are The San Jose State Spartans Ranked Here?

There are too many moving parts. Is Brennan ready to make the program two wins better and get to 6-6? Can the run defense be any better after allowing close to 250 yards per game? Can the offense start coming up with more consistently solid performances? The 2016 team’s three wins over FBS teams came by a grand total of 12 points – take a wait-and-see approach to see what Brennan and his crew come up with just before the season.


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