2017 Prespring Rankings: No. 115 Georgia State Panthers

2017 Prespring Rankings: No. 115 Georgia State Panthers


2017 Prespring Rankings: No. 115 Georgia State Panthers


2017 Prespring Rankings: No. 115 Georgia State Panthers

The 2017 prespring college football rankings, taking the first look at the Georgia State Panthers

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No. 115 Georgia State Panthers

Georgia State Panthers Prespring Status

It’s a new era with Shawn Elliott taking over the reins with a high-temp, spread offense that’ll rely mostly on the ground game – at least as much as possible. It’s been tough to come up with a consistent winner at Georgia State, and it’ll take a slew of big changes to crank up an offense that sputtered with 17 points or fewer in six losses

Georgia State Panthers Biggest Issue

Okay, it’s the running game, but that should change a bit with the new staff. Considering the idea will be to throw several looks and several schemes into the defensive mix – versatility is supposed to be the key – losing a slew of top tacklers is going to be a problem. There aren’t any major personnel losses in any one area, but Four of the top six tacklers are done, losing linebacker Alonzo McGee and safeties Bobby Baker and Bryan Williams. They were a rock of an occasionally terrific defense that allowed just 381 yards per game.

Georgia State Panthers Biggest Positive

The pieces are there to start getting the woeful running game going. The quarterback situation should be solid – assuming Conner Manning cuts down on his interceptions, and with other options to add to the mix this spring – and the top running backs return. They might not have done much, but at least there’s experience. With four offensive linemen back, and only losing left guard Michael Ivory, the ground attack can’t help but be better.

Really, Why Are The Georgia State Panthers Ranked Here?

There’s hope for a bit of a turnaround early on. There’s just enough experience across the board to keep the coaching staff from having to do a complete gut job, but the playmakers have to emerge. The running game has to go from abysmal to passable, the special teams need to be night-and-day better – at least the punting game does – and the program has to try establishing itself with a move to Turner Field and a new overall look. It might take a little while.


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