2017 Michigan State Spartans Recruiting & National Signing Day Class Breakdown

2017 Michigan State Spartans Recruiting & National Signing Day Class Breakdown

2017 Recruiting

2017 Michigan State Spartans Recruiting & National Signing Day Class Breakdown


2017 Michigan State Spartans Recruiting & National Signing Day Class Breakdown

The 2017 Michigan State Spartans Recruiting Class. The basic overview of the class, the best area of strength, what you need to know if you don’t care about recruiting, the star, and the depth chart hole going into the season.

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Classes and rankings to be updated and adjusted on National Signing Day, Wednesday, February 1

Michigan State Spartans Recruiting Class Overview

It’s good enough. Forget about the 2016 aberration of a season for a moment. This is yet another way above-average recruiting class that doesn’t have the big-name superstar power of some of the other Big Ten big boys, but it’s more than strong enough. Mark Dantonio came up with two great offensive linemen in Jordan Reid, Kevin Jarvis and Matt Carrick to groom in a class pushing hard for the offensive side. The defense got a strong linebacker prospect in Antjuan Simmons for the outside, and a slew of defensive ends with a world of upside once they hit the weights, but again, the other side has the focus led by …

The Michigan State Spartans Class Is Heavy On …

Wide receivers. Go ahead and throw in tight ends Matt Dotson and Jack Camper on the pass catching pile, too. The Spartans have more downfield weapons to add to an already strong young nucleus, snagging Hunter Rison – yeah, Andre’s kid – along with the 6-3 Cody White and shifty Raheem Blackshear. There’s a lot for new quarterback prospect Rocky Lombardi to practice with.

The Star of the Michigan State Spartans Class Is …

OG Kevin Jarvis, 6-3, 324, Park Ridge, IL – He’s already got the bulk and the size to be a Big Ten run blocker, but he needs a little more fine-tuning to be ready for the left side and the quicker interior pass rushers. While he’ll get tried out at tackle for a while, eventually he’s going to be an anchor at left guard.

The Michigan State Spartans Biggest 2017 Depth Chart Hole Is …

Offensive line. The Spartans were supposed to have a major strength on the offensive front last season, and as it turned out, it was hit-or-miss. Now it’s going to be a gut job on the right side, losing guard Brandon Clemons and tackle Kodi Kieler. Throw in the loss of center Benny McGowan, a few of the key reserves. Throw in the departure of TE Josiah Price, and the Spartans need more blockers.

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