2017 Alabama Crimson Tide Recruiting & National Signing Day Class Breakdown

2017 Alabama Crimson Tide Recruiting & National Signing Day Class Breakdown

2017 Recruiting

2017 Alabama Crimson Tide Recruiting & National Signing Day Class Breakdown


2017 Alabama Crimson Tide Recruiting & National Signing Day Class Breakdown

The 2017 Alabama Crimson Tide Recruiting Class. The basic overview of the class, the best area of strength, what you need to know if you don’t care about recruiting, the star, and the depth chart hole going into the season.

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Classes and rankings to be updated and adjusted on National Signing Day, Wednesday, February 1 

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Alabama Crimson Tide Recruiting Class Overview

It’s Alabama, so it’s yet another amazing recruiting class full of players and names you need to know for the next several years of your football life. No, Nick Saban and company didn’t get everyone they wanted, but how many more amazing players can a team possibly get? They’re always in the hunt for elite players, and they missed on a few star prospects, but they got the main man in RB Najee Harris, and the big-time recruits just kept on coming with Alex Leatherwood one of the top offensive tackle prospects, Tua Tagovailoa a special quarterback option, and Jerry Jeudy and Tyrell Shavers restocking the wide receiver shelves – and that’s just the offense.

If Dylan Moses isn’t the best linebacker recruit, it’s VanDarius Cowan. If they’re not going to be among the best linebackers from this year’s class, it could be Chris Allen or Markail Benton. Isaiah Buggs is a ready-made JUCO transfer for the defensive front, while safeties Xavier McKinney and Daniel Wright both have next-level upside. There’s no stepping back for this program – the fun isn’t going to stop.

The Alabama Crimson Tide Class Is Heavy On …

Offensive linemen. The whole team is heavy on big-time talents, and the skill guys are going to be outstanding, but the key to making this all go should be another great haul of blockers to blast away. Alex Leatherwood is a future starter at left tackle – he’s got the NFL upside all Alabama starting offensive linemen bring – while Elliot Baker should step up and be a part of the equation soon coming from the City College of San Francisco. Kendall Randolph would be the franchise tackle for just about any other team, while Hunter Brannon should grow into a battler for time at one guard spot in a few years.

The Star of the Alabama Crimson Tide Class Is …

RB Najee Harris, 6-3, 225, Antioch, CA – Every once in a while, a recruiting class has a Leonard Fournette type who’s the sure-thing superstar running back who’s universally acknowledged as the special player who can potentially carry an entire offense. That’s Harris, with the freakish combination of power and pop with the hands to be used as a dangerous receiver as well as a workhorse runner. He might be a little bit tall and rangy, and he’s going to take his share of massive shots, but that’s nitpicking. The California native for the full-court press from everyone and anyone, but Michigan and UCLA were the two schools mostly in the hunt. But at this point, Alabama is the place to be for top-shelf running backs.

The Alabama Crimson Tide Biggest 2017 Depth Chart Hole Is …

The defensive front seven. Will it ever matter that Alabama loses so many NFL talents off the defensive front? It didn’t make a difference last year, but this time around should be different. Jonathan Allen and Dalvin Tomlinson are done at defensive end in the 3-4, top pass rusher Tim Williams is gone, and linebackers Reuben Foster and Ryan Anderson have to be replaced.

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