Daily Cavalcade: Nick Chubb Staying, Georgia Preseason Top Ten?

Daily Cavalcade: Nick Chubb Staying, Georgia Preseason Top Ten?

Cavalcade of Whimsy

Daily Cavalcade: Nick Chubb Staying, Georgia Preseason Top Ten?


Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Lorenzo Carter, Dalvin Bellamy Returning To Georgia

Nick Chubb returning for another year? Thoughts on this in the Daily Cavalcade of Whimsy.

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1990, Chubb Rock jumps up on the scene with a lean and a pocket full of green

Of course Nick Chubb should leave early for the NFL. He’d be a top 100 pick, if not a second rounder, and even if he’s looking to improve his stock, and even if he’s got insurance, in today’s day and age, all it takes is one extra shot to the head, one extra wrong hit, and poof … it’s all gone.

Which brings to the forefront another issue that star underclassmen have to deal with. Do you want to be a professional football player, or don’t you?

It’s a bit of a red flag now if you don’t want to go to the NFL whenever you’re able.

On the one hand, of course the pros want the most developed talents possible to choose from. But on the other hand, teams want as little wear and tear on their investments, and on the other foot, if you’re a football player, then be a football player.

A football player wants to play in the biggest of big leagues as soon as humanly possible. If you’re good enough, you’re going to get paid. And now, more than ever, teams would actually prefer to find good players and prospects after the first two rounds.

Everyone now wants a Dak Prescott type, but for all positions.

But fine, Nick Chubb wants to stay at Georgia.

Now the narrative shifts to Kirby Smart. Kirby, win the SEC East in 2017, or else.

There’s absolutely no excuse to not get into the SEC championship next year. There wasn’t really any excuse this season, either, and it was a missed opportunity. Next year, Florida still probably won’t have an offense, Tennessee will still be Tennessee – and will miss a slew of key players – and Missouri, South Carolina, Kentucky and Vanderbilt, while fine, are still Missouri, South Carolina, Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

It’s not just Chubb returning. Key backup running back Sony Michel – a likely late-rounder – is returning, along with likely top 100 picks Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy for the defensive front. Safety Dominick Sanders hasn’t declared one way or another, but no matter what, the Bulldogs have around 19 starters returning, a franchise quarterback in Jacob Eason, and an NFL-caliber backfield to work with.

Yeah, there are road games at Notre Dame, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Auburn and Georgia Tech, but there’s no Alabama, no LSU, and it’s a manageable enough schedule to roll through if the team full of experienced talents can develop. And that puts it all on Smart to combine the experience, along with the big-time young talents coming in, to win right away and at least get to Atlanta.

Should Georgia be a preseason top ten team on talent? After losing three of the five games by a total of five points, and with the defense coming off a great regular season, now the offense has to kick it all in.

Again, with all the talent coming back, there’s no excuse in Year Two – at least to take the East.

As Mark Richt would say, Finish The Drill.

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