Week 13 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice: Saturday Games

Week 13 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice: Saturday Games


Week 13 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice: Saturday Games

Check out the final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice for Week 13 Saturday games – because you have to.

Week 13 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Advice: Saturday Games

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If you can get past the whole dopey Toledo Will Win thing, my Friday Investment Thoughts advice column sort of worked. I strive for perfection, and below are nuggets to provide exactly that.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only. However, just in case you dabble …

Saturday Games

If it looks like a sucker bet, and it quacks like a sucker bet, assume South Carolina’s defense is going to be just good enough to keep Clemson under wraps just enough to keep this close, anyway.

Temple might be the best team you’re not really paying attention to right now. The defense is destroying everyone, and East Carolina has been way too weird. I hate the Owls giving away three touchdowns to anyone, but this might fit.

Tulane can’t throw a lick. Connecticut can’t score a lick. The 37 point over/under might be 36 points too high.

Rutgers might be the butt of Big Ten jokes, but Maryland has been even worse over the last month. Just because the Terps are going for a bowl game, don’t assume the Scarlet Knights aren’t going to show up.

Yeah, Pitt is playing well, but this Panther D – especially the beleaguered corners – could give up 350 passing yards to Syracuse. This could be more of a shootout than many might think.

Don’t … fall … for it. West Virginia isn’t Texas Tech. if you can get the -6.5 vs. Iowa State, you dive deep.

This is where the rivalry thing might kick in. Illinois is awful, but Northwestern’s offense has a habit of not scoring even after cranking up a whole slew of yards. Be careful.

This is where the rivalry thing might kick in. Purdue is awful, but Indiana’s offense has a habit of not scoring even after cranking up a whole slew of yards. Be careful.

This is where the rivalry thing might kick in. Kansas is awful, but Kansas State’s offense has a habit of not scoring even after cranking up a whole slew of yards. Be careful.

This is where the rivalry thing might kick in. Virginia is awful, but Virginia Tech’s offense has a habit of not scoring even after cranking up a whole slew of yards. Be careful.

This is where the rivalry thing might kick in. Oregon State is awful and Oregon is going to roll at will, even on the road.

The Michigan State-Penn State game totally depends on what happens with Ohio State-Michigan. Keep an eye on what happens in Columbus and adjust accordingly. If the Buckeyes look like they’re going to win, go with the theory that Penn State will roll. If Michigan looks like it’s going to pull it off, Michigan State getting 12.5 might be a gift.

It’s possible to put an over/under in the negative, that should be Boston College vs. Wake Forest. The 36.5 total might be 36 too heavy.

Wisconsin will struggle against Minnesota before pulling away late. Already having a spot in the Big Ten title game won’t matter much. The Badgers aren’t going to change anything.

Duke is playing everyone tough, and this is its last game of the year … maybe. The team is full of smart enough people to figure out that they’ll be going bowling with a win – going 5-7 and on APR. Miami giving 15 seems like a lot.

Georgia can stop the run. Georgia has more talent. Georgia has the better offensive talent. Georgia is playing at home. But Georgia Tech can still win this game.

If Alabama beats Auburn in a blowout, then it’s just another game on a national scale and will be instantly forgotten. If Auburn makes it interesting or pulls off the shocker, it’ll be hailed as a special rivalry moment. Expect the former, even if it takes a bit to get there.

Middle Tennessee hasn’t been the same without QB Brent Stockstill. Florida Atlantic has been playing just well enough to not get creamed.

No, I’m not just picking Utah over Colorado because I sort of want to see USC play Washington for the Pac-12 title. Okay, maybe a little.

Oh yeah, I forgot I thought Washington State was going to battle Washington. Colorado will win.

WKU will be off to the Conference USA title with a win over Marshall. The Herd will make this fun for about a quarter, and then the Hilltoppers will explode.

Navy doesn’t need this game against SMU since it’s already in the American Athletic Conference title game next week against Temple, HOWEVER, if it wins big and wins the AAC, and Western Michigan loses the MAC, this could get interesting for the Cotton Bowl. The CFP might delay the Cotton Bowl call until after the Army game if Navy is within range of being the top Go5 champ.

Louisville followed up the clunker near-miss against Virginia with a 52-7 blasting of Boston College. It followed up the awful performance against Duke with a 54-13 win over NC State. This will be a very, very different team against Kentucky than the one that showed up against Houston last Thursday.

Over/under on Cal/UCLA combined rushing yards: 4.5. Over/under on Cal/UCLA combined passing yards: 10,327.5. This will go very, very over.

UNLV shouldn’t be giving away nine points to anyone, but if I’m going to stick with my season-long unnatural and unholy love for these Rebels, against Nevada? Sure.

I’m going to hold my nose, close my eyes, grit my teeth, and vote … San Jose State -3 over Fresno State … and SUBMIT. I should walk around with an I Picked San Jose State sticker.

It’s Last Game of Season So Pull Out All Stops team vs. Going Bowling team. Old Dominion needs to win, but FIU should be able to keep this within two scores.

Here’s the problem. Appalachian State should beat New Mexico State by 40, but this is the last game of New Mexico State’s life. Who knows what the Aggies are going to bring.

Texas State is just awful. It’s at home, and this is its final game of the year, but Troy can still win the Sun Belt. Coming off a loss, the Trojans will roll.

It doesn’t always work out this way, ask Arizona State, but North Texas going bowling with a win over UTEP. Yeah, it’s on the road, but only three points? Sure.

UCF vs. South Florida is the battle between two head coaches that everyone will be talking about like Tom Herman next year at this time. UCF will make it a battle.

U … T … S … A … fight, fight, fight. The Roadrunners are going for a bowl game, but Charlotte will make them fight, fight, fight for it.

Christian McCaffrey will be worth the price of admission against Rice … for a half. Stanford will have to decide just how mean it feels like being.

Louisiana-Lafayette has been playing better, but Arkansas State has been a whole lot better. The Red Wolves roll on the way to a Sun Belt title.

Oh Tennessee. You’ve been a hoot, but I think I’m picking Vanderbilt just because I sort of want to. That defense has one more massive game left in it.

You just KNOW Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State is going to be amazing. This just feels like a last-second heroic battle that comes down to the final kick. The Rebels have the kicker to make that happen.

I’m tired of being mocked and ridiculed by a nation for suggesting that Florida is still in the College Football Playoff hunt. I know the Gators don’t have anyone left who isn’t missing a leg, but beat Florida State, beat Alabama, throw in that win at LSU – the at being the key word – and they’re in. They’re about to get Step Two in that process. Unfortunately, Step Three is going to be a lulu.

There’s a very, very good chance that the 14-hour GameDay, and all the hype around Michigan vs. Ohio State, will be for a game that doesn’t turn out to matter if Wisconsin wins next week.

Remember, for all the stuff people are doing around that 2006 1 vs. 2 game, both teams got pantsed in their respective bowls.

Michigan wins, and I’m sticking with it. I don’t care who’s at quarterback, and I don’t care that it’s in Columbus. This Wolverine defense will come up with something special. The longer this goes, and the tighter this is, the better for Michigan.

Check back tomorrow as I live update/comment on Michigan vs. Ohio State. Or don’t and lead a less entertained life.

One big storyline that could kick in fast. If Notre Dame beats USC, the league will look absolutely miserable once people really start to dive into the non-conference play. The Pac-12’s best non-conference win will still be Stanford over Kansas State. No. 2? Probably Cal over Texas. Yippee. If Notre Dame beats USC, the Pac-12 Is AWFUL rants will kick in.

Biggest game you won’t watch or care about, but should if you’re a true college football fan, and yeah, I’m calling you out. South Alabama winning over Idaho will be a big deal for the APR teams. The Boston Colleges, Oregons and Texases of the world might need to care about the Vandals.

Wyoming vs. New Mexico is now a fun exhibition after Boise State plotzed vs. Air Force. The Cowboys are playing San Diego State next week. If they’re smart, they rest everyone for the game that matters.

Yeah, they play in the same state. Yeah, they’re both FBS college football teams. No, Utah State won’t stay within a bajillion of BYU.


As always, the chaser of all chasers … Hawaii. This never works quite right, and Hawaii isn’t that good, and UMass is better than its record, and this is the UMass bowl game, and Hawaii just needs to squeak by to get to a bowl, but it fits the narrative that the Rainbow Warriors win. Eh, screw it. Drive through the smoke. Of course it’ll be Hawaii by more than 7.5. Of course.

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