Reports: Charlie Strong Fired, Tom Herman To Texas, Ed Orgeron Staying At LSU

Reports: Charlie Strong Fired, Tom Herman To Texas, Ed Orgeron Staying At LSU


Reports: Charlie Strong Fired, Tom Herman To Texas, Ed Orgeron Staying At LSU

The pieces appear to be in place. Texas fired Charlie Strong, is about to hire Tom Herman, and Ed Orgeron staying at LSU.

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Charlie Strong was fired by Texas Saturday morning, and now everything is set up perfectly.

Texas is likely getting Tom Herman – which is what everyone except Houston and Strong appears to have wanted.

Florida State is keeping Jimbo Fisher – which everyone appears to have wanted.

LSU is keeping Ed Orgeron – which everyone appeared to have wanted.

And now all is right with the world.

Texas made the move to secure the guy the program has wanted for more than a year, but it had to move a little faster than it might have liked thanks to the LSU factor.

Knowing that Texas was going to be on the table, the Herman camp apparently went high on LSU just to see if he could get it. That didn’t work.

$6 million won’t be a problem for Texas.

If Herman appeared to have been a little pricklier than a coach normally would when asked about his LSU job status after the loss to Memphis, it’s because he was right – we shouldn’t have listened to all the reports and rumors. And now he’s in place to get what he apparently wants.

Texas athletic director Mike Perrin had tried to be nice and respectful to Strong throughout the entire difficult process – everyone likes and respects Strong – but now he had to finally do what everyone expected and fire his head man to keep LSU from swooping in. Strong might have built the program back up, and the team looks experienced and dangerous for next year, but this was the one shot to get Herman, or else he’d have been in the SEC.

LSU had to act fast. It wasn’t getting Fisher, and it wanted to get its situation in place to either stay with Orgeron, or get the new man in place to jump in on the recruiting world and not lose the talent haul season. LSU made it clear that Orgeron was going to be the guy if Herman wasn’t- the dominant performance over Texas A&M certainly helped – and now the school will announce it’ll keep its guy – Coach O – at home.

And there you go, Texas. Herman is right there for the taking.

For Strong, he’ll have his shot at just about any defensive coordinator job he’ll want, and he’ll be rumored for every and any midrange gig from Purdue on down. But he’ll leave with at least $10 million in a buyout and finish his Texas career making around $30 million.

It might not have been easy or totally clean – these things never are – but it all worked out, and it all is done to allow all programs figure out their recruiting periods, their personnel, and for LSU, it 2017 team with all the bowl practices with its head man in place.

Let the rest of the coaching carousel kick in.

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