CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 10

CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 10

Week 10

CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 10

The CFN After Week 10 Rankings. Based on head-to-head as well as talent, here’s the latest ranking of all 128 teams.

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Now it’s time to think like the College Football Playoff committee.

The CFN rankings are always meticulously gone through and figured out each week, but to go off how the big guys and girl do it, it’s a combination of resume and best-team-theory kicking in.

It matters now that Travis Knight is hurt for Texas A&M, and it matters how Ohio State, Louisville, and Clemson looked now that the pressure is on.

Sticking with the what-happened-on-the-field principle as much as possible, and trying to avoid as many inconsistencies wherever applicable, now it gets real. Changing up the descriptions a bit to fit into the CFP world and ideals, welcome to the latest College Football News rankings.

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CFN After Week 10 College Football Top 25 Rankings

1. Alabama (9-0)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 1
Final Score: Alabama 10, LSU 0
Up Next: Mississippi State

Should be here because … that LSU win was a war against a hot team with a whole bunch of NFL talent. Throw in the wins over USC, WKU, at Arkansas, at Tennessee, and Texas A&M, and the resume matches the eye-test.

Should be lower because … others have better resumes. Clemson and Michigan can boast more higher-end CFP-ranked wins, and as we all know, you never, ever trust the eye test.

2. Michigan (9-0)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 2
Final Score: Michigan 59, Maryland 3
Up Next: at Iowa

Should be higher because … the Wolverines have been utterly dominant, with the 14-7 win over Wisconsin the only real battle. Blowing away Penn State now looks fantastic.

Should be lower because … that win over Wisconsin is really the only massive victory. Beating Penn State in late September isn’t like coming up with a win now, and blowing out Rutgers, Illinois, Michigan State and Maryland is absolutely no big deal.

3. Clemson (9-0)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 3
Final Score: Clemson 54, Syracuse 0
Up Next: Pitt

Should be higher because … yeah, Syracuse lost starting QB Eric Dungey, but yeeeesh. The Tigers looked fantastic, even without a banged up Deshaun Watson.

Should be lower because … yeah, that Watson shoulder problem is a thing. Clemson should be able to win the last three regular season games no matter what, but the team needs its superstar to be ready to go for Virginia Tech – most likely in the ACC Championship.

4. Ohio State (8-1)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 6
Final Score: Ohio State 62, Nebraska 3
Up Next: at Maryland

Should be higher because … that was the blowout we’ve all been waiting for. That was the Ohio State we were all waiting to see against a team that came into Columbus hoping to stay alive in the College Football Playoff chase.

Should be lower because … that loss to Penn State matters, obviously. Which Ohio State team is going to show up week-in-and-week-out? Did the team just turn it on all of a sudden, or should it really be ranked below …

5. Washington (9-0)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 4
Final Score: Washington 66, California 27
Up Next: USC

Should be higher because … it just annihilated Cal in one of the most impressive performances in a weekend full of impressive performances. That was one motivated-looking team looking to make a statement, but …

Should be lower because … the team still doesn’t have a really great win. Beating Utah at Utah is nice, but is that better than blowing away Nebraska? When one of the best wins is over Idaho, that’s a problem.

6. Wisconsin (7-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 7
Final Score: Wisconsin 21, Northwestern 7
Up Next: Illinois

Should be higher because … the win over LSU still works, and the losses to Michigan and Ohio State are still as acceptable as they come.

Should be lower because … the resume needs beefing. Coming close against Nebraska and Iowa doesn’t look all that great now. The offense needs to start scoring more and the placekicking stinks.

7. Auburn (7-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 8
Final Score: Auburn 23, Vanderbilt 16
Up Next: at Georgia

Should be higher because … this is the second-best team in the SEC at the moment. This is as efficient and effective an attack as any in the country right now.

Should be lower because … it really shouldn’t be. If Vanderbilt can find its way into a bowl – APR or not – there’s a chance the Tigers have beaten five teams so far that’ll go bowling. There’s not a killer win, but that’s not bad, compared to …

8. Louisville (8-1)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 10
Final Score: Louisville 52, Boston College 7
Up Next: Wake Forest

Should be higher because … that’s the team that needs to show up week in and week out. If Lamar Jackson and company can get on a roll right out of the locker room, forget it, but …

Should be lower because … where’s the beef? That Florida State win is no big whoop now – at least compared to what it was in September. There’s a chance that’s the only win the Cardinals have over a team that’ll go bowling.

9. LSU (5-3)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 9
Final Score: Alabama 10, LSU 0
Up Next: at Arkansas

Should be higher because … the Tigers gave Alabama a nasty time. The Crimson Tide defense might have sat on LSU all game long, but that was a war. The three losses? Wisconsin, Auburn, Alabama. Not bad.

Should be lower because … the best win is against, Ole Miss? Southern Miss? It’s time to start beating good teams, and it starts with a trip to Arkansas.

10. Penn State (7-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 18
Final Score: Penn State 41, Iowa 14
Up Next: at Indiana

Should be higher because … the lines have figured it out. What are the Nittany Lions rolling? The defensive front has kicked it in, while the offense is exploding at just the right time.

Should be lower because … that loss to Pitt seems like a lifetime ago, but it still matters. The five-game winning streak, though, has been impressive.

11. Texas A&M (7-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 5
Final Score: Mississippi State 35, Texas A&M 28
Up Next: Ole Miss

Should be higher because … chalk it up to a really, really bad day. The Aggies still have wins at Auburn and against Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina and UCLA. There’s time to turn this back around, but …

Should be lower because … Trevor Knight getting hurt is a big deal. And yeah, explain it away all you want, but this year, you don’t lose to Mississippi State. You just don’t.

12. Arkansas (6-3)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 23
Final Score: Arkansas 31, Florida 10
Up Next: LSU

Should be higher because … the Hogs just hammered the best team in the SEC East right now – or the second-best. The three losses to Texas A&M, Alabama, and Auburn are more than acceptable.

Should be lower because … if you don’t believe that Texas A&M should be ranked this high, then you don’t believe in the Hogs. This inconsistent team could just as easily come out next week and lay an egg against LSU.

13. Tennessee (6-3)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 11
Final Score: Tennessee 55, Tennessee Tech 0
Up Next: Kentucky

Should be higher because … the overall resume is still terrific, even with the loss to South Carolina a few weeks ago. Call this a holding pattern ranking considering the wins over Virginia Tech and Florida still matter, but …

Should be lower because … come on. 55-0 blowout over Tennessee Tech aside, the team is still a mess. The Vols could just as easily by 4-5 as it could be 6-3.

14. Virginia Tech (7-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 12
Final Score: Virginia Tech 24, Duke 21
Up Next: Georgia Tech

Should be higher because … it’s going to win the Coastal. With the wins over Miami and North Carolina, the team is getting the job done to get its shot at the ACC title, but …

Should be lower because … it’s just playing okay, not amazing. It struggled to get by Pitt and needed to work way too hard to get by Duke. Don’t slip against Georgia Tech, at Notre Dame or Virginia.

15. Oklahoma (7-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 17
Final Score: Oklahoma 34, Iowa State 24
Up Next: Baylor

Should be higher because … the offense continues to be amazing. Don’t get hung up on the close battle with Iowa State – the Sooners were in total control the whole way. On a six-game winning streak, OU is rolling.

Should be lower because … the Big 12 is awful. Blowing away Texas Tech, Kansas and Iowa State over the last three weeks is hardly any reason for a parade.

16. Oklahoma State (7-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 19
Final Score: Oklahoma State 43, Kansas State 37
Up Next: Texas Tech

Should be higher because … on a five-game winning streak, the Cowboys are almost as hot as Oklahoma, and the wins have been better. Beating Kansas State on the road and getting by West Virginia is impressive.

Should be lower because … the Central Michigan loss is still an albatross. The Baylor loss is going to start looking worse and worse.

17. North Carolina (7-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 13
Final Score: North Carolina 48, Georgia Tech 20
Up Next: at Duke

Should be higher because … it’s all kicking into high gear. Would the Tar Heels have beaten Virginia Tech in good weather? That’s not fair, but that’s the one misfire since the opener – they’re playing well enough to be a real threat if they can get to the ACC title game.

Should be lower because … the wins have been good on brand name, but there isn’t a signature, killer victory. Florida State, Miami and Pitt are nice wins, but there’s nothing earth-shattering.

18. West Virginia (7-1)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 20
Final Score: West Virginia 48, Kansas 21
Up Next: at Texas

Should be higher because … there’s still just the one loss, and losing at Oklahoma State is hardly bad. This is one of the Big 12’s most complete teams.

Should be lower because … the best win is against Kansas State. BYU, Texas Tech, and TCU are good victories, but they’re hardly special. At Texas, and then Oklahoma – the tests are coming.

19. Washington State (7-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 21
Final Score: Washington State 69, Arizona 7
Up Next: California

Should be higher because … the offense is ripping it up on a seven-game winning streak. USC is playing like the second-best team in the Pac-12 right now, but Wazzu might be No. 2A.

Should be lower because … Idaho, at Stanford, at Arizona State. Those are the three best wins. Whoopee. Boise State still has just one loss, and it beat the Cougars.

20. Utah (7-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 22
Up Next: at Arizona State

Should be higher because … now the close call against Washington looks even better after the Huskies destroyed Cal. The win over USC is also looking stronger.

Should be lower because … USC is the only great win. Throw in the BYU victory, and the Utes might just have two wins over teams that’ll go bowling.

21. USC (6-3)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 24
Final Score: USC 45, Oregon 20
Up Next: at Washington

Should be higher because … Sam Darnold. The Trojans are a different team since he took over, winning five straight after almost winning at Utah. At the moment, this is playing like the second-best team in the Pac-12, with a shot at Washington to be in the top spot.

Should be lower because … beating Colorado was nice, but Cal, Oregon and Arizona over the last three weeks? Zzzzzzzz.

22. Colorado (7-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 25
Final Score: Colorado 20, UCLA 10
Up Next: at Arizona

Should be higher because … the Buffs might just get to the Pac-12 title game with a trip to Arizona next, followed up by home games with Washington State and Utah. Finish the regular season on a six-game winning streak, and it’s in.

Should be lower because … of course, Colorado has to actually win these games. It’s been a bit sluggish against Stanford and UCLA, but give it up to the defense – it’s been terrific.

23. Florida State (6-3)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 14
Final Score: Florida State 24, NC State 20
Up Next: Boston College

Should be higher because … the Noles keep on fighting. It’s not fair to do this, but it lost to North Carolina on a late play, and the close-call against Clemson will look great the rest of the way. The talent is still there to win ten games, but …

Should be lower because … the best win is Miami. The talent is there to win ten games, but the talent has been there to win 15. The overall resume isn’t great.

24. Florida (6-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 15
Final Score: Arkansas 31, Florida 10
Up Next: South Carolina

Should be higher because … this still might be the SEC East champion. If it beats South Carolina and LSU on the road, it’ll be off to Atlanta, and the Arkansas loss doesn’t matter. However …

Should be lower because … where’s the big win? Georgia? Kentucky? North Texas? This is a good team, but it’s a flawed one. Arkansas exposed that.

25. Nebraska (7-2)

CFN Week 9 Rank: 16
Final Score: Ohio State 62, Nebraska 3
Up Next: at Ohio State

Should be higher because … Ohio State was on a mission. That’s one of the best teams in the country, at night, at home, and it played as well as it could’ve. This is still a sound team – it just had a bad day.

Should be lower because … the Huskers have been good, not great. They were finally tested over the last two weeks, and they failed. Now, Tommy Armstrong’s hurt with his status up in the air – the Huskers can’t lose him.

CFN After Week 10 College Football Rankings: No. 26-128

26. Western Michigan (9-0)

27. Northwestern (4-5)

28. Kansas State (5-4)

29. Texas (5-4)

30. San Diego State (8-1)

31. Baylor (6-2)

32. Ole Miss (4-5)

33. Iowa (5-4)

34. Minnesota (7-2)

35. Navy (6-2)

36. Georgia (5-4)

37. North Carolina State (4-5)

38. Notre Dame (3-6)

39. Miami (5-4)

40. Pitt (5-4)

41. Temple (7-3)

42. South Florida (7-2)

43. Wyoming (7-2)

44. Boise State (8-1)

45. Stanford (6-3)

46. Kentucky (5-4)

47. Vanderbilt (4-5)

48. Western Kentucky (7-3)

49. Oregon (3-6)

50. California (4-5)

51. Texas Tech (4-6)

52. TCU (5-4)

53. Georgia Tech (5-4)

54. South Carolina (5-4)

55. Houston (7-2)

56. Tulsa (7-2)

57. Indiana (5-4)

58. BYU (5-4)

59. Mississippi State (6-3)

60. Maryland (5-4)

61. Middle Tennessee (6-3)

62. UCF (6-3)

63. Louisiana Tech (7-3)

64. Troy (7-1)

65. Arizona State (5-4)

66. UCLA (3-6)

67. Memphis (6-3)

68. Virginia (2-7)

69. Wake Forest (6-3)

70. Arizona (2-7)

71. Syracuse (4-5)

72. Appalachian State (7-2)

73. Boston College (4-5)

74. Missouri (2-7)

75. Duke (3-6)

76. Illinois (3-6)

77. Michigan State (2-7)

78. New Mexico (5-4)

79. Hawaii (4-6)

80. Air Force (6-3)

81. Oregon State (2-7)

82. Ohio (7-3)

83. Toledo (7-2)

84. Akron (5-5)

85. Miami University (4-6)

86. Eastern Michigan (5-4)

87. Iowa State (1-8)

88. Purdue (3-6)

89. UTSA (5-4)

90. Georgia Southern (4-5)

91. Army (5-4)

92. Connecticut (4-6)

93. Cincinnati (4-5)

94. East Carolina (3-6)

95. Northern Illinois (3-6)

96. Colorado State (5-4)

97. Rutgers (2-7)

98. Tulane (3-6)

99. SMU (4-5)

100. Old Dominion (6-3)

101. Charlotte (4-5)

102. Southern Miss (5-4)

103. North Texas (4-5)

104. Kent State (3-6)

105. Central Michigan (5-5)

106. Utah State (2-7)

107. Arkansas State (4-4)

108. ULM (3-6)

109. South Alabama (4-5)

110. New Mexico State (2-6)

111. Louisiana-Lafayette (3-5)

112. Kansas (1-8)

113. Idaho (5-4)

114. San Jose State (3-7)

115. UNLV (3-6)

116. Nevada (3-6)

117. Georgia State (2-7)

118. Ball State (4-5)

119. Marshall (2-7)

120. FIU (3-7)

121. UTEP (3-6)

122. Buffalo (2-7)

123. Texas State (2-6)

124. Bowling Green (1-7)

125. Massachusetts (1-8)

126. Florida Atlantic (2-7)

127. Fresno State (1-8)

128. Rice (1-8)

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