CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 11

CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 11

Week 11

CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 11

The CFN After Week 11 Rankings. Based on head-to-head as well as talent, here’s the latest ranking of all 128 teams.

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College Football News Rankings

Trying to do this like the College Football Playoff committee, how does everything shake out now after such a wild and crazy week? Welcome to the latest College Football News rankings.

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CFN After Week 11 College Football Top 25 Rankings

1. Alabama (10-0)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 1
Final Score: Alabama 51, Mississippi State 3
Up Next: UT-Chattanooga

Should be lower because … maybe Alabama is bored of being really good. To really, really, really, really, really nitpick, the Crimson Tide might be … they haven’t been able to … whatever. Duh. There’s never been a bigger no-brainer.

2. Ohio State (9-1)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 4
Final Score: Ohio State 62, Maryland 3
Up Next: at Michigan State

Should be higher because … 124-6. that’s what Ohio State has done over the last two games against two bowl bound Nebraska and Maryland teams. That’s not bad.

Should be lower because … ooooooh, a blowout over Maryland. The Buckeyes are fine here. Yeah, there was an ugly collapse against Penn State, but Tulsa, at Oklahoma, at Wisconsin, Northwestern, Nebraska – it’s a good resume.

3. Michigan (9-1)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 2
Final Score: Iowa 14, Michigan 13
Up Next: Indiana

Should be higher because … with wins over Colorado, Wisconsin, and a blowout over Penn State, the Wolverines are still impressive and still have a lot to get excited about. They lost on a last-second kick against a jacked-up defense on the road. It’s fine.

Should be lower because … is this a bum-slayer? Yeah, the Wolverines beat Colorado, but only came back after knocking out QB Sefo Liufau. They struggled to get by Wisconsin, and now lost when on the road against a decent team. Okay, okay, Penn State, but this is hardly the world-beater it appeared to be a few weeks ago.

4. Clemson (9-1)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 3
Final Score: Pitt 43, Clemson 42
Up Next: at Wake Forest

Should be higher because … it’s not crazy to keep Clemson in the top three with wins over Auburn, Troy, Louisville and Florida State. The offense was amazing against Pitt, and it took a special set of circumstances to lose, like …

Should be lower because … there was a total defensive meltdown, Deshaun Watson offset a record-setting passing day with three picks, and the team couldn’t pull this one out and survive. It’s nothing new for the Tigers to play like this – ask NC State.

5. Wisconsin (8-2)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 6
Final Score: Wisconsin 48, Illinois 3
Up Next: at Purdue

Should be higher because … yeah, it’s only Illinois, but that’s what Wisconsin had to prove it could do. Now, the Badgers are starting to blow teams out. The D has yet to allow more than 17 points to anyone other than Ohio State.

Should be lower because … okay, okay, it was just Illinois. The offense has yet to show it can do much of anything against a decent defense. However, the Badger has more than proven themselves – how good does that win at Iowa look a few weeks later?

6. LSU (6-3)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 9
Final Score: LSU 38, Arkansas 10
Up Next: Florida

Should be higher because … alright, let’s just cut through the crap. Blow off the record and all the drama, this might just be one of the four best teams in the country right now. Fine, put the Tigers behind Alabama and Wisconsin, and the Auburn loss came down to a clock flicker, but they’ve destroyed everyone but the Crimson Tide since Ed Orgeron took over. However …

Should be lower because … if the Tigers lose to Florida, ignore 73% of all the praise just heaped.

7. Louisville (9-1)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 8
Final Score: Louisville 44, Wake Forest 12
Up Next: at Houston

Should be higher because … there’s still just that one loss to Clemson in Death Valley. It doesn’t have the luster it once did, but that’s still the only blemish. The overall offensive numbers continue to be amazing, but …

Should be lower because … you didn’t watch the first 45 minutes of the Wake Forest game. All that matters is the final score, but as the team showed against Virginia a few weeks ago, and against Duke a month ago, there’s a potential clunker out there. With that win over the Demon Deacons, Louisville now has exactly two victories over teams that’ll go bowling.

8. Penn State (8-2)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 10
Final Score: Penn State 45, Indiana 31
Up Next: at Rutgers

Should be higher because … this is one of the nation’s hottest teams since the loss to Michigan. It might have taken a struggle to get by Indiana, but the blowout win over Iowa looks great now, and this is still the team that beat Ohio State.

Should be lower because … it can’t be. The Nittany Lions have five wins over bowl teams during the six-game winning streak. The Pittsburgh loss in Week 2 looks okay now.

9. Oklahoma (8-2)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 15
Final Score: Oklahoma 45, Baylor 24
Up Next: at West Virginia

Should be higher because … the offense gets off the bus, puts a ton of points up on the board in a double-digit win, and then leaves. The Sooners are rolling ever since the loss to Ohio State, and while the D has been shaky here and there, the O is making up for it.

Should be lower because … all the good wins are against Big 12 teams. You want to look thin? Hang out with fat people. You want to look great as a Power 5 team? Play Big 12 teams.

10. USC (7-3)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 21
Final Score: USC 26, Washington 13
Up Next: at UCLA

Should be higher because … with only some due respect to a Washington State team that hasn’t really beaten anyone, this might really be the best team in the Pac-12 right now. Now that Sam Darnold has settled in, the Trojans are rolling.

Should be lower because … there’s still the loss to Utah that should count, and there’s the loss to Stanford that’ll look worse and worse. If you technically want to put the Trojans behind the Utes, fine. Go for it.

11. Washington (9-1)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 5
Final Score: USC 26, Washington 13
Up Next: Arizona State

Should be higher because … the schedule might not be all that great, but the wins have been dominant up until this week. The talent is still there to hang with just about everyone in the nation, but …

Should be lower because … the Huskies have one win over Utah. That’s really it. Washington finally played someone its own size talent-wise, and it got exposed as a team that fattened up on a lousy slate.

12. Utah (8-2)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 20
Final Score: Utah 49, Arizona State 26
Up Next: Oregon

Should be higher because … the win over USC is going to look better and better, and is it might turn out, that could be the Pac-12 South title game. This might be a slightly inconsistent team, but it’s still playing well enough to take the division, but …

Should be lower because … there’s no excusing that Cal loss anymore. Washington is beatable, and the Utes lost at home with the entire team focused to come up with something special. They might get another shot, though.

13. Auburn (7-3)

CFN Week 10 Rank:7
Final Score: Georgia 13, Auburn 7
Up Next: Alabama A&M

Should be higher because … it’s the SEC. SEC teams like Georgia have talent, too, and they’re all tough to get by on the road. This is still the team that bad LSU, blew out Arkansas, and got on a roll in the middle of the season, but …

Should be lower because … it’s not the same team. Injuries are taking their toll, especially in the backfield, and it showed against the Bulldogs with a horrific second half.

14. Oklahoma State (8-2)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 16
Final Score: Oklahoma State 45, Texas Tech 44
Up Next: Texas Tech

Should be higher because … the Cowboys are on a roll. It might not always be pretty, but they’ve won six straight – not counting the now-impressive win over Pitt – and they’re right in the thick of the Big 12 title. Beat TCU and Oklahoma, and they’re off to the Sugar Bowl.

Should be lower because … that D is very, very shaky. It took a missed extra point by Texas Tech to survive, or that game might still be going. Winning in the Big 12 just doesn’t matter that much, no matter how you want to slice it up.

15. West Virginia (8-1)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 18
Final Score: West Virginia 24, Texas 20
Up Next: Oklahoma

Should be higher because … the Mountaineers just keep on winning. It’s easy to dog the light and breezy schedule so far – we’ll see how real they are against Oklahoma – in this crazy year, there’s no dogging a one-loss team this late in the year.

Should be lower because … if the best win is over Texas, there’s nothing to get too excited about. Again, beat Oklahoma and this whole thing changes. But the one above-average team they played – Oklahoma State – was a 17-point loss.

16. Tennessee (7-3)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 13
Final Score: Tennessee 49, Kentucky 36
Up Next: Missouri

Should be higher because … you might not like it, and it might not seem right, but Tennessee is probably going to play for the SEC title. The wins over Virginia Tech, Florida, and Georgia still matter, and the talent is still there, but …

Should be lower because … the Vols aren’t exactly back because they beat Tennessee Tech and Kentucky at home. They’ll beat Missouri and Vanderbilt, but this will be a mediocre team with a great record. However, if Florida loses to Alabama, Tennessee will get another crack at the Crimson Tide.

17. Arkansas (6-4)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 12
Final Score: LSU 38, Arkansas 10
Up Next: at Mississippi State

Should be higher because … the four losses are to Texas A&M, Alabama, Auburn and LSU. All four teams are terrific – at least A&M was at the time – and the blowout win over Florida is still impressive. But …

Should be lower because … this … is … a … gift. The Hogs got atomic wedgied by Auburn and LSU within the last three games, playing like one of the nation’s most inconsistent teams. Yeah, beating Louisiana Tech is great, but the Florida win is the only reason the Hogs are this high.

18. Virginia Tech (7-3)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 14
Final Score: Georgia Tech 30, Virginia Tech 20
Up Next: at Notre Dame

Should be higher because … it can’t be. Beating Miami, North Carolina and Pitt might be nice, but the team is just too flaky. The Hokies will still win the Coastal with a shot at the ACC title, but …

Should be lower because … you don’t lose to Georgia Tech at home with everything on the line. The Hokies had an outside shot at getting into the College Football Playoff by winning out, and they couldn’t hit the Yellow Jacket option curveball.

19. Washington State (8-2)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 19
Final Score: Washington State 56, California 21
Up Next: at Colorado

Should be higher because … who else has a 0 in the Pac-12 loss column? The Cougars have the defense to go along with the offense – outscoring Arizona and Cal by a combined score of 125 to 28 – and they’re on an eight-game winning streak. But …

Should be lower because … Idaho and Stanford are the only wins over teams guaranteed to go bowling. There are a lot of good wins in a mediocre conference, but no great ones. Colorado and Washington are up next.

20. North Carolina (7-3)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 17
Final Score: Duke 28, North Carolina 27
Up Next: Citadel

Should be higher because … the offense might not have shown it last week, but it’s still among the most dangerous in the country. Beating Pitt, Florida State, and Miami matters, but …

Should be lower because … you don’t lose to Duke. Forget about it being a rivalry game – with the Coastal still on the table, you don’t.

21. Florida State (7-3)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 23
Final Score: Florida State 45, Boston College 7
Up Next: at Syracuse

Should be higher because … finally, the Seminoles looked the part in a blowout win over a mediocre team. While they’re off the map, they’ve won four of the last five games with the only loss coming in the war against Clemson.

Should be lower because … it shouldn’t be – this is about right, if not too low thanks to the loss to North Carolina. This might be a disappointing season, but there’s still a shot at getting to ten wins by winning out.

22. Nebraska (8-2)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 25
Final Score: Nebraska 24, Minnesota 17
Up Next: Maryland

Should be higher because … the gut-check win over Minnesota was better than you might think. If the Huskers play as well as they did against the Gophers, they’ll be 10-2 with the Big Ten title still in the picture if Minnesota takes care of Wisconsin.

Should be lower because … Minnesota and Northwestern remain the good wins. This is a good team, but it’s not a special one – at least considering there aren’t any amazing victories to get excited about. The blowout to Ohio State is still too fresh.

23. Florida (7-2)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 24
Final Score: Florida 20, South Carolina 7
Up Next: at LSU

Should be higher because … those are the Gators we all know and like. Luke Del Rio was out, the defense was missing some key parts, and the team was coming off a blowout loss to Arkansas, and it rolled over a solid South Carolina squad thinking it might have a shot. However …

Should be lower because … there’s no good win. Georgia is it, unless you believe in Kentucky. The chances are there now to prove it against LSU and FSU on the road, but this is just a decent college football team – no more, no less.

24. Colorado (8-2)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 22
Final Score: Colorado 49, Arizona 24
Up Next: Washington State

Should be higher because … the Buffs keep on rolling. They’ve won four straight and six of the last seven, with the lone loss coming in a fight at USC. Now they’re two wins against Washington State and Utah away from playing for the Pac-12 title.

Should be lower because … the two losses to USC and Michigan are fine, but Stanford is the only win over a team certain to go bowling. There’s still a Prove It element to the Buffs.

25. Texas A&M (7-3)

CFN Week 10 Rank: 11
Final Score: Ole Miss 29, Texas A&M 28
Up Next: UTSA

Should be higher because … the overall body of work is still solid. The Aggies beat Auburn, Arkansas and Tennessee, and they played Alabama tough for a while, but …

Should be lower because … this isn’t the same team without Trevor Knight. They’ve lost three of their last four, freefalling after being ranked in the CFP top four. Watch out – they could lose to UTSA this week.

CFN After Week 11 College Football Rankings: No. 26-128

26. Western Michigan (10-0)

27. South Florida (8-2)

28. Miami (6-4)

29. Pitt (6-4)

30. Northwestern (5-5)

31. Iowa (6-4)

32. San Diego State (9-1)

33. Kansas State (5-4)

34. Texas (5-5)

35. Baylor (6-3)

36. Ole Miss (5-5)

37. Georgia (6-4)

38. Minnesota (7-3)

39. Navy (7-2)

40. North Carolina State (5-5)

41. Notre Dame (4-6)

42. Georgia Tech (6-4)

43. Memphis (6-4)

44. Louisiana Tech (8-3)

45. Temple (7-3)

46. Wyoming (7-3)

47. Boise State (9-1)

48. Stanford (7-3)

49. Kentucky (5-5)

50. Vanderbilt (4-6)

51. Western Kentucky (8-3)

52. California (4-6)

53. Texas Tech (4-6)

54. TCU (5-4)

55. South Carolina (5-5)

56. Houston (8-2)

57. Tulsa (7-3)

58. Wake Forest (6-4)

59. Indiana (5-5)

60. BYU (5-4)

61. Mississippi State (6-4)

62. Oregon (3-7)

63. Maryland (5-5)

64. UCF (6-4)

65. Troy (8-1)

66. Arizona State (5-5)

67. UCLA (3-7)

68. Virginia (2-8)

69. Middle Tennessee (6-4)

70. Arizona (2-8)

71. Syracuse (4-6)

72. Appalachian State (7-3)

73. Boston College (4-6)

74. Missouri (3-7)

75. Duke (4-6)

76. Illinois (3-7)

77. Michigan State (3-7)

78. New Mexico (7-3)

79. Hawaii (4-7)

80. Air Force (7-3)

81. Oregon State (2-8)

82. Ohio (7-3)

83. Toledo (8-2)

84. Old Dominion (7-3)

85. Miami University (5-6)

86. UTSA (5-5)

87. Eastern Michigan (6-4)

88. Iowa State (2-8)

89. Purdue (3-7)

90. Arkansas State (5-4)

91. Army (5-5)

92. Connecticut (3-7)

93. Cincinnati (4-6)

94. East Carolina (3-7)

95. Northern Illinois (3-7)

96. Colorado State (5-5)

97. Rutgers (2-8)

98. Tulane (3-7)

99. SMU (5-5)

100. Southern Miss (5-5)

101. North Texas (4-6)

102. Georgia Southern (4-6)

103. Kent State (3-7)

104. Central Michigan (5-5)

105. Utah State (3-7)

106. Idaho (6-4)

107. Akron (5-6)

108. ULM (4-6)

109. South Alabama (4-5)

110. Charlotte (4-6)

111. Marshall (3-7)

112. New Mexico State (2-7)

113. Louisiana-Lafayette (4-5)

114. Kansas (1-9)

115. San Jose State (3-7)

116. UNLV (4-6)

117. Nevada (3-7)

118. Georgia State (2-8)

119. Ball State (4-6)

120. Buffalo (2-8)

121. FIU (3-7)

122. Bowling Green (2-8)

123. Florida Atlantic (3-7)

124. UTEP (3-7)

125. Massachusetts (2-8)

126. Rice (2-8)

127. Fresno State (1-9)

128. Texas State (2-7)

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