CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 8

CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 8


CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 8

The CFN After Week 8 Rankings. Based on head-to-head as well as talent, here’s the latest ranking of all 128 teams.

What does it all mean?
Penn State-Ohio State | Alabama-Texas A&M | Auburn-Arkansas
Louisville-NC State | Kansas State-Texas | Wisconsin-Iowa
Boise State-BYU | Oregon-California

And now come the wild changes.

Now there are so many twists, variables, and losses across the board that it’s next to impossible to properly rank teams only by head-to-head-to-head, like we try to do as long as humanly possible.

Of course the season results have to be taken into account, but things are starting to change now when it comes to ranking the teams and just how good they are.

And, factoring in the apparent aberrations is a must.

Oklahoma has to be moved up past Houston now, even though the Sooners lost the opener. The OU offense is rocking, and the Cougars are melting down at the wrong time.

No, Penn State doesn’t go ahead of Ohio State, even with the shocking win – there were a few quirky plays, the Buckeyes beat Wisconsin on the road, and Penn State lost to Pitt.

But again, as always, the goal is to try to preserve the integrity of the season results as long as possible.

So, taking into account injuries, how teams are starting to look and play, and the head-to-head angle to try getting these as close to the pin as possible, here are the wildly shaken up After Week 8 CFN Rankings from 1 to 128.

Hopefully this makes sense, and for any thoughts or interpretations, hit us at @ColFootballNews.

CFN After Week 8 College Football Top 25 Rankings

1. Alabama (7-0)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 1
Final Score: Alabama 33, Texas A&M 14
Up Next: at LSU (Nov. 5)

The Crimson Tide are getting fresher and better at just the right time. Now they’re going into the bye week before LSU on a high note, rolling by Texas A&M with the defense stepping its game up a notch in the second half to take over. Now look at the resume – USC, at Ole Miss, at Arkansas, at Tennessee, Texas A&M. That’s as solid as it gets.

2. Michigan (7-0)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 3
Final Score: Michigan 41, Illinois 8
Up Next: at Michigan State

Yeah, oooooh, the Wolverines blew out Rutgers and Illinois … oooooh. Don’t forget, though, they beat Wisconsin, destroyed Penn State 49-10, and beat Colorado 45-28. And now, as crazy as it sounds, the schedule stays easy going to Michigan State.

3. Clemson (7-0)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 5
Final Score: Didn’t Play This Week
Up Next: at Florida State

It’s body-of-work time. Yeah, Clemson barely beat an NC State team that just got destroyed by Louisville, but don’t forget that the Tigers actually beat the Cardinals. They also beat Auburn on the road as well as Georgia Tech. They’ve also handed Troy its only loss. That means they have wins over five likely bowl teams, as opposed to …

4 Washington (7-0)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 4
Final Score: Washington 41, Oregon State 17
Up Next: at Utah

The Huskies didn’t whiff on the two-foot putt. Oregon State was banged up, Washington was coming off a two-week layoff, and it didn’t matter. However, there still isn’t a good win on the schedule. Stanford is awful, and even after seven games, that’s still the only victory over a team that might go bowling.

5. Louisville (6-1)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 6
Final Score: Louisville 54, NC State 13
Up Next: at Virginia

Now THAT’S the Louisville we’ve all come to know and love. That’s the team that’s going to be deep in the College Football Playoff discussion if it wins out. Blowing away the same NC State team that missed a late field goal that would’ve beaten Clemson was exactly what the team needed to do. Buuuut, that, and the win over Florida State are the only two wins so far over teams that’ll go bowling.

6. Ohio State (6-1)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 2
Final Score: Penn State 24, Ohio State 21
Up Next: Northwestern

Really, Ohio State? You had Penn State dead and buried in the fourth quarter, and you melt down like that? There won’t be too much of a punishment considering the road wins at Oklahoma and Wisconsin are among the most impressive performances by anyone so far, but don’t whiff against a red hot Northwestern next week.

7. Wisconsin (5-2)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 8
Final Score: Wisconsin 17, Iowa 9
Up Next: Nebraska

The most impressive part about the Badgers’ double-digit win over the Hawkeyes on the road was that it came when they didn’t play well. They messed up kicks, they struggled in the red zone, and they had a hard time putting away a game that was really, really close to being a blowout – and again, they still won big. But here it is. Beat Nebraska, win at Northwestern, and the West is theirs.

8. Texas A&M (6-1)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 7
Final Score: Alabama 33, Texas A&M 14
Up Next: New Mexico State

No, you don’t punish a team that hung around with Alabama on the road well into the second half. The Aggies still have wins over UCLA, Auburn on the road, and Tennessee to count on. They’re going to be 10-1 going into the date with LSU.

9. Auburn (5-2)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 12
Final Score: Auburn 56, Arkansas 3
Up Next: at Ole Miss

Whooooooa. Everything is kicking into high gear at just the right time. Blowing away ULM and Mississippi State is one thing, but to destroy Arkansas? The losses to Clemson and Texas A&M still aren’t bad, and now, with a win over Ole Miss on the road – if they can get it – all that’s standing between the Tigers and a shot at the SEC West title against Alabama is a date at Georgia.

10. LSU (5-2)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 13
Final Score: LSU 38, Ole Miss 21
Up Next: Alabama (Nov. 5)

That Fournette guy is pretty good. Imagine what he’d do if he got the ball more than 16 times. The Tigers are rolling under Ed Orgeron, and now, best of all, Fournette gets two weeks off to rest and get ready for the showdown against Alabama. However, when Southern Miss is your second-best victory, there’s still a resume to build.

11. Tennessee (5-2)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 10
Final Score: Didn’t Play This Week
Up Next: at South Carolina

Okay, Tennessee. Now you’ve had two weeks off to rest, and you’ve got South Carolina, Tennessee Tech, and a slew of layups to close out the season. Anything less than 10-2 will be a disaster.

12. West Virginia (6-0)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 14
Final Score: West Virginia 34, TCU 10
Up Next: at Oklahoma State

Boom. Yeah, the ranking should probably be higher after the way the Mountaineers dismantled a TCU team that had two weeks off to rest up and prepare. There’s plenty of work ahead with a trip to Oklahoma State up next and with Oklahoma and Baylor still to face, but soon, everyone has to realize that the team is the absolute real deal. But soon it needs a bigger, splashier win.

13. Nebraska (7-0)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 11
Final Score: Nebraska 27, Purdue 14
Up Next: at Wisconsin

Yeah, the Huskers are unbeaten, but they just don’t look all that great. They perked up in the second half to put away Purdue, but whatever. Northwestern might be the only win so far over a bowl bound team, but nothing else matters now. Win the road trips at Wisconsin and Ohio State, and the playoff will be there for the taking.

14. Boise State (7-0)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 15
Final Score: Boise State 28, BYU 27
Up Next: at Wyoming

Yeaaaahhhh, fine. Boise State is unbeaten, but it’s not like it’s doing anything that impressive. Beating BYU is nice, and the early win over Washington State wasn’t without its charm, but it should say something that next week’s date at Wyoming is dangerous for a team that can’t seem to crank it all up. But 7-0 is 7-0.

15. Washington State (5-2)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 16
Final Score: Washington State 37, Arizona State 32
Up Next: at Oregon State

Don’t look now, but the Cougars are on a five-game winning streak and should be 8-2 going into the road trip to Colorado. Arizona State might be hurting, and there might have been a contentious win, but that’s a Pac-12 road victory – take it and keep on moving.

16. Virginia Tech (5-2)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 17
Final Score: Virginia Tech 37, Miami 16
Up Next: at Pitt

HA! We knew it. Of course the loss to Syracuse was just a blip and the real Virginia Tech would show up against Miami. Three of the next four games are on the road, but considering the way the team’s been playing, that shouldn’t matter. Watch out, though – Pitt’s had two weeks off to prepare.

17. North Carolina (6-2)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 19
Final Score: North Carolina 35, Virginia 14
Up Next: Georgia Tech (Nov. 5)

Perfect. The Tar Heels didn’t blink against a mediocre Virginia team that had two weeks off to prepare, and now they get two weeks to get ready for a home game against Georgia Tech. Three of the last four games are at home – 10-2 is a real, live option if the offense continues to be this efficient.

18. Florida State (5-2)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 20
Final Score: Didn’t Play This Week
Up Next: Clemson

This is it. This is the chance to turn the season right back around. The ACC title dream might be gone after that loss to North Carolina a few weeks ago, but beating Clemson would set the tone for a potentially massive second half of the season.

19. Florida (5-1)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 22
Final Score: Didn’t Play This Week
Up Next: Georgia

No one’s talking about Florida as a possible College Football Playoff team. Maybe it’s because it has yet to beat a team that’ll go bowling. However, it doesn’t matter how easy the schedule is at this point. Beat Georgia, take care of Arkansas, beat South Carolina, and it’s off to the SEC Championship with a shot at doing something special.

20. Utah (7-1)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 37
Final Score: Utah 52, UCLA 45
Up Next: Washington

Here you go, Utah. If you want the national respect you’ve been looking for, it’ll come with a win over Washington at home. No matter what happens, sweeping the Los Angeles teams is terrific. The Pac-12 and College Football Playoff hunt is still on.

21. Arkansas (5-3)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 9
Final Score: Auburn 52, Arkansas 3
Up Next: Florida (Nov. 5)

Seriously, Arkansas. What was that? Auburn was on its game, but the Hogs also looked and played like a team in desperate need of a week off. They’ll get it before getting make-or-break games against Florida and LSU at home.

22. USC (4-3)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 26

Final Score: Didn’t Play This Week
Up Next: California

It’s all setting up nicely. Utah plays Washington this week – a must-lose by the Utes for USC’s title hopes – and the Trojans got two weeks off to chill after going on a three-game winning streak. The Colorado win is looking more and more impressive.

23. Colorado (6-2)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 28
Final Score: Colorado 10, Stanford 5
Up Next: UCLA

Colorado is fricking bowl eligible. Who cares even the slightest bit how ugly the win over Stanford was? Win out – three of the last four games are at home – and the Buffs are playing for the Pac-12 title.

24. Oklahoma (5-2)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 61
Final Score: Oklahoma 66, Texas Tech 59
Up Next: Kansas

Well that was certainly fun. The Sooners are unshackled by the Houston loss when it comes to the overall rankings, and they’re here because the offense is kicking it into high gear at just the right time. Kansas and Iowa State over the next two weeks will make them look even better.

25. Penn State (5-2)

CFN Week 7 Rank: 41
Final Score: Penn State 24, Ohio State 21
Up Next: at Purdue

You’re here, Penn State, because you beat the big dog. It wasn’t impressive, and there was a flukish nature to it, but who cares? You beat Ohio State, and guess what? If you win out and Michigan loses twice, you’re in the Big Ten championship. Now don’t go doing something stupid like losing to Purdue.

CFN After Week 8 College Football Rankings: No. 26-128

26. Baylor (6-0)

27. Ole Miss (3-4)

28. Georgia (4-3)

29. South Florida (6-2)

30. Miami (4-3)

31. Stanford (4-3)

32. North Carolina State (4-3)

33. Arizona State (5-3)

34. UCLA (3-5)

35. Western Michigan (8-0)

36. Northwestern (4-3)

37. Iowa (5-3)

38. Kansas State (4-3)

39. California (4-3)

40. Toledo (6-1)

41. Minnesota (5-2)

42. Oklahoma State (5-2)

43. Pitt (5-2)

44. Texas Tech (3-5)

45. Georgia Tech (4-3)

46. Wake Forest (5-2)

47. BYU (4-4)

48. Arizona (2-5)

49. Maryland (5-2)

50. Indiana (3-4)

51. Temple (5-3)

52. Middle Tennessee (5-2)

53. UCF (5-2)

54. Louisiana Tech (5-3)

55. Eastern Michigan (5-3)

56. Wyoming (5-2)

57. Navy (5-1)

58. Memphis (5-2)

59. Michigan State (2-5)

60. Missouri (2-5)

61. TCU (4-3)

62. Texas (3-4)

63. Houston (6-2)

64. Troy (6-1)

65. Oregon (2-5)

66. Virginia (2-5)

67. Central Michigan (6-2)

68. Duke (3-4)

69. Notre Dame (2-5)

70. Syracuse (4-4)

71. Connecticut (4-4)

72. San Diego State (6-1)

73. Cincinnati (4-3)

74. Appalachian State (5-2)

75. Boston College (3-4)

76. New Mexico (3-4)

77. Hawaii (4-4)

78. Air Force (4-3)

79. Kentucky (4-3)

80. Mississippi State (4-3)

81. South Carolina (3-4)

82. Vanderbilt (4-4)

83. Western Kentucky (5-3)

84. Purdue (3-4)

85. Oregon State (2-5)

86. Georgia Southern (4-3)

87. Colorado State (4-4)

88. Old Dominion (4-3)

89. East Carolina (2-5)

90. Southern Miss (4-3)

91. Utah State (2-5)

92. Tulsa (5-2)

93. Illinois (2-5)

94. Akron (5-3)

95. Arkansas State (2-4)

96. South Alabama (3-4)

97. Rutgers (2-6)

98. Tulane (3-4)

99. SMU (3-3)

100. North Texas (4-3)

101. New Mexico State (2-4)

102. Louisiana-Lafayette (3-4)

103. Army (4-3)

104. Ohio (5-3)

105. Kansas (1-6)

106. Idaho (4-4)

107. UNLV (3-5)

108. Iowa State (1-6)

109. San Jose State (2-6)

110. Nevada (2-6)

111. ULM (1-6)

112. Georgia State (2-5)

113. Northern Illinois (2-6)

114. Miami University (2-6)

115. Ball State (4-4)

116. Charlotte (3-5)

117. Marshall (2-5)

118. FIU (3-5)

119. UTEP (2-5)

120. UTSA (3-4)

121. Texas State (2-5)

122. Bowling Green (1-7)

123. Massachusetts (1-7)

124. Kent State (2-6)

125. Fresno State (1-6)

126. Buffalo (1-6)

127. Florida Atlantic (1-6)

128. Rice (1-6)

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