CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 6

CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 6


CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 6


The CFN After Week 6 Rankings. Based on head-to-head as well as talent, here’s the latest ranking of all 128 teams.

Week 6 Rankings & Quick Takes 
ACC | Big Ten | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC
What does it all mean? Clemson-Boston College
Notre Dame-NC State | Texas-Oklahoma | Tennessee-Texas A&M
Florida State-Miami | Washington-Oregon | Navy-Houston

Okay, are you ready for this? No, you’re not, but see if you can follow what just happened after a slew of crazy upsets kicked in meaning the entire puzzle had to be shifted around.

If you’re going to do rankings correctly and go by head-to-head records and results on the field, guess who wins really, really, really big this week?

If they played a million times, would you ever take Eastern Michigan over Oklahoma? How about Wyoming over Houston? Of course not – promise, this will all correct itself soon – but at the moment, whether you like it or not, it has to go in this order of the following teams somewhere in the rankings …

– BYU, who’s ranked behind Utah, UCLA and West Virginia – no problems there with the Cougars losing to all three – and with wins over much-lower ranked Arizona, Michigan State, and …

– Toledo, whose one loss is to BYU, and who just beat …

– Eastern Michigan. Its two losses are to Missouri and Toledo, who are ranked higher, and then, after EMU …

– Wyoming, because the two losses are to Eastern Michigan and a much higher-ranked Nebraska. And then, after UW comes …

– Air Force, who’s 4-1, with the one loss to Wyoming this week and with a decisive win two weeks ago over …

– Navy. The Midshipmen have just the one loss to the Falcons, and they obviously just beat …

– Houston. Who, as it turns out, with that loss to Navy, has beaten absolutely no one but …

– Oklahoma. Who just beat Texas, who also has to be ranked lower than this group, along with TCU.

Yes, Oklahoma came up with a massive win – but that Houston loss to Navy is a killer in the rankings.

There are more and more discrepancies now across the board – the Cal win over Utah two weeks ago screws up a ton of things – and it can’t all be head-to-head-to-head-to-head, but the goal is try to preserve the integrity of the season results as long as possible until it goes nuts. At that point, it goes more on recent performances along with the entire body of work.

Hopefully this makes sense, and for any thoughts or interpretations, hit us at @ColFootballNews.

Based on looks, talent, and what’s happened so far on the field, here we go with the After Week 6 Rankings 1 to 128.

CFN After Week 6 College Football Top 25 Rankings

1. Alabama (6-0)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 2
Final Score: Alabama 49, Arkansas 30
Up Next: at Tennessee

It might have been a shootout, and the defense might have given up a ton of yards, but the team was always in control. Jalen Hurts has been phenomenal, and the defense is finding ways to score to take care of things itself.

2. Michigan (6-0)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 4
Final Score: Michigan 78, Rutgers 0
Up Next: Illinois (Oct. 22)

There’s running up the score, and there’s complete and utter dominance at a whole other level. Michigan obviously decided to turn it loose before getting two weeks off to chill, and now, looking at the body of work, beating Hawaii, UCF, Colorado, Penn State and Wisconsin is a fantastic resume – all five of those teams will go bowling.

3. Clemson (6-0)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 3
Final Score: Clemson 56, Boston College 10
Up Next: NC State

Everything is starting to hum at just the right time. The offense is playing better, Deshaun Watson has been fantastic, and now the team is starting to look like last year’s powerhouse again.

4. Ohio State (5-0)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 1
Final Score: Ohio State 38, Indiana 17
Up Next: at Wisconsin

There’s no reason to get into any sort of a twist over Ohio State falling in the rankings after a sluggish day against Indiana. That Oklahoma win isn’t quite as amazing as it might have seemed before – at least considering the Houston loss – but go into Camp Randall and be impressive against Wisconsin, and the Buckeyes fly right back up the charts.

5. Washington (6-0)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 7
Final Score: Washington 70, Oregon 21
Up Next: Oregon State (Oct. 22)

The Huskies cranked up wins over their main North rivals Stanford and Oregon by a combined score of 114-27. There’s still a lot of work to do, but now everyone will be watching.

6. Louisville (4-1)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 5
Up Next: Duke

It’s not a bad thing when you spend your week off having people debate whether or not you belong in the College Football Playoff at 11-1. The Florida State win looks even more impressive now.

7. Texas A&M (6-0)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 8
Final Score: Texas A&M 45, Tennessee 38, 2OT
Up Next: at Alabama (Oct. 22)

That was certainly fun. The Aggies were able to be the ones to stop the Tennessee craziness of second half comebacks, and now they get two weeks to prepare for the SEC Championship vs. Alabama.

8. Wisconsin (4-1)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 10
Up Next: Ohio State

All of a sudden, what has Wisconsin really done? Okay, beating LSU was great, but that Michigan State win doesn’t matter a lick now. Beat Ohio State, and no one will question anything the Badgers do the rest of the way.

9. Tennessee (5-1)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 9
Final Score: Texas A&M 45, Tennessee 38, 2OT
Up Next: Alabama

On talent and available live bodies, the Vols should be lower. But they came oh-so-close to beating Texas A&M on the road, and the wins over Virginia Tech, Florida and Georgia keep them in the top ten. Beat Alabama, and they could be in the top five.

10. Virginia Tech (4-1)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 12
Final Score: Virginia Tech 34, North Carolina 3
Up Next: at Syracuse

It might have been in awful conditions, but that’s the win the Hokies needed to show they could come up with. Roll past the bad Syracuse defense, and then it’s on against Miami as the oasis between four road games.

11. Arkansas (4-2)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 14
Final Score: Alabama 49, Arkansas 30
Up Next: Ole Miss

Yup, the Hogs fell up. After all the big losses, things changed around a bit and Arkansas doesn’t get punished a bit for losing to Alabama – no one should. However, the TCU win looks a little light now. To stay in the high-rent district, the Battling Bielemas have to beat Ole Miss next week.

12. Nebraska (5-0)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 15
Up Next: at Indiana

This is too high now that Oregon stinks, but beating Wyoming and Northwestern is better than it might appear. Win at Indiana impressively, and then the Huskers can stay here.

13. Ole Miss (3-2)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 16
Up Next: at Arkansas

The Rebels are ahead of Florida State because they blasted Georgia, who beat North Carolina, who beat Florida State. He come the dates with Arkansas and LSU on the road, and now, the mid-November date at Texas A&M is a big deal, too.

14. Georgia (4-2)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 17
Final Score: Georgia 28, South Carolina 14
Up Next: Vanderbilt

The passing game might have been a disaster against the Gamecocks, but the ground attack was dominant and the Bulldogs got by in a weird game. The win over North Carolina makes up for the problems – this is a flawed team with a decent record.

15. North Carolina (4-2)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 18
Final Score: Virginia Tech 34, North Carolina 3
Up Next: Miami

The Tar Heels get a bit of a free pass considering the weather conditions, but Virginia Tech had to play in them, too. Beat Miami on the road and all will be forgiven.

16. Florida State (4-2)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 23
Final Score: Florida State 20, Miami 19
Up Next: Wake Forest

Finally, the D showed up with a great win over Miami to potentially turn around the season. Beating Ole Miss and South Florida still matters, and beating Wake Forest next week would be big, too.

17. Miami (4-1)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 11
Final Score: Florida State 20, Miami 19
Up Next: North Carolina

The Hurricanes could be renting space this high if they can’t beat North Carolina. Georgia Tech continues to be their only decent win after getting blocked by Florida State.

18. Boise State (5-0)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 25
Final Score: Boise State 49, New Mexico 21
Up Next: Colorado State

The Broncos caught two massive breaks with BYU beating Michigan State and Houston losing to Navy. It didn’t hurt that Washington State blew out Stanford and Oregon State rolled Cal. Now they need to blow past a bad Mountain West schedule and get by BYU.

19. Washington State (3-2)

Final Score: Washington State 42, Stanford 16
Up Next: UCLA

This is a far, far different team than the one that lost to Eastern Washington to start the season. Beating Oregon isn’t that big a deal now, but destroying Stanford on The Farm was impressive.

20. Stanford (3-2)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 13
Final Score: Washington State 42, Stanford 16
Up Next: at Notre Dame

This … is … a … gift. The only reason the Cardinal are this high are because the Kansas State, USC and UCLA wins are strong. They got rolled by Washington and Wazzu 86-22 over the last two weeks, and now Christian McCaffrey is banged up.

21. Auburn (4-2)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 27
Final Score: Auburn 38, Mississippi State 14
Up Next: Arkansas (Oct. 22)

The dominant win over Mississippi State was a huge moment for the offense. Now, the losses to Clemson and Texas A&M are more than acceptable considering they’re both unbeaten, and the LSU win will be better and better over the next few weeks.

22. USC (3-3)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 22
Final Score: USC 21, Colorado 17
Up Next: at Arizona

The loss to Utah keeps the ranking from going a whole lot higher, but this is a different team now with Sam Darnold at the helm. There’s no excuse for the Trojans not to beat Arizona, Cal and Oregon to get to 6-3 before going to Washington.

23. Colorado (4-2)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 19
Final Score: USC 21, Colorado 17
Up Next: Arizona State

There’s no shame whatsoever in losing on the road to Michigan and USC. The Buffs fought hard against the Trojans is a tough late loss. The 47-6 win over Oregon State looks impressive after the Beavers rolled over Cal.

24. LSU (3-2)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 28
Final Score: Florida game postponed
Up Next: Southern Miss

Why do the Tigers move up after the postponed game against LSU? The Auburn loss doesn’t look so bad now, along with the assumption that the rest will get Leonard Fournette and the rest of the banged up team a whole lot healthier.

25. Baylor (5-0)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 26
Up Next: Kansas

The rest of the Big 12 is a hot mess, but Baylor got a week to rest up before Kansas. Then it gets two weeks to prepare for Texas. Four of the final six games are on the road, and the Jayhawks might not be the free space game anymore.

CFN After Week 6 College Football Rankings: No. 26-128

Week 6 Rankings & Quick Takes 
ACC | Big Ten | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC

26. West Virginia (4-0)

27. Arizona State (5-1)

28. UCLA (3-3)

29. Florida (4-1)

30. South Florida (5-1)

31. Kansas State (3-2)

32. Western Michigan (6-0)

33. Northwestern (2-3)

34. Iowa (4-2)

35. Minnesota (3-2)

36. Oregon State (2-3)

37. California (3-3)

38. Utah (5-1)

39. Missouri (2-3)

40. North Carolina State (4-1)

41. Oklahoma State (4-2)

42. Pitt (4-2)

43. Penn State (4-2)

44. Georgia Tech (3-3)

45. Wake Forest (5-1)

46. BYU (3-3)

47. Arizona (2-4)

48. Maryland (4-1)

49. Indiana (3-2)

50. UCF (3-2)

51. Michigan State (2-3)

52. Toledo (4-1)

53. Texas Tech (3-3)

54. Middle Tennessee (4-1)

55. Louisiana Tech (3-3)

56. Eastern Michigan (4-2)

57. Wyoming (4-2)

58. Air Force (4-1)

59. Navy (4-1)

60. Houston (5-1)

61. Oklahoma (3-2)

62. TCU (4-2)

63. Texas (2-3)

64. Troy (4-1)

65. Oregon (2-4)

66. Virginia (2-3)

67. Central Michigan (4-2)

68. East Carolina (2-4)

69. Duke (3-3)

70. Notre Dame (2-4)

71. Syracuse (2-4)

72. Connecticut (3-3)

73. Cincinnati (3-3)

74. Tulane (3-2)

75. Appalachian State (3-2)

76. Memphis (4-1)

77. Boston College (3-3)

78. Georgia Southern (3-2)

79. South Alabama (3-2)

80. San Diego State (4-1)

81. Mississippi State (3-2)

82. Colorado State (3-3)

83. Old Dominion (4-2)

84. UTSA (2-3)

85. Southern Miss (4-2)

86. Kentucky (3-3)

87. Vanderbilt (2-4)

88. Western Kentucky (3-3)

89. South Carolina (2-4)

90. Iowa State (1-5)

91. Utah State (2-4)

92. Purdue (3-2)

93. Tulsa (4-1)

94. Illinois (1-4)

95. Akron (4-2)

96. Rutgers (2-4)

97. Louisiana-Lafayette (2-3)

98. Arkansas State (1-4)

99. Northern Illinois (1-5)

100. Ball State (3-3)

101. Georgia State (1-4)

102. Texas State (2-3)

103. Ohio (4-2)

104. New Mexico State (2-3)

105. New Mexico (2-3)

106. Hawaii (3-3)

107. Nevada (2-4)

108. Kansas (1-4)

109. Kent State (2-4)

110. Buffalo (1-4)

111. Army (3-2)

112. Temple (3-3)

113. SMU (2-3)

114. Idaho (3-2)

115. UNLV (2-4)

116. Bowling Green (1-5)

117. San Jose State (1-5)

118. ULM (1-4)

119. FIU (2-4)

120. UTEP (1-5)

121. Charlotte (2-4)

122. Massachusetts (1-5)

123. Fresno State (1-4)

124. North Texas (3-3)

125. Marshall (1-4)

126. Florida Atlantic (1-5)

127. Miami University (0-6)

128. Rice (0-5)

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