2016 CFN Week 2 Expert Picks & Predictions

2016 CFN Week 2 Expert Picks & Predictions

Fearless Predictions

2016 CFN Week 2 Expert Picks & Predictions

CFN Expert Picks & Predictions for Week 2 of the college football season.

It’s not as good a Week 2 after the Greatest Opening Weekend of College Football Ever, but it’s still going to be fun. CFN enlisted the help of experts and dignitaries across the board to give their picks for the big battles.

Scroll to the bottom of the picks for info on each of the prognosticators. Picks in bold are the sure-thing, rock-solid ATS locks of the century this week. CONSEN are the consensus of all the expert selections.

Click on each link for the full Fearless Prediction Game Preview & Prediction (game previews not linked up coming soon).

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Week 2 TV Schedule & Lines


CFN Week 2 Expert Picks & Predictions

Fiu Russ Rich Phil Crow CON
MD -8.5 at FIU MD MD* MD MD* MD MD
UL -14.5 at SU UL* UL UL UL* UL UL
CM at Ok St -21.5 OS OS* OS OS* OS* OkS*
Penn St at Pitt -4.5 PS PI* PI PI PI PI
NC St -6.5 at ECU NC NC NC* NC NC NC
Wyo at Neb -25 NE NE NE* NE* NE NE*
UCF at Mich -37 MI MI* MI MI* MI MI*
Utah St at USC -16.5 SC SC* SC SC* SC SC*
UK at Fla -16.5 FL* FL* FL* FL* FL* FL*
Nev at ND -27 ND ND ND* ND* ND ND
Tulsa at OSU -26.5 OS OS OS OS* OS OS
Ark at TCU -10.5 AR TC* TC* TC* TC TC*
BYU at Utah -4.5 UT UT* UT UT BY UT
ISU at Iowa -16.5 IA IA* IA* IA* IA* IA*
UNC -7.5 at Ill NC IL NC NC* NC NC
Tenn -10 at VT TN* TN* TN TN* VT TN*
TT at ASU -4.5 TT TT* TT AS AS* AS*
WSU at Boise -10.5 BS BS* BS* BS* BO* BS*
Cal at SDSU -8.5 SD SD SD* SD* SD* SD*
UVA at Oregon -24.5 OR OR OR OR* OR OR
Straight Up 13-4 11-6 11-6 12-5 14-3 13-4
Against Spread 12-5 11-6 9-8 9-8 10-7 13-4
Sure Thing  1-2 1-2 2-1 2-1 2-1
Dave Jer Chris Schmo Clucko
UL -14.5 at Syr UL UL UL* UL SU
CMU at Ok St -21.5 OS* OS* OS CM OS
Penn St at Pitt -4.5 PI PS PI PS PI
NC St -6.5 at ECU NC EC NC EC EC
Wyo at Neb -25 NE* NE* NE WY NE*
UCF at Mich -37 MI* MI* MI MI CF
Utah St at USC -16.5 SC* SC SC* SC US
UK at Fla -16.5 FL* FL FL FL FL
Nev at ND -27 ND* ND ND NV ND
Tulsa at OSU -26.5 OS* OS* OS OS OS
Ark at TCU -10.5 TC* TC TC* AR AR
BYU at Utah -4.5 BY UT BY UT BY
ISU at Iowa -16.5 IA IA IA* IA IS
UNC -7.5 at Ill NC NC NC* NC NC
Tenn -10 at VT TN TN* TN TN TN
UNLV at UCLA -27.5 LA* LA* LA LA LA*
TT at ASU -4.5 AS* TT AS* AS AS
WSU at Boise -10.5 BS* BS BS* BS BS
Cal at SDSU -8.5 SD SD* CA CA SD
UVA at Oregon -24.5 OR* OR OR VA OR*
Straight Up 10-7 13-4 12-5 11-6 8-5
Against Spread 10-7 10-7 8-9 7-10 9-8
Sure Thing 1-2 1-2 1-2 0-3 2-1

Expert Prognosticators

EXP - Russ Mitchell Russ Mitchell is the lead SEC Columnist and America’s college football radio guest of choice for College Football News. Is always right when it comes to SEC football.

EXP - Phil HarrisonPhil Harrison has been writing for CollegeFootballNews.com for nine years. He is the leading Big Ten featured writer, and can be followed on Twitter @PhilHarrisonCFB.

EXP - SchmoThe Schmo is a brash, overzealous sports junkie that generates a story out of anything he gets his hands on. The Schmo sees himself as an ‘oustider’ on a mission to become an ‘insider’ in the world of sports. Watch him generate the most interesting takes in his video series The Schmo and The Pro.

EXP - CrowleyCrowley Sullivan is a 20-year sports-media veteran having spent ten years at ESPN as a producer, programmer, content creator, business developer, and brand manager.  He now serves a EVP, Planning/GM, Sports for MandtVR, a content creation platform that emphasizes Virtual Reality initiatives.

EXP - Jeremy SimonJeremy Simon is the owner of BlueGoldSports.com covering West Virginia University. He’s also is a contributor to USA Today Sports, CFN and Athlon Sports.

EXP - Chris WilliamsBased out of the heartland, Chris Williams is the publisher of CycloneFanatic.com. He can also be heard every day from 4-7 ct on Des Moines’ Sports Station, 1460 KXNO.

exp-dave-congrove-2Dave Congrove
– Owner of CollegeFootballPoll.com and creator of the Congrove Computer Rankings (1993). The computer’s preseason forecast has picked half of the final 4 in each of the first 2 years of the playoff system, and 11 BCS title participants in the 16 BCS seasons. The picks provided are the computer’s picks.

EXP - Rich CirminielloRich Cirminiello joined Campus Insiders in 2013 as the Associate Editor following a long career with College Football News and FoxSports.com. Rich is a frequent contributor to the New York Jets, and he volunteers as the Director of College Awards for the Maxwell Football Club, which annually honors the premier high school, college and NFL players.

EXP - CluckoClucko the Chicken has been America’s premier poultry prognosticator since winning the 2000 Pro Football Weekly college football confidence pool among 37 entries. Clucko makes picks based on two feed dishes representing each team – or on a coin-flip.

EXP - Fiu 3Pete Fiutak writes a lot of articles about college football stuff for CollegeFootballNews.com and is “talent” – not talented – for Campus Insiders.

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