Tuesday Question: Which Jersey Should Jim Harbaugh Wear Next?

Tuesday Question: Which Jersey Should Jim Harbaugh Wear Next?

Tuesday Question

Tuesday Question: Which Jersey Should Jim Harbaugh Wear Next?

Tuesday Question: After wearing various jerseys at satellite camps from Ray Lewis, to Allen Iverson, to Andrew Luck, to Cal Ripken, what one would you like to see Jim Harbaugh wear?

Pete Fiutak

Let’s make this very, very clear: no man over the age of 17 or under the age of 70 should ever wear a jersey unless he’s actually playing in the game.

But Jim Harbaugh is no mere man.

No more honoring legends. No more going for kitsch. No more playing up to the local flavor.

Jim Harbaugh should not only wear a Michigan No. 4 Harbaugh jersey; he should come in full 1986 gear with the giant hip protectors, the huge shoulder pads, and the towel hanging out up front from his tucked in shirt in his high-wasted pants.

And go with the full eye-black, too.

Yeah, yeah, ha, ha. Sounds crazy, right? The dude wore a full Detroit Tiger uniform for a spring training game in Florida, and he’s willing to do anything and everything to crank up the media hype.

Even better – full gear up top, khakis down below, attention from all sides.

Rich Cirminiello

No-brainer. Go with the old-school Muhammad Ali boxing singlet from the 1960 Rome Olympics or the Golden Gloves era in Kentucky. There are replicas out there, and if Harbaugh can’t locate one on eBay, he ought to have one custom-made.

It’d be a timely and topical tribute to an American icon, and since Ali transcended regional and generational boundaries, Harbaugh’s gesture would resonate loudly, regardless of his audience or the specific location of the camp.

Brian Stultz

It’s time for the ultimate troll job, and that is by wearing a Maurice Clarett Denver Broncos’ jersey. He can take a shot at rival Ohio State AND the NCAA with one easy swipe. If Harbaugh shows up wearing this, I will pen an open love letter to him.

Check out Brian’s work at Campus Insiders

Phil Harrison

So Jim is at it again. Have you seen his collection of jerseys at satellite camps? And here you thought the staple khakis and blue top were an undeniable part of his wardrobe. If anything, it says the polarizing figure is at least open to change.

But what jersey should be next? I say go with Broadway Joe.

With the love affair Harbaugh has with Twitter and being a guy that gets tons of attention — designed or not — and along with both guys being known for their “guarantees” before big games, it makes sense.

Could you imagine the hashtags and trending that Joe Namath would have conjured up if the holy grail of social media was at his fingertips during his playing days? How about #ICouldCareLessAboutFootball or #TheGurantee or #RollTidePartyTide. The options and creativity of the showboat personality would be limitless.

Even more, maybe, just maybe, wearing a former Alabama quarterback’s jersey would act as a peace offering to the string of criticism coming from the head man of Tuscaloosa on the same very topic of satellite camps. It’s a good theory anyway, but I’ll fall short of guaranteeing it.

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