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College Football Playoff National Championship: Alabama's 3 Biggest Strengths

College Football Playoff National Championship: Alabama’s 3 Biggest Strengths

What are Alabama’s three biggest strengths going into the College Football Playoff National Championship vs. Clemson?

What AREN’T Alabama’s strengths? The team might be the most complete in the Nick Saban era, but for all the positives, it’s easy when one of the biggest strengths is to have a whole boatload of …

NFL First Round Talent

There could easily be six Crimson Tide players going in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, and a lot more coming in future drafts. Alabama comes in waves with the second-teamers in the mix for the next level, to go along with the stars up top. Clemson has its share of big-time future stars, too, but Alabama has a ridiculous abundance of riches. But to make it all go, and for it all to work, it all works as well as it does because of the …

The Size & Talent On The Lines

Alabama is stocked with freakishly massive human beings who keep on coming in waves. The offensive line isn’t any bigger than most top lines, but they can all get on the move, too. This is a strong, powerful offensive front that keeps the pressure on all game long by grinding down defensive fronts. And then there’s the front three on the D line, with NFL talents like Da’Shawn Hands and Raekwon Davis using their bulk as backups behind an already big line. There’s almost no drop-off to the second team up front for the Bama. Which, of course, helps with the …

Phenomenal Run Defense

Is this the greatest run defense ever under Nick Saban? The 2011 national champion might have been a wee bit better, but this group is better at getting into the backfield and never, ever gets powered on. Only two teams ran for more than 100 yards on a Crimson Tide defense that hasn’t given up a rushing touchdown in any of the last seven games. Remember, as good as Clemson’s offense was in last year’s game, it only ran for 145 yards and a score.