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2017 Northwestern Wildcats Recruiting & National Signing Day Class Breakdown

2017 Northwestern Wildcats Recruiting & National Signing Day Class Breakdown

The 2017 Northwestern Wildcats Recruiting Class. The basic overview of the class, the best area of strength, what you need to know if you don’t care about recruiting, the star, and the depth chart hole going into the season.

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Classes and rankings to be updated and adjusted on National Signing Day, Wednesday, February 1

Northwestern Wildcats Recruiting Class Overview

This might just be Pat Fitzgerald’s best class yet. Northwestern always has a rough time considering all of its restrictions, but the facilities have improved, the team has been playing well enough to attract interest from the better recruits who fit the almost impossible academic profile. Fitzgerald was able to bring in a few special gets for the defensive line, while picking and choosing some surprisingly amazing prospects here and there with QB Andrew Marty, C Sam Gerak, and LB Blake Gallagher just a few of the solid prospects who could turn into Big Ten stars.

The Northwestern Wildcats Class Is Heavy On …

Defensive linemen. The Cats loaded up with defensive backs, but the line got the best prospects. Northwestern got a good trio of stars for being Northwestern, but just about anyone would gush over getting the three talents Fitzgerald was able to bring in. Sam Miller is an undersized defensive tackle out of Houston, who could move around depending on how much weight he puts on. Trevor Kent is a rangy outside linebacker out of Kansas who could turn into a dangerous pass rusher with a little bit of time. And then there’s …

The Star of the Northwestern Wildcats Class Is …

DE Earnest Brown IV, 6-5, 233, Denton, TX – Here’s the pass rusher the Wildcat defense can turn loose in a few years. He needs to pack on a little muscle, but with his speed and blast off the ball, he might be ready to roll no matter what weight he’s at. He had his pick of several Big Ten and SEC options – among a whole bunch of other places – but he’ll eventually be the star of the Fitzgerald D.

The Northwestern Wildcats Biggest 2017 Depth Chart Hole Is …

Austin Carr and Anthony Walker. Northwestern only loses a few key parts, but two of them were superstars who’ll be tough to replace. Carr led the team with 90 taches for 1,247 yards and 12 touchdowns, and now the Cats need another No. 1 target to emerge. Walker didn’t quite have the killer season he cranked up in 2015, but he was still special with 105 tackles, two sacks and ten tackles for loss.