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2017 Louisville Cardinals Recruiting & National Signing Day Class Breakdown

2017 Louisville Cardinals Recruiting & National Signing Day Class Breakdown

The 2017 Louisville Cardinals Recruiting Class. The basic overview of the class, the best area of strength, what you need to know if you don’t care about recruiting, the star, and the depth chart hole going into the season.

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Classes and rankings to be updated and adjusted on National Signing Day, Wednesday, February 1

Louisville Cardinals Recruiting Class Overview

It’s the best recruiting class yet in Round 2 of the Bobby Petrino era, with several big-time prospects who had several choices. While the defense got plenty of bulk players, the offense got the better players with JUCO transfer Ronald Rudd leading a loaded group of linemen, while Kemari Averett is a great-looking tight end and Colin Wilson is a potential superstar running back who could be folded into the mix early on. Who doesn’t want to play receiver for the Cardinals? Several of them are coming in, headlined by Corey Reed and Justin Marshall, two great-sized downfield weapons. However, the most interesting area could be the …

The Louisville Cardinals Class Is Heavy On …

Defensive backs. The better players are brought in for the passing game, and Wilson is a big get, but the class is deepest at defensive back with several very big, very good prospects to move around where needed. It’s a long crew of options for the secondary, with some of them sure to be moved over to the offense side any be tried out at receiver. It’s a strength-in-numbers secondary – all Petrino needs is for a few of them to pan out.

The Star of the Louisville Cardinals Class Is …

RB Colin Wilson, 6-0, 210, Green Grove Springs, FL – While he’s not going to blow past anyone, everything else is there. Don’t worry about the lack of home runs; he’ll provide the pop, the power, and the short burst needed to become an occasional workhorse, while looking the part when he gets into the spaces the Petrino offense provides. Name the big program, and it wanted him. But Louisville was able to land its star early.

The Louisville Cardinals Biggest 2017 Depth Chart Hole Is …

Receiver. The cupboard isn’t bare, and Lamar Jackson will make everyone around him better, but the Cardinals have to replace the top three receivers from last season. Gone is tight end Cole Hikutini, who came up with 50 grabs for 668 yards and eight scores. He was a big-time safety valve, while top wideouts James Quick and Jamari Staples each averaged over 17 yards per catch.