Colorado State Football: Offensive Coaches Recap Media Day

Colorado State Football: Offensive Coaches Recap Media Day


Colorado State Football: Offensive Coaches Recap Media Day

Colorado State Rams Offensive Media Day Recap

The Colorado State Rams held their Media Day recently, and we look at the team with a focus on the offense.

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Rams talk offense and media day

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The Colorado State Rams held their annual media day, this past Tuesday, August 1st. The Rams have high expectations this year. The offense is expected to be a major factor this year. After starting slowly and finishing strong last year, the Rams want to stay strong the whole year.

Head Coach Mike Bobo

Coach Mike Bobo was first up during media days. He said with this being the third year in the system guys are learner quicker, they know where they need to be, and they are practicing harder. They aren’t there year but they are ahead of where they were last year. Bobo also noted that the Rams must prove that they can live up to the expectations placed on them this year.

Bobo noted the play of several players in the first days of camp. He mentioned that each of the quarterbacks (Stevens, Hill, Robles, McCoy, Erickson) can run the offense. Nick Stevens is the announced starter. Collin Hill is still a little rusty coming off his ACL tear. JC Robles, Justice McCoy, and Judd Erickson just have small mechanic issues that they need to fix.

Bobo noted of the skill position players that Bisi Johnson is the player who is really stepping up this year. Detrich Clark is picking up the slot position quickly. He also mentioned that Trey Smith was impressive and will provide some depth. Bobo also noted the three freshman receivers E.J. Scott, Warren Jackson, and Darius Wise were proving that they could provide depth this fall.

Offensive Coordinator Will Friend

Will Friend was up after coach Bobo. He mentioned that the standard expected from the offense is to execute and to be productive. The skill positions are in good shape. The vision for the team has been laid out for the players from the coaches.

“They know how we want them to practice, they know how we want them to compete, and that standard isn’t getting changed,” Friend said. “If you’re consistent and you do it every day, you’ll get there. And we are going in the right direction.”

Friend mentioned that there is some concern at the Offensive Line and Tight End positions, due to the loss of experience; but that’s the coaches job to get those players up to speed. Friend was asked about redshirting the freshmen. He said if they can help the team win, they’ll play. The coaches don’t believe in redshirting just to redshirt.

Friend was asked about the growth of center Jake Bennett.

“Jake is the leader of the Offensive Line,” said the Rams offensive coordinator. “He shows the young kids how practice and how be prepared.”

Friend also said that the Offensive Line is like a team within a team.


That’s a wrap for the coaches on the offensive side of the ball for Rams media day. Some good insight from the coaches and players. Some high expectations from coaches, players, and fans. This should be a good year for the Rams.

CSU earns votes in preseason coaches poll

Previewing Rams QB | WR | LB

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