Week 13

Washington 45, Washington State 17: What Does It All Mean?

Washington ripped apart Washington State 45-17: What does it all mean?

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Washington 45, Washington State 17: What Does It All Mean?

That’s exactly what Washington needed to do

In terms of public perception, Washington needed this big performance. In terms of the College Football Playoff committee, Washington needed this big performance. The Huskies should be in the CFP by winning the Pac-12 championship and finishing 12-1, but there’s still going to be the Ohio State debate, if the Buckeyes go 11-1 and don’t win the Big Ten East. However, to go on the road and destroy Wazzu, the team looked the part getting hot at the right time.

Washington never let Washington State breathe

The Cougars might have the offense to crank up a big comeback, but Washington didn’t even allow this to get interesting. With the 28-3 first half, it took away the game right out of the gate. Forget the Apple Cup rivalry aspect, and forget the road game side, and forget that Wazzu could turn it loose with next to nothing to lose. This was a team that was ready from the opening kickoff, and it then it could coast.

Jake Browning outplayed Luke Falk. That’s the difference

Washington State needed to dominate the Husky secondary and bomb away throughout, but Luke Falk’s passes and completions didn’t go anywhere. There were plenty of throws – Falk hit 33-of-50 passes – but they only went for 269 yards with a score and three picks. Meanwhile, Browning was brilliant. Wazzu didn’t generate enough pressure – or any pressure – and Browning went off, hitting 21-of-29 passes for 292 yards and three touchdowns.

The Rose Bowl wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize

With the win, the Huskies are going to the Rose Bowl in an absolute worst-case Pac-12 championship scenario. However, lose the Pac-12 title game, and then it’s almost certainly off to the Alamo. Wazzu will be in the mix for a good spot between the 3-5 Pac-12 finish range, possibly the Foster Farms or the Holiday. It all depends on the Pac-12 Championship.