Week 11

Pitt 43, Clemson 42: What Does It All Mean, Why Doesn't It Matter For The Playoff?

Pitt shocked Clemson 43-42, what does it all mean, and why doesn’t it matter?

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Pitt 43, Clemson 42: What Does It All Mean?

Okay, so here’s the crazy part. The loss sort of doesn’t really matter as long as Clemson doesn’t lose at Wake Forest or to South Carolina.

12-1, ACC champion Clemson is in the College Football Playoff over a one-loss, Big 12 champion West Virginia, over a Michigan if it loses to Ohio State, and a 12-1 Pac-12 champion Washington, if it loses. And why? Resume.

Clemson has still beaten Auburn at Auburn, Louisville, and won at Florida State. Throw in the ACC title, and it’ll be in the fun. However …

One more loss, and forget it. 12-1 ACC champion Clemson is the College Football Playoff no matter what – unless the CFP committee breaks precedent and puts in an 11-1 Michigan, if it loses to Ohio State, and that’s not going to happen. If it’s 11-2 ACC champion Clemson, and nope. But remember …

Louisville lost to Clemson. West Virginia still needs plenty of help, Wisconsin has to win out – the Badgers probably get the most help out of anyone – and it’s going to take plenty of chaos for others to make a push, but no. Louisville isn’t going to leapfrog a team that won the division and the ACC championship. Again, to beat this into the ground, Clemson is in if it wins out.

And that goes triple-true if Michigan wins out. If Alabama, Washington, and Michigan are all unbeaten, 12-1 Clemson is guaranteed to get in. The only possible strange scenario is if Michigan destroys Ohio State and loses to Wisconsin in the Big Ten champion, OR, if West Virginia destroys everything in its path. Even then, Clemson still gets in.

So, don’t worry, Clemson fans. Win, win, win … and you’re in.