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Coaches Poll College Football Rankings: Greatest Pac-12 Programs Of All-Time

What are the top college football programs of all-time going by the UPI and USA Today Coaches Poll rankings? Here are the top Pac-12 programs according to a CFN formula using all the UPI and USA Today Coaches final polls.

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Which current Pac-12 college football programs are the greatest of all-time according to the UPI and USA Today Coaches final polls?

Using a ranking system taking all the AP final college football polls and assigning 25 points to the national champion, 24 for the final No. 2 team, 23 for the No. 3 team on down.

USC is easily the top Pac-12 program of all-time according to the rankings, UCLA is on an island at second, and then it’s a showdown among the next several programs.

One note on this – this is made up of current Pac-12 programs and factoring in their histories. Obviously many of these programs weren’t in the Pac-12 – and there wasn’t a Pac-12 – starting in 1950.

Rank School Points
1 USC 694
2 UCLA 475
3 Washington 282
4 Colorado 257
5 Arizona State 251
6 Oregon 245
7 Stanford 231
8 Oregon State 118
9 Washington State 111
10 California 109
11 Utah 105
12 Arizona 91