Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl: Alabama vs. Washington, Thoughts, Notes & Musings

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl: Alabama vs. Washington, Thoughts, Notes & Musings


Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl: Alabama vs. Washington, Thoughts, Notes & Musings

Chick fil-A Peach Bowl: Alabama vs. Washington, Thoughts, Notes & Musings

Random on the fly thoughts, notes and musings from the College Football Playoff semifinal – Alabama vs. Washington in the 2016 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

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HIT REFRESH … WILL UPDATE EVERY FEW MINUTES. Most recent thoughts up top.

That Lane Kiffin looks like a genius now. Hand it off to Bo Scarbrough, laugh, repeat, go to Tampa.

11:56 – Ball game. Scarbrough – 14 for 175 yards and two touchdowns. Thanks for playing.

12:41 – JUST when it seems like Washington has Alabama in trouble. Bo Scarbrough and the Alabama line blast their way out.

14:50 – FINALLY, a Washington break. Jake Browning’s kick to the two now has the Husky fan end ROARING. Alabama probably can’t hear down there.

That just sucks. Tim Krumrie gets introduced as a College Football Hall of Fame inductee, and what’s EVERYONE’S comment? “Broken leg.”

Fourth quarter. Washington has hung around in this thing and didn’t get its doors blown off in the third. It never had a chance to do anything interesting, and now it’s finally going on a real, live march.

1:26 – Or just complete a third down play for the first time in forever. Browning is starting to get a little bit of time.

1:35 – You want your Washington trick play? Punt on 3rd and 10 from your 30. FLIP … THE … FIELD

3:13 – Give it up to the Washington defense. Alabama has had amazing field position for the last bajillion drives and did NOTHING with it.

3:43 – This Peach Bowl has become boring. Stop being so boring.

6:46 – I know I’ll live to regret this, but I’m kinda, sorta starting to think the Fiesta Bowl might be for the national title. A better, sharper, more talented team than Washington beats Bama in this.

7:10 – Discombobulated. That seems like Alabama right now.

7:39 – That was your break, Washington, and you blew it. Hurts put the ball on the turf, the Huskies had their shot at it, and they couldn’t come up with it.

10:04 – Is it possible for Washington to run a trick play on defense? The Huskies need something to shake this up – the offense doesn’t have any semblance of a spark.

11:43 – It’s been years since the Huskies were in Alabama territory. The field position battle is killing Washington.

12:10 – Alabama has only outgained Washington 183 yards to 145. The U-Dub D is holding up.

12:43 – Okay, Washington. Okay. Good hold to start the second half. But now the offense has to get a first down.

13:07 – Penalty for an illegal man downfield. Bad things happen when Alabama tries to throw the ball.

First play … Hurts takes off for a huge run. Alabama, just keep doing that.

Washington came out for the second half. That’s nice.

One play. Washington could’ve gone into the locker room down three and with all the momentum. One pick six, and now the Alabama defensive front can tee off on Browning the rest of the game.

Alabama 17, Washington 7. Pick six. The ONLY thing Washington couldn’t do, it did.

1:13 – Right … on … cue. Ballgame.

1:33 – There’s 1:33 to play, and you’re still alive. No trick plays. No big issues. Washington, you’re in this. Don’t mess up and give up a non-offensive touchdown.

1:44 – It’s coming up on half past ass-chew o’clock for Lane.

2:19 – It’s as if Tide is trying to keep this interesting for America with Hurts throwing. On behalf of a grateful nation, thank you

2:56 – If Budda Baker isn’t in on every play, it seems like he is.

3:52 – Again, Lane, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? The running game rips apart UW for two straight plays, and then another throw? You deserved that intentional grounding call.

4:18 – Yup, they figured that one out. Enough getting cute. Bo Scarbrough is rumbling behind the line that’s killing the Husky defensive front when the O is on the move.

4: 46 – Lane Kiffin, son, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? The Washington secondary has been fantastic. Run, run, RUN!

4:55 – Washington has 98 yards of total offense. This thing isn’t going anywhere. Alabama isn’t losing this unless it royally screws up.

5:56 – This Washington secondary is BALLING. There’s nowhere for Hurts to go, and he’s obviously been told not to force anything.

I jokingly questioned out loud whether or not Jake Browning was 2-of-20 – it seems like the passing game isn’t going anywhere. He’s actually 11-of-14. I’m paying attention. I’ve eaten too many Krispy Kremes and Chick-fil-As this week. I’ve gained weight in my ears.

7:20 – The field position is starting to tilt. Washington has been hanging around, but now Bama has the ball at midfield. Not to be dramatic – okay, so a little bit – but one decent scoring drive that takes up a few minutes could all but end this.

9:03 – Washington is getting to Hurts. He’s not able to get comfortable anymore – the Huskies haven’t needed to sell out.

11:45 – Apparently all is fine. They snuck out whomever was in there and the tent if folded up.

12:41 – Someone’s in the Alabama concussion protocol tent, and he must be important. A slew of worried-looking Tide people are going in and out.

13:19 – America, meet Jonathan Allen. Consider the fire lit under this defensive front on this drive.

Washington got out of the first quarter alive. It’s wobbly, but it didn’t get knocked out right away.

14:45 – 10-7 Alabama. Field goal. Washington did its job on this drive.

Some grumblings in the pressbox. One quarter in, and the game starts with a prayer, and then comes God Bless America in between quarters. I’m a Christian, but replace the word God with Allah, and see how people react. It shouldn’t have to be said, but there should be a separation of church and college football, especially in a College Football Playoff game like this.

0:45 – Bama O line keying on Vita Vea. Neutralize the 332-pounder, and everything else will work for the ground game.

1:12 – It’s Alabama, so there’s no hurry-up, but the O has a great tempo going … until Gehrig Dieter gets hit with a false start penalty. MAC guy.

2:24 – Oh, Washington, NOOOOOOO. The Huskies were calm, cool, and collected trying to answer, and then Ross fumbles to give the ball to Bama on the Washington 40. Okay, Bama. Don’t get cute. Pound, pound, pound. Let that O line keep on rolling.

5:32 – Alabama scores, 7-7. Again, O line, O line, O line. What’s the Tyson line? Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth

7:02 – The Alabama offensive line is about to take over. Jalen Hurts is getting ten days to work. The right side is BLASTING the Husky defensive front.

Best analogy I can give, realizing that strangeness of the comparisons for the reddest of red states. It’s as if Trump just took North Carolina. This isn’t going to be the coronation that Alabama people was waiting for.

8:01 – 7-0 Washington. Browning throws a BEAUTIFUL ball to John Ross who ripped past

9:06 – That run seemed to settle Browning. He’s calm now on his last two passes. The Washington O line continues to give him time.

11:07 – The Washington O line is handling the Alabama D line just fine so far. Browning takes off for a 14-yard run with the world open wide.

11:46 – Browning is getting time.  He’s not doing anything with it. He’s just not accurate enough early.

13:08 – Alabama gave Jalen Hurts a tough first throw, and Budda Baker dropped the interception. And then comes a false start. Alabama looks worse on its first two plays than Washington did on its first three.

13:19 – Jake Browning missed on his first two throws. They tried to give him easy passes to hit, and he didn’t.

1st Quarter: We JUST got this thing started, and Washington goes three-and-out. 1:19 seconds came off the clock, and Alabama’s defense is already dictating the tempo.

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