Bowl Final Thoughts, Predictions & Advice: Birmingham, Belk, Alamo

Bowl Final Thoughts, Predictions & Advice: Birmingham, Belk, Alamo

Virginia Tech

Bowl Final Thoughts, Predictions & Advice: Birmingham, Belk, Alamo

Bowl Final Thoughts, Predictions & Advice: Birmingham, Belk, Alamo Bowls

Check out the final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice for the Birmingham, Belk and Alamo bowls – because you have to.

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Game Previews & Predictions 
– Birmingham, South Carolina vs, USF, 2:00, ESPN
Belk, Virginia Tech vs. Arkansas, 5:30, ESPN
– Valero Alamo: Oklahoma State vs. Colorado, 9:oo, ESPN

The bowl season has been outstanding.

Too many bowls, schmoo many bowls. Wednesday’s games were fun, and if you didn’t like them, then you’re un-American, or something like that. If the Thursday games stink, then there’s no need to watch – just wait for the next one. There’s always a good bowl game coming up.

They’re more fun when you get the picks right – like taking Kansas State outright over Texas A&M. But you’re only as good as your last pick, so here we go.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only. However, just in case you dabble …

Okay, SEC. Time to get going. It’s hardly a shocker that Vanderbilt lost to NC State or that Texas A&M lost to Kansas State, but if South Carolina loses to South Florida in the Birmingham, and/or if Arkansas loses to Virginia Tech in the Belk – throwing in the Mississippi State close call to Miami University – it’s uh-oh time for the league that didn’t have a killer season outside of the killer at the top.

Tulsa is the only double-digit favorite so far to cover. Mississippi State? Nope. Colorado State? Doors blown off. Army? Nah. Temple? Wake Forest won outright. The SEC might be struggling, but go with the trend. South Carolina getting ten is a gift.

But that 62-point total seems way, way high. South Carolina barely averages 19 points a game, and it’s not going to start exploding now.

The interim head coach thing hasn’t really worked so far, and the American Athletic Conference thing really hasn’t been fun. Throw in that South Carolina and Will Muschamp have had a month to prepare for the USF offense, and you know exactly what to do.

I came into this bowl season thinking the SEC was going to be the SEC again. I hate myself for staying with this pick, but fine – Arkansas is going to beat Virginia Tech outright in the Belk.

I’m not quite sure how it’s going to happen. Did the Razorbacks get better at playing at college football over the last few weeks? Will the flaky version of the Hogs show up on the positive side? This is a Virginia Tech team that pushed Clemson really, really hard in the ACC Championship, but Bret Bielema’s offense will be balanced, the defense will look better after the time off, and there will be just enough mistakes from Virginia Tech QB Jerod Evans for Arkansas to capitalize.

But don’t quote me on that. As you can tell, this wasn’t up high on the confidence level charts before the bowl season began.

However, if Virginia Tech wins, I’m assuming that Clemson really is going to start to look better and better in that Fiesta thing. Adapt or die, and the ACC is playing really, really well – Pitt aside – this bowl season.

Really? Oklahoma State vs. Colorado is the highest-ranked matchup of teams ever in the Alamo? That doesn’t seem right.

Can I pick None Of The Above? Oklahoma State and Colorado might both lose.

Stick with the preconceived notions. The Pac-12 didn’t do anything this year in non-conference play but beat the Big 12, but the Big 12 has been okay so far this bowl season and the Pac-12 hasn’t been good.

And yes, Utah barely getting by a mediocre Indiana team with a new head coach is part of the problem.

So I’m staying with it. I’m sticking with my core principle that the Pac-12 is bad this season, and while the Big 12 isn’t great, Oklahoma State will be better than Colorado, especially as an underdog.

I like Colorado. I like the program, I like the sports info guys, I like the coaching staff. As a fan, I’d love to see the Buffs win this game – it would be a good story. But sometimes, teams that rise up and have massive seasons out of the blue do that for a reason. Maybe it’s because the rest of the division sucked – hello, Vanderbilt and Kentucky – or maybe everything just came together in a moment of magic. Whatever it is, Colorado is about to end its season without any happy fun time.

Oklahoma State’s offense will need a while to warm up, though. The total came down from 64 to 62.5. 55 is about right.

AND FINALLY … it really is becoming freakish. The CFN Final Thoughts photo jinx hits again. Major Applewhite, Cooper Rush, Luke Falk, and now Trevor Knight all lost after being the feature photo for this. I’m making my own breaks here, and I need Arkansas to win to make me look all smart and stuff. Sorry, Jerod.

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