Week 13 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice: Friday Games

Week 13 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice: Friday Games

Week 13

Week 13 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice: Friday Games

Check out the final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice for Week 13 Friday games – because you have to.

Week 13 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Advice: Friday Games

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Enough of the turkey. Enough NFL. Enough coaching rumors. And really, enough of Black Friday. This is business time. This is Rivalry Week. This is when it all shakes out.

Or comes close to doing it.

What’s going to happen this weekend? How can you afford all the crap you’ll have to buy to make people think they’re happy a month from now?

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only. However, just in case you dabble, for the Friday games. The Saturday showdowns to come Friday afternoon …

Friday Games

Before we start, my theme for the next two days: upsets, upsets, upsets. I could be really, really wrong, but the chaos will kick in after a slew of good teams start to rise up when no one is thinking much about them. Starting with …

Toledo will beat Western Michigan straight up. Do the Broncos have the ability to win 45-3? Absolutely, but no one’s been able to bang away on the WMU defensive front like Toledo has. The Rockets have been lying in the weeds waiting for this moment.

Wisconsin will be able to relax, at least in terms of the B1G Championship. Iowa’s defense is about to pitch a gem against Nebraska. The Huskers have found ways to keep on winning, but that stops this week.

Sticking with my Weird Things Will Happen thing this weekend, Missouri will come up with an extra gear that hasn’t been there all season long. Arkansas has gone win-loss-win-loss-win-loss-win-loss-win-loss-win. Never mess with a pattern.

Really? You want to deal with Houston now? This team is already flaky enough to get flattened by a good-enough Memphis team at home, much less with the Sword of Hermancles dangling over the program. Invest elsewhere.

There are teams that can’t score, there are people who can’t score, and then there’s Cincinnati. The Bearcats have scored 13 points over the last three games. Tulsa will get that in the first quarter.

Bowling Green has figured something out. All of a sudden, the offense has stopped sucking and the defense actually stopped an FBS offense last week. Buffalo is about to get rolled.

Don’t worry that Northern Illinois can’t keep a quarterback healthy. Kent State just doesn’t have it. The O never worked, and not the Nick Holley thing – Google it – is an issue.

After all of this. After all of the drama. And after suffering the indignity of losing to Kansas. Texas had better roll past a bad TCU team if the players really and truly want to make a statement for Charlie Strong.

Boise State just doesn’t have the blowout gene. Be careful here against Air Force; the Falcons are playing a whole lot better lately.

Does Louisiana Tech care? It’s already in the Conference USA title game, and if it wants to, it’ll blow away Southern Miss by more than two scores. But it doesn’t need this game and it’s on the road against a team that needs the win. Speaking of needing a win …

NC State, you’re overdue to do something positive. North Carolina needs to keep the pressure on Virginia Tech, and even in the rivalry game, the Tar Heels will come out smoking. (See what I did there – Tobacco Road, smoking, sorry. It’s the yams.)

Just … don’t go Apple Cup picking. If you want to argue that Luke Falk will pull something special out of his Wazzu, fine. If you want to argue that this is when Washington is about to get rolling, fine. If I HAD to, as of very, very AM on Friday, Washington State is about to do something funky.

Baylor is going to run on Texas Tech for 400 yards. Maybe 500. Texas Tech is going to throw on Baylor for 400 yards, maybe 500. Do with that what you must.

This Arizona State-Arizona rivalry showdown just feels … sad. Neither team is any good, but at least ASU is shooting for a bowl game. Arizona deserves something happy after all the injuries, but I don’t think it’s happening.

Again, Saturday games to come in a jiff.

Week 13 Fearless Predictions & Game Previews 
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