TCU 31, Texas 9: What Does It All Mean?

TCU 31, Texas 9: What Does It All Mean?

Week 13

TCU 31, Texas 9: What Does It All Mean?

TCU obliterates Texas in an ugly 31-9 stomping. What does it all mean?

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TCU 31, Texas 9: What Does It All Mean?

The Charlie Strong problem: the team got worse

Yeah, this is a team loaded with experience next year, and yeah, everyone likes Charlie Strong, but the brutal reality is that Texas just didn’t improve. Remember, Texas battled hard in a loss to Oklahoma, and it had its chances against Cal and Kansas State. It wasn’t a great season, but Texas was 5-4 with two home games in the last three and Kansas on the road. Not even going bowling and finishing on a three-game losing streak makes it a really, really hard case to keep Strong and …

And now it makes it a whole lot easier to get rid of him

There’s really no argument now. While Strong built this whole thing up, and the program should be ready to be far, far better with the recent recruiting classes along with the experience, no one can be stunned if he gets canned. However, losing to TCU shouldn’t make a difference. Losing to Kansas shouldn’t make a difference. Is Strong the head coach who can take Texas to a national championship? If the belief is no, then there’s your answer. If you think someone else can pull a Jim Harbaugh/Michigan and take someone else’s talent to the College Football Playoff, then, again, there’s your answer. Losing like this to TCU won’t make it a fight if the program chooses to go in a different direction.

Oh yeah … D’Onta Foreman

If it’s possible for the Texas running back to close out his season with 2,028 rushing yards and 20 scores in 11 games, D’Onta Foreman just did it. Of course, you can’t assume he would’ve stayed healthy the rest of the way, but had he been right against UTEP, this would’ve been at least a 2,200-yard season and he’d have been truly walking with the gods. In the midst of the disastrous year, Texas had a player who deserves a spot in New York for the Heisman ceremony. At the very least, he might have cemented a No. 3 spot, and now could be No. 2.

Oh yeah … TCU

By the way, TCU became bowl eligible. It was a horrible season for Texas, but things were going just as poorly for the Horned Frogs. They managed to come up with one of their best defensive performances all season long against an emotional team that needed a win for its coach. Even when it looked like things were going to break down, TCU got better in the second half. Kenny Hill ran for two scores, Darius Anderson ran for a 70-yard touchdown, and the defense stuffed Texas for three field goals and dominated the Longhorn passing game. There’s still a date with Kansas State to go, but it’s going to be a much more relaxed date now that the young team is getting the extra practices and the swag bag.

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