Report: Charlie Strong To Be Fired By Texas. If So, What's Next? What Does It All Mean?

Report: Charlie Strong To Be Fired By Texas. If So, What's Next? What Does It All Mean?


Report: Charlie Strong To Be Fired By Texas. If So, What's Next? What Does It All Mean?

Has Texas really fired Charlie Strong? If so, what’s next for Texas? What does it all mean?

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Did Texas fire Charlie Strong? If So What Does It All Mean?

This is going GRRRRREAT, Texas.

The Austin American-Statesman reported that Texas will fire head coach Charlie Strong,  however …

Statement from University of Texas Men’s Athletics Director Mike Perrin: “There are a number of rumors out there about the status of Coach Strong. I’ve said it all along, we will evaluate the body of work after the regular season. We have a game to get ready for against TCU on Friday, and I hope our fans will come out and support out team. We’ll discuss where things stand after that.”

Also according to Chip Brown of, Strong will still likely coach the TCU game this Friday. But here’s the thing – what happens if Texas wins?

If you’re on a hot seat, you don’t lose to Kansas and hope to survive. However, nothing really changed after the loss to the Jayhawks, except that the Longhorns didn’t secure bowl eligibility. Beat TCU, and there’s another game coming a few weeks later – but with an interim head coach if it’s not Strong.

Okay, then, so where do things stand and what is the body of work? On the one hand, it’s Texas. You’re not allowed to lose at Texas, and Strong did way too much of that, going 16-20 in his three years minus the TCU game. While there were a few big wins here and there, the program had to undergo a massive rebuilding process with the talent and experience needing to be back to a Big 12 championship level.

With eight sophomore starters and just one senior on defense, and just three seniors on offense – along with a franchise-caliber QB in Shane Buechele to lead the way – the next coach up is about to inherit a veteran team with a world of upside.

Is Texas really looking at anyone but one guy? Are there really a bunch of replacements on the table?

And now we’ll go through all this again. The boosters will think they can get Nick Saban – they can’t and all it’ll mean is a contract extension and more money from Alabama.

Les Miles? Ehhhhhhh, he couldn’t win big over the last few years at LSU with all the talent in the world – is that what Texas really wants?

They’ll also think they can get any other coach you can name just because it’s Texas, because who wouldn’t want to coach at Texas?

Of course, Tom Herman is the guy a whole slew of important Longhorn people really seem to have wanted for a year or so. Forget the losses to Navy and SMU, and forgetting that Houston isn’t even going to win its own division, much less the American Athletic, this is the hot young head man whose team just destroyed Louisville in embarrassing fashion. That’s what Texas wants.

There’s no way, no how money will be an object if this gets into a bidding war over him.

If he really is gone, what’s next for Charlie Strong? It depends on what he wants to do next. He can take just about any defensive coordinator gig that strikes his fancy, or if he wants to be a head coach again right away, what would make sense?

While he didn’t get enough of a break at Texas, and he really and truly might have turned this whole thing around with one more year, he’s still not going to be up for any big-time Power Five job again any time soon. And on the other side, he’s not going to want to dive into the MAC or a Group of Five program – unless Cincinnati might come calling.

So what’s the happy medium program if he wants to be a college football head coach again right away?

The Texas experience might not be anything special, but there’s a reason he got the job – he went 23-3 in his last two years at Louisville with Teddy Bridgewater leading as dangerous an offense as any in the country, to go along with one of the nation’s top defenses.

Would Purdue be a good fit? Yeah, absolutely. He was a defensive line coach at Notre Dame in the 1990s, so it’s not like he’s not totally unfamiliar with the area.

Baylor? Nope. The alumni base wouldn’t want the guy who wasn’t able to cut it in Austin.

Boston College? Defensively, it makes perfect sense. But the program needs an offensive whiz if and when it gets rid of Steve Addazio.

NC State? If the Pack dumps Dave Doeren, it might want to try making a bigger immediate splash.

But here’s the key to Strong and his next job – no one has a bad thing to say about him, he’s conducted himself with class through a tough situation, and he really is a proven head coach. Very quickly, he’ll be a great name several athletic directors are going to want to give a very, very long look.

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