Week 8 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 8 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


Week 8 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Check out the final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice – why not?

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Week 8 Fearless Predictions & Game Previews 
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Game 6 of the NLCS with Clayton Kershaw going against a Cubs team that’s one win away from the World Series? Ohio State vs. Penn State and Ole Miss vs. LSU the marquee matchups on a Saturday night? Ratings-wise, what could go wrong, college football?

But baseball is for the fans, and it’s business time for you.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only, however, just in case you dabble …

Cubs +119 vs. Kershaw? Yup.

Why yes, I did pick Boise State to beat BYU 31-27 – it was 28-27 – and for Virginia Tech to cover against Miami, meaning I finally didn’t royally whiff on a Thursday night. Thanks for asking.

South Florida is absolutely destroying everything in its path, other than Dalvin Cook. Yeah, this might be the best team in the American Athletic Conference. Temple isn’t.

Misfire on the Bulls, and you have two lovely late night Friday games give you a reason to keep on keeping on …

Oregon is going to eventually show up. Two weeks off will do wonders, Davis Webb is hurt, and Cal couldn’t hit a Joe Blanton slider. The Duck offense will run wild.

Oh come on, San Diego State. Enough goofing around. It’s been easy over the last few weeks, but end this San Jose State game fast. Donnel Pumphrey is going to annihilate the Spartan defensive front.

There are plenty of very smart people who think Eastern Michigan is just good enough to shock Western Michigan in what could be a law-defying rivalry game. I’m not one of them in terms of thinking it’s going to happen, or being smart.

Boston College could and should beat Syracuse. The Eagles have had two weeks off to prepare, and Syracuse had its moment against Virginia Tech last week. But if you really and truly think it’s wise to pick a team that hasn’t won an ACC game since 2014 – and is a 4.5-point favorite – then that’s on you.

Why would Minnesota QB Mitch Leidner still being out matter in any way, shape or form against a Rutgers team that couldn’t open up a scoring drive if you gift-wrapped it? Defense and running game make this easy for Goldy.

Ooooooh, Gunner Kiel is going to play against East Carolina. Ooooooh. It’s insane, but the loser of this game will be winless in American Athletic Conference play. ECU is way overdue to be okay again.

TCU is coming off a two-week break with time to prepare for West Virginia. The Mountaineers might have roasted Texas Tech, but watch out for this. Kenny Hill won’t be under wraps like Pat Mahomes was for long stretches.

Indiana’s defense is just good enough to keep it close against Northwestern. The Wildcats could easily revert to form, but the skill players are starting to rock. Michigan State might stink at the moment, but NU QB Clayton Thorson and RB Justin Jackson were fantastic. Whatever you think about this game might happen.

Stay … away … from … teams … in the first game after a new coach takes over. FIU and LSU are a combined 5-0 this year with “interim” head men – just sayin’, Purdue +24 vs. Nebraska.

It’s always a grab bag guess on which Kansas team shows up. It could just as easily miss a late field goal to lose to Oklahoma State 38-37 as it could lose 68-3. Guess the latter.

Oh, by the way, that Central Michigan team that beat Oklahoma State a while back is an 11-point dog to Toledo. The 62 combined points might be way light in what’ll be a fun shootout.

Wisconsin is way, way, way overdue for one of those strange mega-turnover games like it came up with last year against Iowa. It’s not going to happen this week, but stay away, anyway. Star LB Vince Biegel is back for the Badgers, but beware any time a team loses a brutal heartbreaker to a great team like Ohio State.

Don’t make me look stupid, North Carolina. Virginia might have some spunk and fire, but don’t screw me up after telling everyone you’re really, really good – at least offensively.

Of course Air Force should rip through Hawaii. Of course the Rainbow Warriors can’t win a game like this on the road, or even come close. Air Force will win, but it’ll be a fight to pull away thanks to a banged up defense.

You’re dead to me, Ragin’ Cajuns. Every time I think you’re okay, your O line decides it doesn’t have time to block. I’m not getting on board with you being -6 against a Wheat Thin, but Texas State isn’t playing well and should lose by a touchdown. Yeah, I’m confused.

You’re dead to me, anyone playing Appalachian State. Usually I rip through the Sun Belt like a cold breeze through any number of my I’m-okay-with-myself, shocking-aqua LuLu sporty jackets, but I can’t get anything right in this conference this year. No, I’m not falling for Idaho and its solid offense on the road +21. Store’s closed on picking against the Mountaineers for a while.

Line of the Week I don’t get: Can South Carolina even score 21 points? Actually, so far, no, it can’t – 20 is the high point mark coming in the win over East Carolina. UMass has a way of keeping games from getting out of hand.

Marshall might be the sucker investment of the week. It’s far, far, far better than Charlotte, but it hasn’t shown it yet. However, the Thundering Herd are 12.5-point favorites at home. Before you dive in to the brand name idea, Marshall was at home last week and beat Florida Atlantic 27-21. Charlotte beat FAU 28-23 on the road. Just be careful. Wear a seat belt.

New Mexico will run for 400 yards on ULM. Do whatever you need to with that.

UCF’s defense is better than UConn’s. Consider it a minor miracle if the two teams score 48 points.

How much does the MAC East colossally suck if Ohio is just a four-point favorite over Kent State?

I’m always afraid when I pick a team because it fits an easy narrative. Washington State is playing well, and Arizona State isn’t. The Pac-12 is playing weird at times this year, though – Wazzu might not be seven-points-on-the-road better right now than anyone in the South.

Did you really see the Texas Tech offense last week against West Virginia? If you want to take the 84-point over on Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech, you’re in for a long, long night waiting for that sucker to cross the finish line.

You could set the line at Michigan -50 coming off a bye week and with Illinois coming to town and it wouldn’t be totally insane.

Houston -21 vs. SMU is a market-is-sort-of-scarred pick after what happened the last two weeks. The community is giving you a gift basket, people. Don’t complain that there aren’t any plantains.

Fire, fire, fire … get away from the rolling ball on the punt. Don’t you dare think about messing with the no-way-to-call-it-properly Memphis -2.5 date at Navy.

Always be careful of the truly desperate programs at home as an underdog against an okay visitor. Nevada, though, has no run defense whatsoever and Wyoming is playing its tail off right now. The Cowboys just aren’t screwing up.

Ehhhhhhh, I know you want to take Washington because it’s rested, it’s destroying everyone, and Oregon State lost starting quarterback Darell Garretson – whose name I haven’t gotten right, spelling it Darrell or Darrel, ever since he was at Utah State – for the season. The Huskies will win, but -37? Ehhhhhhhh.

Mississippi State -3 vs. Kentucky?  No matter what side of the fence you’re on, I just don’t want to, and neither should you.

Okay, Texas, here’s the deal. You’re supposed to beat Kansas State on the road. This is a perfect fit opponent for you, there’s no reason to worry about the deep ball, and the game should come down to who can throw the ball better late, and that’s you. But if you lose, I don’t know you, and I was never here.

Colorado is going to beat Stanford. I don’t care if Christian McCaffrey shows up, this Stanford team doesn’t have the pop to keep up against a Buff defense that’s about to start getting a little love.

If you had told Mark Dantonio before the season that his team would be a mere three-point favorite against a Maryland team without its starting quarterback, he’d look upon you with disdain and pity. To be fair, right now, he’d do that if you offered him a Snickerdoodle.

Yeah, in theory, Middle Tennessee and Missouri should combine for a ton of points, but 73 is a lot to ask out of a Tiger team that’s scored a grand total of 21 points over the last two weeks and scored fewer than 28 on everyone but Eastern Michigan and Delaware State.

Look, you chirpy Utah fans, I did it. I picked your team against a total dud of a UCLA squad with a banged up Josh Rosen. The Bruins said they wanted to be physical this year, and aren’t even close. Utah, get pounding.

I’m always leery of “feel” picks, but LSU is apparently a totally different team at the moment in terms of confidence and swagger. It feels like this team is about to rise up and rock against an Ole Miss team that’s been through the ringer.

This is when we see just how good Ohio State really is. The Indiana performance was no big deal, and needing overtime to beat Wisconsin is more than acceptable. But even though the Buckeyes are close to .500 in Happy Valley all-time, they’re so, so, so much better than Penn State.

Eventually, Alabama is going to have one of those games when things don’t really work. Remember what almost happened to Ohio State last week against a terrific team with two weeks off to prepare? I know you can’t do it, I know it’s not in your nature, and I know there’s a chance you’ll look ridiculous ten minutes in, but 18 points is a LOT to give away to a team as good and solid as Texas A&M.

You’re not 16.5 points worse than Utah State. But Fresno State is.


Even if it doesn’t work, it’s a moral imperative. Even if it turns out to be a total blowout the other way, and even if you have every X-and-O rationalization for picking against it, you’ll hate yourself more than you already do if you know you once lived in a world where Arkansas was being given ten points against Auburn, and you did nothing about it.

Week 8 Fearless Predictions & Game Previews 
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