Week 7 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 7 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 7

Week 7 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Check out the final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice you crazy person, you.

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Week 7 Fearless Predictions & Game Previews 
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Please, college football. Just be as interesting as the baseball playoffs. And if there’s a just and rational sports god out there, he or she will make sure it’s 9-0 at the end of the Dodgers-Cubs first inning so all undivided attention can be given to Ohio State and Wisconsin.

But that’s about fun. This is business.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only, however, just in case you dabble …

There are certain things I know about myself. 1) I like tacos, 2) I’m not Clayton Kershaw, 3) I’m awful at picking Wednesday and Thursday night Group of 5 games, and 4) I’m a lot better at Friday games.

With two weeks off after that Clemson loss, I’m not saying Louisville will go Michigan-Rutgers on Duke, but get ready for a show.

Memphis is playing really, really well. But Tulane is rested, the option offense is okay, and the game is in New Orleans. It was better at 12, but still cool at 10.5.

Mississippi State, you’re a fricking SEC team. Act like it.

But BYU will win by more than a touchdown at home, even if Jamaal Williams is stuffed by the Bulldog defensive front.

San Diego State RB Donnel Pumphrey will get 200 yards walking off the bus against Fresno State. However, still waiting for the 2015 Aztec defense to show up in 2016.

Be very, very careful of the 73 point over/under in the Western Michigan-Akron game. It might be a preview of the MAC title game, QB Thomas Woodson is alright for the Zips, and I do think this will be a shootout, but don’t dismiss the possibility that the Bronco defense steps it up in a statement moment.

Last year at this time, imagine what you would’ve thought if you were told that Bowling Green would be a 31-point underdog to Toledo. It’s all about the turnovers. If the Falcons can stop giving it away for just a little bit, this offense might be able to move.

Buffalo’s win over Army a few weeks ago was spooky. That’s the UB team that was supposed to be a factor this season, not this other version that can’t do anything right. Ball State has a nice defense, but just stay away. You don’t need this in your life.

South Florida might be the best team in the American Athletic Conference. Connecticut’s defense has had its moments, but it’s not bailing out another year from the woeful offense. It’s going to be mid-to-late November, and someone will come up with the “South Florida only has one-loss” tweet.

UMass is laughing at you. Of course Louisiana Tech should beat the Minutemen by a gajillion. Of course UMass is just some 1-5 team that held down Florida and gave Mississippi State a tussle. Of course it should lose by two scores. The Bulldogs, though, had a few extra days after their wild win over WKU – it’ll be okay.

I’m done saying that Rutgers is probably “better than you think.” However, Illinois is probably a little worse than you think it is. Just like you can’t lose to Purdue, Lovie, you can’t lose to a team that didn’t belong in the same sport as Ohio State and Michigan over the last few weeks.

Purdue … +12 … at home … against Iowa?! The Hawkeyes beat Rutgers 14-7, lost to North Dakota State, and fought through their last four games, each decided by one score. But it’s Purdue. This could be 24-21 Boilermakers, or 55-0 Iowa. The Hawkeyes should win easily, but they don’t do anything without a struggle.

Maryland is still a wild card. QB Mitch Leidner is out for Minnesota with a concussion issue – despite playing late against Iowa – but the Gopher ground game might just be good enough to make this all mucky. The Terps are a -6.5, but Minnesota manages to keep every game close.

All in on the Virginia Tech Might Win The ACC underground movement. If this is the team I think it is, it obliterates Syracuse in the Carrier Dome.

UCF is renting Scott Frost for a few more weeks. Oregon fans, keep an eye on what the Knights do at home against Temple this weekend. If he’s the guy, with the Big-Time Coaching Gig Watch List world turning on the spotlight, he can’t whiff like Tom Herman did against Navy.

Enough, Texas. Enough with talking about how the secondary can’t tackle. Beat Iowa State by more than 14, just to show that you can.

If Mitch Trubisky can handle the Miami pass rush, North Carolina will be one of the big stories to come out of Week 7. This is the ultimate finesse team that’s about to get run on all day long, but on the other side is a beaten up Hurricane squad coming off the demoralizing loss to FSU. Cliché line time I guarantee you’ll hear this weekend if the Tar Heels pull this off: “Florida State beat Miami twice.”

I’m not dogging, dissing, and disparaging you in any way, Clemson, but NC State has the mix to keep this a lot closer than 18. Be impressed by the Wolfpack losing in a close fight more than be worried that the Tigers might struggle at home.

Be my guest, take off your shoes, grab a Think Thin bar, and pop a Snapple if you think you really and truly have any firm take on what’s about to happen in Northwestern vs. Michigan State. I’m assuming the Spartans will wake the (bleep) up and start playing, but the Wildcats are a total knuckleball to figure out.

Week 7 Fearless Predictions & Game Previews 
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Kansas State’s defense is the real deal, and Oklahoma is overdue to not quite work right. The Sooners will win at home, but the Wildcats will be terrific.

Indiana is only giving away 3 against a rested team on a roll. Nebraska is handing you a gift and you refuse it? For shame. I’ve taught you better than that.

Florida might have gotten an extra week off, and Luke Del Rio is back, but the team spent most of its time on other things, including preparing for LSU. Missouri spent the last two weeks preparing for Florida.

Southern Miss is stunningly weird. While Florida might try to come out with some attitude against Mizzou after everything that went down this week, LSU actually will bring the swagger, along with a jacked up defense that’ll tee off on the Golden Eagles.

This is the last week of my I Don’t Believe In You, Virginia lifestyle. Pitt might not have a defense outside of Ejuan Price, but I Don’t Believe In You, Virginia.

No way, no how, no chance West Virginia and Texas Tech aren’t leaving the yard combining for fewer than 83 points. Kansas State has the best defense in the Big 12, and it lost last week to the Red Raiders 44-38 – 82 points combined. WVU has a solid D, but it has a much better O than Kansas State. The o/u might be light by at least ten points.

Don’t be spooked by the Air Force loss to Wyoming. Let me help you with this one. The Air Force run D this year: 86 yards allowed to Abilene Christian. 27 to Georgia State. Yeah, no big deal, right? 42 to Utah State, 57 to Navy, and 189 to Wyoming. Fine, the Cowboys ran okay, but not great. New Mexico and the nation’s No. 1 ground game is about to hit a brick wall.

Tulsa gave up 41 points to Fresno State and 40 to SMU over the last two weeks. Houston, you won’t have a problem. If this really is a real deal Cougar team, look out for what’s about to come from Mr. Ward and the attack.

Oh come on, Marshall. Enough of this. Florida Atlantic got housed by Ball State, FIU and Charlotte over the last three weeks. Herd Up (which isn’t a thing with them, actually, but it sounds like it should be).

Troy’s been treating you right lately, but watch out for Georgia State to keep this low. 55 is an awfully big number – about ten points too heavy.

Something big is missing with this Alabama-Tennessee over/under. Either the market thinks the Crimson Tide D is about to rise up and stuff the Vols cold – it’s 0-for-2 this year in stopping offenses in SEC road games – or 57 is a rush-to-the-window miscalculation. To put it another way, if you really do like the under, then that means Bama dominates, and that means a -12 is a layup.

You’re absolutely insane if you touch the Ole Miss-Arkansas game. Yeah, the Hogs are coming off the Bama beating and the Rebels have had two weeks off, but this is one of those, You Name The Scenario, And It Might Happen games.

Tell me you can’t see a 14-9 Georgia win over Vanderbilt. The Bulldogs will be okay and win easily, but go do something else. This one is dangerous for so many reasons.

QB Manny Wilkins will probably play for Arizona State. But here’s the thing – he’s hurt, and the Sun Devils have NOBODY behind him. If he goes the full 60, ASU getting 13 against Colorado is teed up nice and high for you.

Kansas and Iowa State have been too flaky, for good and bad. Baylor will roll over the Jayhawks, but don’t mess with this, just in case KU shows up – and Baylor doesn’t – for a second week in a row.

Florida State isn’t going to make a statement against Wake Forest. It’ll get the win, and go rest and recover from that Miami game. The Demon Deacons will keep this close – there’s a reason the line dropped from 25.5 to 21.5 in a hurry.

It really is a coin-flip game, but WKU getting any sort of points against Middle Tennessee – even on the road – is a good thing. The Hilltopper offense is better, and it’ll be a firefight.

At some point, Notre Dame will start playing better, it’ll be coached better, and it’ll win a game it’s supposed to win. Stanford won’t have Christian McCaffrey – most likely – and the secondary is a hot mess right now. DeShone Kizer, go be all No. 1 overall picky on the Cardinal.

This is a perfect set up for Wisconsin to keep it close. Two weeks off, it might rain, Camp Randall at night – but the Badgers still don’t have any semblance of an offense. Even if Ohio State loses, it’ll end up in the College Football Playoff. I’m picking Wisconsin, but I don’t have to like it.

It feels like UCLA-Washington State is a dangerous and obvious trap we should see coming, one way or another. Josh Rosen isn’t healthy, it’s going to rain in Pullman, it’s UCLA – but it’s a desperate UCLA. Both coaches will outfox each other figuring out how to blow it, but the Wazzu defensive front will be the difference. The Cougars have a D now.

Utah’s defense is built to stop the Oregon State running game cold. Utah can tackle; Cal can’t. Don’t read too much into the Beaver win over the Bears last weekend.

Arizona on Line 1. It needs a quarterback. The Wildcats seem to play well even when they’re a mess, and USC can’t do anything on the road. Watch both those trends get bucked in Tucson.

Alright you sick and twisted late night chasers. Hawaii’s line is rising fast over UNLV, but the Rebels won’t be able to stop anything the Rainbow Warriors want to do on the ground. Go ahead. Enjoy the end of your college football weekend with a breather.


Is there a sadder game – all real tragedies aside – than New Mexico State vs. Idaho? Not for the winner. Yeah, they’re getting booted by the Sun Belt, but the one who comes away with this really and truly might end the season with a bowl appearance. Idaho comes through in a wild and crazy shootout.

Week 7 Fearless Predictions & Game Previews 
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