Week 6 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 6 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Fearless Predictions

Week 6 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

It’s been windy. Check out the final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice for a smarter planet.

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Week 6 Fearless Predictions & Game Previews 
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Leave it nature to screw up a perfectly good college football weekend. If everything or anything you’re about to read turns out to be wrong, it’s because this column has been downgraded to a Category 3.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only, however, just in case you dabble …

It’s just a little wind and rain. Run the ball.

It sure as shoot doesn’t seem like Florida is all that interested in bending over backwards to get this game played right now. Just do it at LSU, and play next year’s game in Gainesville. Easy peasy, right? Or, move the Georgia-Florida game to the open date for both schools and play LSU-Georgia on Cocktail Party day.  Or just play it on Sunday like Georgia and South Carolina. If they can play in Columbia, they should be able to play in Gainesville.

For those thinking that any sort of a layoff helps Florida, when these two do play – if it’s not this weekend – Leonard Fournette will be healthier and rested.

Really? If South Carolina gets hammered as hard is it’s supposed to by Matthew, how does playing the Georgia-South Carolina game on Sunday help? Won’t all available resources and attention be needed elsewhere? Yes, as insane is this might seem, and is should be obvious – but it’s not for some – it’s okay to postpone college football games.

The weather doesn’t appear to be any sort of a factor in the Miami-Florida State showdown. I know Miami is going to win. I know this is the moment the program is supposed to announce that it’s on the way back. I know the Hurricane defensive front has been unbelievable, but if you can envision an 0-3-in-the-ACC Florida State, knock yourself out.

It’s so sad that Colorado vs. USC is on the Pac-12 Network.

Okay, Colorado. It’s been fun, you’ve stayed your hour and you have your goody bag. USC is 2-0 at home averaging 43 points per game. It’s been a slice.

Western Michigan isn’t going to get any love or respect in the College Football Playoff world, but it has two more Big Ten wins than Michigan State and just destroyed a Central Michigan team that beat Oklahoma State in Stillwater. Even so, it’s so, so hard to think that Northern Illinois is three touchdowns worse than the Broncos.

But it is.

BYU can’t play an uninteresting game. In the never-screw-with-a-streak category, of course Michigan State is six points better than BYU at home. Of course the Spartans are going to come out jacked up after all the problems they’ve had. Of course BYU is going to find a way for this game to be decided one way or another by three points, because that’s what BYU does.

Finally, Pitt gets to play someone who can’t throw the ball. If you like games played in about 25 minutes, get ready for the run vs. run action of the Panthers vs. Georgia Tech. The Panthers will throw just enough to get by at home.

Penn State opened up as a five-point favorite over Maryland. It moved fast to the Terps being the favorite in a bum rush the other way – and the community is right. Maryland is rock-solid so far, and here’s the crazy part. Win this, and Minnesota, Michigan State, and at Indiana are all winnable games going into the Michigan showdown.

Really? You want to deal with Oklahoma State? Yeah, it should beat Iowa State easily, but with the way the Cyclones are starting to run the ball, and with the Cowboys being so freaking flaky, go watch baseball or something and stay away from this.

Cincinnati with a backup quarterback on the road vs. a UConn team that makes scoring as painful as listening to Tim Kaine and Mike Pence order a bowl of soup. The Huskies have a defense, but the Bearcats are better – drive through the skid.

TCU will score at least 45 points on Kansas, but the Horned Frog D is supposed to be motivated after Gary Patterson lit into it – again. At home, even as bad as the Jayhawks are, they’ll score at least 20 points.

With two weeks off to get over the puzzling loss to Buffalo, Army’s about to give Duke a nightmare of a time in a low-scoring game. The Black Knight D will be a problem for a punchless Blue Devil attack that doesn’t get to play Notre Dame every week.

Even with Wake Forest QB John Wolford ready to roll, this is when Syracuse having a dangerous offense will matter. I’m just going to keep picking the Orange as underdogs until I get it right.

No one loves Kansas State more than I do, and that includes Bill Snyder. This defense is fantastic, and soon, it’s all going to come together and this really will be a thorn in someone’s side. Texas Tech is way overdue to go all Texas Techy and clunk. Going to Manhattan with a backup QB seems like the perfect time.

Iowa isn’t all that good at playing college football this year, America. Minnesota as a home dog coming off a gag of a loss at Penn State is bonkers. The Hawkeyes are overdue to play well, and it’s not happening in Iowa City North.

I’m done thinking Ohio State is overdue to come up with a clunker. I’m picking Wisconsin next week, only because it’s been my pick since January, but don’t think that Indiana is about to make this a fight like it did last year. Even so, 29 is a massive number for a Hoosier team that’s this competitive.

I’m done thinking Alabama is overdue to come up with a clunker. But I’m picking Arkansas anyway. Captain Bielema has come close over the last two years to pulling off the upset over Bama, and at home, this Hog team should be just efficient enough to be the story of next week.

But I’m not going to argue, and I’m right here to take it, if and when Ohio State and Alabama each win their respective games 58-0.

The University of Illinois college football team shouldn’t be ten-point favorites vs. a Cole Hamels slider. Seriously, Purdue. Do something positive.

Virginia Tech is a whole lot better than everyone is giving it credit for. Coming off a bye week, don’t be stunned if the Hokies go into Chapel Hill and come away looking like the best team in the ACC.

By the way, I’m not there yet, but I’m working on a theory that UNC’s Mitch Trubisky might just be playing better than any quarterback in the ACC with three straight 400-yard games, no interceptions this season, and hitting over 80% of his throws over the last four games. Jackson, schmackson – I’m all in if Trubisky rips up the Hokies.

North Carolina State is going to beat Notre Dame. DeShone Kizer will throw for over 400 yards, but somehow he’ll get outplayed by Wolfpack QB Ryan Finley. By the way, like Trubisky, the NC State starter hasn’t thrown a pick, either.

I know, there’s no cheering in the pressbox, but who doesn’t want to see Eastern Michigan get to 5-1? Toledo is fantastic, and 17 points might not be enough, but the Eagles have a defensive front to keep this interesting.

Navy was supposed to keep it close against Houston last year and got ripped apart 52-31. The 17 looks like red meat just dangling right in front of you – don’t bite.

Philip Nelson is dealing with his issues stemming from a bar fight a few years ago at Minnesota. Star WR Isaiah Jones is fighting through a foot injury, and East Carolina has a whole slew of bumps, bruises and problems. Even so, are you going to feel comfy taking USF as the 19-point favorite? Then don’t do it.

Texas is going to beat Oklahoma. Texas is going to tackle. Texas is going to frustrate the hell out of Baker Mayfield. Texas will carry Charlie Strong off the field. Texas, and this game, will once again defy all logic and reason.

UCLA should, in theory, blowout Arizona State. The Sun Devils have no pass defense whatsoever, and they’re starting a freshman at quarterback now that Manny Wilkins is out. Again, in theory. It’s UCLA  – vote your conscience.

Everyone is picking Texas A&M. EVERYONE. At some point, Tennessee is going to stop screwing around and will absolutely doornail a good team. I’m picking the Aggies – because I feel like I’m supposed to – but at some point, Trevor Knight will turn back into Trevor Knight.

If you want to take Kentucky – with a backup QB – -3 over Vanderbilt, be my guest. Just don’t use the good towels.

At some point, someone’s going to realize that Auburn is pretty good. The Tigers lost to Clemson and Texas A&M – both teams are still unbeaten. It’s not losing at Mississippi State.

Oregon is starting a freshman quarterback. Oregon doesn’t have a D. Oregon is about to get socked by a Washington program that desperately wants to beat the Ducks. I know the 9.5 at home looks like a hanging curveball, but keep the bat on your shoulder.

This is the first time all year, and the only time until mid-November – let that sink in for a smidge – that Michigan is playing outside of Michigan. I got tagged on this last week against Ohio State, but I really do think Rutgers is better than you probably think.

Utah -10 vs. Arizona might seem way high and way ridiculous, but the Cats have a Spinal Tap drummer situation at quarterback and are way, way too banged up on both sides of the ball.

San Diego State is about to destroy UNLV. That South Alabama loss last week was inexcusable, and the Aztecs are about to make the Johnny Stanton-less Rebels know it.

Watch the Washington State passing game, and then watch the Stanford passing game, and tell me you’ll sleep well tonight if you think Stanford is a lock at home. There’s a reason the line went from 12.5 to 7.

Until you can score, Oregon State, and until you can prove you can stop anyone, Cal as a two touchdown favorite is about ten points too light.

Hawaii at home over Nevada last week seemed like a relatively easy call, and so does the Rainbow Warrior game at San Jose State. Remember, the three losses were to Cal in Australia, Michigan, and at Arizona. This ground game should roll through the Spartans, even after the long plane trip.


Akron -7.5 over Miami University is like trying to get a room at an unscrupulous inland Florida hotel right now – it’s cheap right now, but if Zip QB Thomas Woodson gets on the field and past his shoulder injury, it’s going to go way, way up.






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