SEC Rankings & Quick Takes After Week 5

SEC Rankings & Quick Takes After Week 5


SEC Rankings & Quick Takes After Week 5

What happened in all the Week 5 SEC games? Where are all the teams ranked, and what’s the quick take on each game? Check out the SEC rankings and analysis.

SEC Week 5 Rankings & Quick Takes

How are the SEC predictions so far? SU: 40-9, ATS: 19-25

1. Alabama (5-0)

Final Score: Alabama 34, Kentucky 6
Prediction: Alabama 49, Kentucky 10, Bama -35
Up Next: at Arkansas

Quick Take: Okay … it wasn’t a perfect performance, but it hardly needed to be. The offensive line struggled a bit and wasn’t sharp, and it took too much work to move the ball, but Jalen Hurts threw two touchdown passes to Calvin Ridley – who caught 11 passes for 174 yards – and Joshua Jacobs ran well. That’s how good the Crimson Tide are. Even when they’re not utterly dominant, they’re winning with ease. However, they need to be sharper in the first quarter against Arkansas.

2. Texas A&M (5-0)

Final Score: Texas A&M 24, South Carolina 13
Prediction: Texas A&M 27, South Carolina 14, Texas A&M -18
Up Next: Tennessee

Quick Take: Not every game is going to be a dominant blowout, especially against a South Carolina team that needs to bog things down. The run defense gave up a 75-yard scoring dash, and the secondary gave up a few yards, but Trevor Knight continued to be solid, running for 84 yards and a score to make up for a mediocre day throwing the ball to go along with two turnovers.  Take it and run – the Aggies are still unbeaten, no matter how it looked.

3. Tennessee (5-0)

Final Score: Tennessee 34, Georgia 31
Prediction: Tennessee 27, Georgia 23, Tenn -3.5
Up Next: at Texas A&M

Quick Take: Tennessee made the play it had to, but that overlooks a whole slew of other issues. From the lack of a steady running game, to a mediocre day from Josh Dobbs before his final throw, to the secondary getting beaten on the one play it couldn’t give up, there were problems. The three turnovers, the inability to ever get any control, and yet another slow start would normally be a problem, but this team just seems to thrive under pressure – and it puts itself there.

4. Ole Miss (3-2)

Final Score: Ole Miss 48, Memphis 28
Prediction: Ole Miss 44, Memphis 34, Ole Miss -14.5
Up Next: at Arkansas (Oct. 15)

Quick Take: It was a nice day going into an off-week. That’s a dangerous and talented Memphis team the Rebels just took down. While Chad Kelly was Chad Kelly, throwing for 361 yards and a score, the ground game took over – FINALLY. The absent Rebel running backs ripped it up with Eugene Brazley and Akeem Judd combining for 232 yards with two Brazley scores. The secondary got bombed on late after the early lead, but it made up for it with three picks to allow the offense to do its thing.

5. Arkansas (4-1)

Final Score: Arkansas 52, Alcorn State 10
Prediction: Arkansas 55, Alcorn State 7
Up Next: Alabama

Quick Take: It was the sharpen-the-passing-game, game. Austin Allen got in his live reps, hitting 13-of-18 passes for 206 yards and three scores, and the running game did whatever it wanted to with gash after gash. It was what you want in a game like this. The Hogs got up early and got to fold in the reserves from there. It’s as ready as it’s going to be for Alabama.

6. Florida (4-1)

Final Score: Florida 13, Vanderbilt 6
Prediction: Florida 27, Vanderbilt 10, Florida -10
Up Next: LSU

Quick Take: Yuck. Vanderbilt might have a little bit of a defense, but this shouldn’t have come down to a late interception to finally put this away. Austin Appleby didn’t do much of anything to stretch the defense, and the Commodore defense that didn’t respect the passing attack a lick held the Gators to just 92 yards and almost no big dashes. How awful was this? Florida came up with three takeaways and this was still close.

7. Georgia (3-2)

Final Score: Tennessee 34, Georgia 31
Prediction: Tennessee 27, Georgia 23, Tenn -3.5
Up Next: at South Carolina

Quick Take: This could’ve been the moment. The Dawgs were one play away from being able to look ahead to the Florida game as a chance to possibly take over the East, but it put on a clinic on how not to defend a Hail Mary. On the plus side, without Nick Chubb, the running game was more than okay with Sony Michel and Brian Herrien doing a nice job, and Jacob Eason came this close to coming up with his second brilliant game-winning touchdown pass in SEC play. This close.

8. Auburn (3-2)

Final Score: Auburn 58, ULM 7
Prediction: Auburn 40, ULM 13, Auburn -33.5
Up Next: at Mississippi State

Quick Take: Well, 688 yards sure was fun. One week after the offense couldn’t seem to do anything but try to set up Daniel Carlson field goals against LSU, it all worked out just fine against another Louisiana team. This week, Sean White took target practice hitting 14-of-17 passes for 239 yards and two touchdowns, while John Franklin III had the fun moment with an 80-yard scoring dash along with a 39-yard touchdown throw. Don’t take this for granted. Just imagine the howling if the O didn’t work this week.

9. LSU (3-2)

Final Score: LSU 42, Missouri 13
Prediction: LSU 30, Missouri 13, LSU -13
Up Next: at Florida

Quick Take: Yup … the team was going to play hard for Ed Orgeron. Now that’s the team we’ve all been waiting for, except for Leonard Fournette not getting the call. The offensive line blasted the Mizzou defensive front, paving the way for a good day from Derrius Guice and Darrel Williams – the two combined for 293 yards and six scores. The Tigers had the ball for almost 43 minutes as the offense roared like it’s supposed to. Now show against Florida that this is for real.

10. Missouri (2-3)

Final Score: LSU 42, Missouri 7
Prediction: LSU 30, Missouri 13, LSU -13
Up Next: Florida (Oct. 15)

Quick Take: Chalk this up to simply walking right into a bad situation. LSU came out with a purpose, and there wasn’t anything Mizzou could do once the other Tiger running game started to get rolling. Even so, the East Tigers are supposed to be better than allowing 418 rushing yards to a Leonard Fournette-less LSU team. It’s going to be a long two weeks waiting for Florida, and until then, Drew Lock and the passing game have to sharpen back up. Again, though, this was a tough one to deal with.

11. Kentucky (2-3)

Final Score: Alabama 34, Kentucky 6
Prediction: Alabama 49, Kentucky 10, Bama -35
Up Next: Vanderbilt

Quick Take: It’s Kentucky vs. Alabama – you knew what was going to happen. Even so, considering the offense only came up with 161 yards, and even though it was a blowout loss, it wasn’t a horrible performance. There weren’t any turnovers and just two penalties – the Cats didn’t screw themselves up. However, they had a hard time getting off the field with Jalen Hurts keeping the chains moving. It would’ve taken a miracle to make this interesting, and Bama didn’t provide one by screwing up.

12. Mississippi State (2-2)

Up Next: Auburn

13. South Carolina (2-3)

Final Score: Texas A&M 24, South Carolina 13
Prediction: Texas A&M 27, South Carolina 14, Texas A&M -18
Up Next: Georgia

Quick Take: With no real offensive pop to count on – outside of one big A.J. Turner scoring dash – the Gamecocks have to be perfect. They weren’t. There were missed field goals, two big turnovers, and the inability to capitalize on enough key moments to pull this off. And now the quarterback situation is even more in question with Perry Orth stepping in for a totally ineffective Brandon McIlwain. Orth completed 11-of-18 passes for 138 yards, while McIlwain threw for just 34 yards with a pick.

14. Vanderbilt (2-3)

Final Score: Florida 13, Vanderbilt 6
Prediction: Florida 27, Vanderbilt 10, Florida -10
Up Next: at Kentucky

Quick Take: The Commodores did everything right to win this game but score enough – and not turn the ball over. The three turnovers killed any hope of pulling this off, but the offense outgained the Gators 265 yards to 236 and Ralph Webb came up with over 100 yards. The O just couldn’t get into the end zone, but the D did its job.

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