Navy 46, Houston 40: What Does It All Mean?

Navy 46, Houston 40: What Does It All Mean?

Week 6

Navy 46, Houston 40: What Does It All Mean?

Navy shocked Houston in a CFP-hope-ending 46-40 win. What does it all mean?

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Navy 46, Houston 40: What Does It All Mean?

And there goes that.

With Houston getting run over, around and through by Navy – and with all the Cougar miscues helping to make it happen – now the Power 5 conference got what they needed, and Boise State is back alive, too.

It’s over. Houston can’t come from the American Athletic Conference with one loss – even with wins over Oklahoma, and, potentially, Louisville, and get into the final four.

That means the Michigan-Ohio State loser is potentially going to get more of a break, and it also means that Stanford might still have a shot by winning out.

And the Cougars will be kicking themselves for the rest of the year, because they had this.

Navy ran for over 300 yards and controlled the ball and the game throughout, but the Cougars screwed themselves over with three turnovers, no takeaways, and a whiffed punt snap to be just enough to ruin yet another massive day from Greg Ward.

He might have thrown two picks and had a bad day decision-wise, but he also cranked up 359 yards and three touchdowns, and he ran for 94 yards and a score with Duke Catalon out. The Cougars still cranked up the offense, but the defense wasn’t physical enough.

Give credit to the Navy offensive line, and the other blockers on the outside that executed the attack to near-perfection for most of the game. There was a whiff on a late 4th-and-one that would’ve put the game well out of reach, but other than that, QB Will Worth took a beating on the way to 115 yards on 32 carries doing exactly what the O needed to do to end the Houston CFP dream.

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