Iowa 14, Minnesota 7: What Does It All Mean?

Iowa 14, Minnesota 7: What Does It All Mean?

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Iowa 14, Minnesota 7: What Does It All Mean?

Iowa wasn’t pretty, but it got the 14-7 win over Minnesota. What does it all mean?

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Iowa 14, Minnesota 7: What Does It All Mean?

Your defense came through, Iowa, and you get to keep Floyd of Rosedale. That’s all that matters right now.

C.J. Beathard might be an NFL prospect, but he hasn’t been able to get the passing game going down the field – struggling against the Gophers with two picks.

Mitch Leidner might be an NFL prospect, but he had an awful day – he missed on way too many makeable throws, but he didn’t get any help – with the Iowa secondary having a lot to do with the problems.

The Iowa D never let the Gophers come up with the gashing run, forced Leidner into a 13-of-33 day, and held firm on the final throws pressing into the end zone. And now the Hawkeyes are past the Northwestern loss and back into contention for the West.

It’s going to take more offensive consistency from an attack that’s struggling to get to 300 yards, but when the defense is holding firm and allowing just 268 yards, the Hawkeyes can hang around with just about anyone.

They got past the tough rivalry road game, and now they’ve got to open it up a bit more against Purdue next week. After that, it’s on, with Wisconsin, at Penn State, and Michigan in a three game stretch.

To have any chance, with the way the O is playing, again, your defense has to come through.

For Minnesota, after two straight rough losses, there’s a chance to get back into the mix if Leidner and the offense can start to figure out how to move the chains in the second half.

With Maryland up next, and then Rutgers, Illinois and Purdue, just keep winning. The Gophers have to be 7-2 going into road games at Nebraska and Wisconsin.

But unless the Gophers can find more receiving options, this is what they are.

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