College Football Playoff Rankings: What Would They Be After Week 8?

College Football Playoff Rankings: What Would They Be After Week 8?

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College Football Playoff Rankings: What Would They Be After Week 8?

If the season ended right now, after Week 8, what would the College Football Playoff rankings be?

It’s coming really, really soon. The College Football Playoff rankings are just a few weeks away, but more than ever, it’ll be all about who wins the respective Power 5 championships. But what would the playoff look like if the season ended right now?

It’s about strength of schedule, and big, impressive wins are a big deal. The College Football Playoff rankings as if right now would be …

2016 College Football Playoff After Week 8 Would Be …

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

1. Alabama vs. 4. Washington

Fiesta Bowl

2. Michigan vs. 3. Clemson

2016 College Football Playoff Rankings After Week 8 Would Be …

1. Alabama

There would be a little bit of argument about Michigan, but that would cease in a hurry. The Crimson Tide would be the obvious No. 1 of No. 1 picks on all levels. They pass the eye test, the resume is terrific, and they’re dominant. There bickering would be kept to a minimum.

2. Michigan

The win over Wisconsin would be the crown jewel, but the victory over Colorado would be loved, too. The sheer dominance of the defense, and the ease in all wins except for the Badger thriller would be enough to earn the No. 2 spot for the moment.

3. Clemson

The close call against NC State would knock the Tigers down a peg, but the win at Auburn and the victory over Louisville would get some committee members fighting for a No. 2 spot for last year’s No. 1 team throughout the process.  A win over Florida State up next might put Clemson at no worse than No. 2.

4. Washington

Here’s the problem – where’s the beef? Where’s the killer win to get the committee excited? Beating Stanford doesn’t seem to matter now, and there’s nothing else to point to at the moment to deserve a top four slot. However, the four-best-team theory would work just enough to get the Huskies into the top four over Louisville, but there would be more of a debate than you might think.

5. Louisville

6. West Virginia

7. Nebraska

8. Ohio State

9.  Texas A&M

10. Baylor

11. Wisconsin

12. Auburn

13. Tennessee

14. Florida

15. Utah

16. Colorado

17. Boise State

18. North Carolina

19. Florida State

20. LSU

21. Virginia Tech

22. Oklahoma

23. Western Michigan

24. Penn State

25. Washington State

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