College Football Playoff Rankings: What Would They Be After Week 7?

College Football Playoff Rankings: What Would They Be After Week 7?

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College Football Playoff Rankings: What Would They Be After Week 7?

If the season ended right now, after Week 7, what would the College Football Playoff rankings be?

For all the great games and all the close calls, the biggest of the big boys kept on winning. Just a few weeks away, the College Football Playoff rankings – and the best guesses – are starting to take shape.

What would the playoff look like if the season ended right now?

It’s about strength of schedule, and big, impressive wins are a big deal. The College Football Playoff rankings as if right now would be …

2016 College Football Playoff After Week 7 Would Be …

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

1. Alabama vs. 4. Michigan

Fiesta Bowl

2. Ohio State vs. 3. Clemson

2016 College Football Playoff Rankings After Week 7 Would Be …

1. Alabama

Just when it seems like the Crimson Tide might be vulnerable a wee bit on the road – the defense gave up big yards in wild games against Arkansas and Ole Miss – down drops the hammer in a brilliant win over Tennessee with all phases working more than fine. The line is dominating, Jalen Hurts is starting to crank up the Heisman hype, and there’s no denying that this is the No. 1 team in the country.

2. Ohio State

Don’t dismiss the idea of the the Buckeyes being No. 1 in the eyes of the committee considering the two massive wins over Oklahoma and Wisconsin were on the road. The Sooners are looking better and better now, while the Badgers might just be one of the top four teams in college football. This is a tough, athletic team that showed it could survive a slugfest.

3. Clemson

NC State is really, really good. Would the committee downgrade the Tigers based on how close they came to losing to the Wolfpack? Maybe a little bit, but they’d still like the win over Louisville and the victory over Auburn would still be impressive. With a few weeks off to prepare for Florida State, the team looks in need of recharging – and then comes the next chance to do something big.

4. Michigan

This might even be too low considering the wins over Colorado and Wisconsin are strong, and beating Hawaii and UCF are looking better and better as the season is going on. The Wolverines have had two weeks to sit back and enjoy the massive blowout over Penn State, but appearances are going to continue to count. At some point, they’ll need to get a big win or two on the road – those chances are coming.

5. Washington

6. Texas A&M

7. Louisville

8. Nebraska

9.  West Virginia

10. Baylor

11. Wisconsin

12. Arkansas

13.  Tennessee

14. Boise State

15. Florida

16. North Carolina

17. Florida State

18. Auburn

19. Houston

20. Oklahoma

21. Ole Miss

22. Washington State

23. Stanford

24. Utah

25. Western Michigan

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