BYU 55, Toledo 53: What Really Matters

BYU 55, Toledo 53: What Really Matters


BYU 55, Toledo 53: What Really Matters

BYU 55, Toledo 53. What Really Matters

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BYU 55, Toledo 53

BYU is in the same boat as Notre Dame right now. One loss, and there’s no margin for error. Two losses, and it’s all about trying to come up with a ten-win season. Three losses, and you’re just playing exhibitions.

It might not always be fun being BYU – with no conference championship to shoot for – but without that, there’s always a little extra fight and importance to each game. This year, with its brutal schedule, the Cougars have the incentive of survival.

A bowl game is the goal for the three-loss independent team, but when Toledo QB Logan Woodside finished off his 505-yard passing day with a two-point conversion to take a 53-52 lead off a fumbled play, it looked like a 1-4 start with the schedule getting even harder over the next month.

Instead, BYU once again proved that it has no ability to play an uninteresting game.

No one played any defense in the wild and crazy shootout – and BYU just so happened to have the last turn at bat.

On the night when Jamaal Williams came up with a 286-yard, five-touchdown rushing day, it was a simple dash from QB Taysom Hill that set up the game-winning field goal for another improbable ending in the most impossible of starts.

A field goal to beat Arizona; a stuffed two-point conversion attempt against Utah; a late loss to UCLA, a late interception to lose to West Virginia, and now this. The five Cougar games so far have been decided by a grand total of 11 points. BYU could easily be 5-0 right now, or 0-5.

And while it might not be quite the season some were hoping for, who cares? BYU was never going to get into the College Football Playoff, and it’s already locked into a bowl. So who needs a conference championship when you can have this much fun?

What Really Matters?

BYU was one final drive away from it all being over. There are season-savers, and there’s a brilliant game-winning finish to stop what would’ve been a four-game slide with the hard part coming up.

If the first five games weren’t tough enough, now the Cougars have to go to Michigan State next week, and then they host Mississippi State, and then they have to go to Boise State, and then they have to go to Cincinnati. As hard as the run of showdowns might be, with the way the season has gone so far, it should be a wild and crazy October.

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