Louisville 63, Florida State 20: 5 Things That Matter

Louisville 63, Florida State 20: 5 Things That Matter

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Louisville 63, Florida State 20: 5 Things That Matter

Louisville beating Florida State wasn’t so much of a stunner, but in an all-timer of a blowout? What are the 5 Things That Matter about Louisville’s 63-20 win?

Louisville 63, Florida State 20: 5 Things That Matter

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There are dominant performances, and there are beatdowns that were even uglier than the blowout final score against the No. 2 team in the country. Louisville could’ve made a whole lot worse with a few missed opportunities – Florida State wasn’t even close to slowing down the machine.

There’s obviously noting fluky about a win like this. Louisville is full of speed, veterans and talent across the board, controlling the lines, stuffing Dalvin Cook for just 54 yards, swarming all over Deondre Francois, and doing everything right because of …

Lamar Jackson, welcome to the Heisman front-runner spot.

The crazy part about it was how Jackson was being pressured, and it still didn’t matter. He had lanes to run through, but he was also slippery enough to make things happen on his own whenever there wasn’t anything there. There were a few negative plays that quickly turned the other way with the next play. Jackson showed he could be a pocket passer at times, but running for 146 yards and four scores on just 17 carries all but locked up a spot in New York in December, as long as he can stay in one piece.

Florida State looked very, very tired.

Don’t take anything away from Louisville and the way it played, but this was the third game in 12 days for Florida State. Derwin James wasn’t out there, Josh Sweat was hurting, and the Noles never looked or played like it was ready for any sort of a shootout. Again, no excuses whatsoever, but this isn’t the real Florida State. But this might be the real Louisville, and today, there wasn’t anything the Noles could possibly do.

It this really the beginning of something big?

The Cardinals now have to be ranked No. 2, at the very least. With Marshall up next, and with the spotlight on, this has to be a piece of the puzzle and not just the moment when everything comes together under Bobby Petrino. This was supposed to be the chip-on-the-shoulder team that had to look up to Florida State and Clemson, but with the Tigers struggling, the Cardinals are it. Now they’re the ACC big boy, and they’re going to be expected to play the part.

What Does This All REALLY Mean?

Don’t sleep on an angry Marshall team with a defense that just got embarrassed, Louisville. With Clemson up next, it’ll be easy to look ahead and think about the possibilities, but that’s it. Get through the next two games, and unless there’s a total meltdown, that’s it until the showdown at Houston in mid-November.

It’s not going to get much easier in terms of focus for FSU. South Florida is going to be jacked up for its home game, and then comes North Carolina, and then comes a trip to Miami. There’s still time to win the ACC title. It’s just one game, and Louisville has to go to Clemson. It’s a loss – that’s it. Score doesn’t matter. Blow this off and get back on track next week.


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