Houston 42, Connecticut 14: What Does It All Mean?

Houston 42, Connecticut 14: What Does It All Mean?

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Houston 42, Connecticut 14: What Does It All Mean?

Houston blew away Connecticut 42-14. What does it all mean?

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Houston 42, Connecticut 14

That’s how you take your revenge.

Connecticut is the one team able to screw up the Houston perfect season last year, but it wasn’t able to do anything to slow down the machine this time around.

This is still a dangerous UConn defense with enough to be a rock against the run – for the most part – all season long, and it did that against the Cougars.

But it got picked clean by Greg Ward who once again showed why he’s deep, deep, deep in the hunt for the Heisman – and more important things.

It wasn’t just that he completed 32-of-38 passes for 389 yards and three scores, and led the way with 65 rushing yards and two scores, it’s that he kept on ticking after getting blasted.

He took a massive shot on an ill-fated flea-flicker attempt, getting crunched on his shoulder – not the injured one – and was down for several beats before leaving the game.

For one play.

He can’t take too many more massive pops like that, and that’s the season if he gets crunched for any significant length of time, but as long as he’s in one piece, forget about touching this team until the Louisville showdown.

UConn couldn’t run a lick against the swarming Cougar defense that continues to be every bit as good as Ward is for the offense. When Husky star Noel Thomas wasn’t touching the ball – leading the way with six catches for 135 yards and a score, and running for a team-high 22 yards on just three carries – nothing seemed to work.

It was a clean game with no massive mistakes and no problems either way, and that can’t happen against this Houston team. The AAC will need the Cougars to screw up big, and that isn’t going to happen.

What Does This All REALLY Mean?

There’s obviously no shame in losing to Houston, but it’s not going to be an easy run after this, either. The Huskies have to face Cincinnati, then go to South Florida before a relative breather that’s not really one against UCF. Follow that up with a date at East Carolina, and it’ll be tough to stay alive for a bowl bid into November.

Houston has to just keep on doing what it’s doing. It has a showdown with Navy next week, and it has to deal with the Tulsa offense to follow, but it should be smooth sailing right up until the big date against Louisville.

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