Week 3 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 3 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 3

Week 3 Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 1 is so two weeks ago – Week 3 should be amazing. Check out the final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice for a smarter planet.

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Week 3 Fearless Predictions & Game Previews 
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With visions of Cincinnati’s Hayden Moore throwing yet another pick six to embarrass my call of a wacky Thursday night Bearcats over Houston upset – which looked so dead-on right early in the fourth quarter – I present the final thoughts and advice on what’s about to happen this weekend.

I’m Mr. Upset this week in way too many big games. I don’t like that, but just in case you happen to dabble.

Rice is awful at playing college football. It’s possible Baylor really isn’t anywhere near the team it was last year – and it still goes up 31-0 in the first half. There won’t be another 6-6 SMU first half score again in Baylor’s immediate future.

Usually the Sun Belt is as tough to read as a “Love Is …” cartoon. This year it’s been absolutely impossible with Arkansas State and Louisiana-Lafayette being so bad. Utah State’s defense is better than it looked against USC, and the spread attack should run wild on the Red Wolves.

So help me for saying this. Eastern Michigan at -3 against Charlotte might be a gift. I’m too lazy to look it up, but I’m going out on a limb saying the last time EMU was a road favorite was 19-oh-Never.

I’m in love with this Western Michigan team. It’s better than Toledo and Central Michigan, and it’ll take the MAC title thanks to its firepower. It’s not beating Illinois. At least, there’s no excuse for Illinois to lose this game. This is a Lovie moment – coaching needs to get this done for the Illini.

I told you last week to run away screaming from East Carolina vs. NC State – ECU won. Run away faster from East Carolina at South Carolina -3.5. No matter what you think about this game, you’re probably wrong.

Look, Florida State is better than Louisville. Under normal, sane circumstances, I’d pick the Seminoles in a heartbeat. But I’ve been calling for the Cardinals to rise up and win this for eight months – I can’t back out now.

If James Franklin loses this game to this Temple team as a 9-point favorite at home on the same day the dopey school is honoring Joe Paterno in an all-timer they-don’t-get-it move, it’s going to be ugly.

Shhhhhh. Maryland has been quietly been very, very good. The Terps have yet to turn the ball over, and it won’t start now at UCF.

TCU should be a mortal lock over Iowa State at -24, but at the moment, that Horned Frog defense couldn’t stop you and ten friends from cranking out two early scoring drives.

Don’t fall for this Colorado Is Good thing that’s going around. Colorado is better, but Michigan is starting the season playing out of its mind. The Wolverines will roll.

Rutgers has no business not beating New Mexico by a hell of a lot more than five points. At some point, the Scarlet Knight backfield won’t be so awful.

72 is a MASSIVE number considering the Bowling Green offense hasn’t been close to working yet. Middle Tennessee will do its part to hold up its end of the bargain, though.

The UMass defense has been okay so far considering it has absolutely no talent. It’ll be a big, big problem for Ron Turner if Florida International doesn’t win this – even though it’s on the road.

Until Wisconsin’s defense proves otherwise, when it comes to playing bad teams – and this is it for the Badgers for a LONG time – just assume that no number is too large to hit against Georgia State.

Central Michigan is okay, not phenomenal, and not really Beat Oklahoma State On The Road great. Week Two of my Unnatural Love For UNLV thing continues. It worked out fine against UCLA.

Part Two of this week’s run away, run far, far away game – don’t you even think about touching Vanderbilt vs. Georgia Tech.

I have absolutely no handle on UTEP yet, and I’m not buying that it’s all of a sudden going to be a thing with QB Zack Greenlee back. Army’s defense is playing its ass off.

There’s absolutely nothing to base this on, but gut feeling – Fresno State isn’t that miserable. Toledo’s good, but three touchdowns good against an athletic Bulldog team?

If I was a real man, I’d pick Boston College to beat Virginia Tech outright.

I am a real man. Syracuse beats South Florida in the Carrier Dome, two touchdown dog and all.

Northern Illinois is flying under the radar as the biggest disappointment of 2016. Don’t discount the desperation factor, but with QB Drew Hare out for the year again, San Diego State isn’t the D you get healthy against.

Total and complete guess – North Texas will score just enough to be annoying against a Florida team whose head is already in Knoxville.

No reasonable or rational human being looks at the 80 o/u on Louisiana Tech-Texas Tech without laughing out loud with no one around. But it still might be ten points too low.

Be really, really, really careful with Arkansas -31 vs. Texas State. We still don’t know what these Bobcats really are. Ohio is the best team in the MAC East, and new TXST head coach Everett Withers cranked up the offense in a big way in the 56-54 overtime win over the other Bobcats in Week One.

What about Tennessee so far would lead you to believe it can beat Ohio by four touchdowns – unless the Bobcats turn it over six times?

Marshall is going to be great, but it’s only the Herd’s second game. It’s hard to figure out what the Akron offense can do coming off the Wisconsin loss.

Oregon +3 at Nebraska should come in a nice white box with a pretty bow.

Totally freaked out on BYU at home vs. UCLA. The Cougars are different in Provo and UCLA is … UCLA.

C’mon, America. Miami only a 3.5-point favorite on the road at Appalachian State? The Hurricanes have been phenomenal at getting into the backfield – Taylor Lamb and Marcus Cox will spend most of their day being swarmed over.

Dave Doeren’s NC State team had better beat Old Dominion by 24 points.

Not sucked in to the Troy thing just yet. Totally in on Southern Miss being fantastic.

Again, I’m not seeing the Sun Belt right. South Alabama? Is this for real?

I can’t see Notre Dame starting 1-2. I also can’t see Michigan State doing anything else but pound away all night long with its power ground game.

Ask me five minutes from now who’s going to win Texas A&M at Auburn and I’ll give you a different answer.

What about Northwestern so far would have you believe it should be favored over a bag of wet beets, much less Duke?

Whatever happens in the Ohio State – Oklahoma game, it’ll be one of those things that’ll look way too obvious after the fact – if that makes any sense whatsoever. I’m picking Ohio State, but Oklahoma is just so … Oklahoma. You never quite know what you’re going to get.

It’ll have nothing to do with revenge. I have no idea how Ole Miss gains a positive rushing yard against Alabama. The one thing to be careful of, though – at some point, Jalen Hurts will be a freshman.

Missouri’s defense isn’t going to be this mediocre for too much longer. Eventually the pass rush will return. However, the Mizzou newfound passing game isn’t going to work against this Georgia D.

LSU had better beat Mississippi State by two touchdowns and the quarterback play had better be restaurant quality, or this whole thing could implode.

Navy and Tulane sort of do the same thing. Navy does it a whole lot better.

Alabama might just be that good. Stanford isn’t Alabama. To put it another way, if USC really is eight points worse than Stanford, Lynn Swann has a huge problem.

Seriously, have you seen Cal try to tackle other football players? How in the name of Hayward Fault are the Bears going to keep Texas from running for 9 gazillion yards?

Total degenerate game to watch out for. Buffalo lost to Albany in Week One and then got a week off. That UB D will be solid, and Nevada has been underwhelming, to be nice.


69-point total between Idaho and Washington State? Wazzu might take care of that all by itself. In the first half.

Week 3 Fearless Predictions & Game Previews 
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