CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 4

CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 4

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CFN College Football Rankings No. 1 To 128 After Week 4

The CFN Week 4 Rankings. Based on head-to-head as well as talent, here’s the latest ranking of all 128 teams.

Week 4 Rankings & Quick Takes 
ACC | Big Ten | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC
What it all means: Florida-Tennessee
LSU-Auburn | Georgia-Ole Miss | Wisconsin-MSU

What College Football Playoff Rankings Would Be After Week 4

This is all about to go haywire.

With conference play kicking in, the head-to-head matchups will bring wild swings and changes in the rankings, considering these are based on head-to-head play and what happened so far on the field.

The South Alabama win over Mississippi State continues to be an issue, though.

There still aren’t other variables involved yet, meaning the rankings for a section of teams have to go Navy, Tulane, Louisiana-Lafayette, South Alabama, Mississippi State, Kentucky, South Carolina, East Carolina and NC State, in that pecking order – for now.

Doing this any other way is unfair and just plain un-American.

Until USA and/or Louisiana-Lafayette lose to a lower-ranked team, there’s a holding pattern thing happening.

And then there’s Virginia.

These rankings are about as clean as possible when it comes to taking into account all the head-to-head issues, but Virginia’s win over Central Michigan screws up Oklahoma State, Pitt and Penn State considering the chain of events that comes from CMU’s wacky win over OSU. Virginia started the season losing to Richmond – so what do you do with that?

For one more week, to take into account how the games shook out, the Richmond loss doesn’t do much of anything and now the Cavaliers have to be ahead of Central Michigan, who’s ahead of Oklahoma State, and so on.

Hopefully this makes sense, and for any thoughts or interpretations, hit us at @ColFootballNews.

Based on looks, talent, and what’s happened so far, here we go with the Week 4 Rankings 1 to 128.

CFN Week 4 College Football Top 25 Rankings

1. Alabama (4-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 1
Final Score: Alabama 48, Kent State 0
Up Next: Kentucky

The Crimson Tide continue to be fantastic, easily getting by Kent State with the defense shutting the game down from the start. On merit, though, the Crimson Tide are saved by the Ole Miss blasting over Georgia. Beating 1-3 USC doesn’t hold much water, and now, a strong argument could be made for at least three other teams to be in the top spot.

2. Ohio State (3-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 2
Final Score: DIDN’T PLAY
Up Next: Rutgers

The Tulsa win is better after a massive comeback win to beat Fresno State, but this is based on total defensive domination and the win over Oklahoma on the road. Still there’s absolutely no beef if you want to argue for …

3. Louisville (4-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 3
Final Score: Louisville 59, Marshall 28
Up Next: at Clemson

Here’s the deal. Considering what a juggernaut the Cardinal offense has been so far, and with the Florida State victory still amazing, if Louisville beats Clemson on the road, it gets the No. 1 spot, unless …

4. Wisconsin (4-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 8
Final Score: Wisconsin 30, Michigan State 6
Up Next: at Michigan

It’s possible Michigan State just isn’t that good – that win over Notre Dame doesn’t seem to matter now – and beating LSU wasn’t what it was supposed to be. However, those are still darn good wins away from Camp Randall, and then what happens if you throw in a win at Michigan? If that happens, on merit, Wisconsin has to be at least No. 2, if not even better.

5. Michigan (3-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 5
Final Score: Michigan 49, Penn State 10
Up Next: Wisconsin

Don’t blow this off. Michigan is hanging 45 points on the board against everyone, and now that Colorado win looks sensational considering what the Buffs just did against Oregon. Put up more than 45 on Wisconsin, and then this might really be the No. 1 team, unless it’s …

6. Clemson (4-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 10
Final Score: Clemson 26, Georgia Tech 7
Up Next: Louisville

How good does that Auburn win look now? Destroying Georgia Tech like Clemson just did deserves more respect than it’ll probably receive, but now it’s on. Beat Louisville, and this really will be one of the three best teams in college football.

7. Tennessee (4-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 13
Final Score: Tennessee 38, Florida 28
Up Next: at Georgia

Okay, yeah, that was great, but to be ultra-cynical, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do to a team without a big win and with a backup quarterback who couldn’t cut it at Purdue? Don’t worry about how the sausage is made at the moment – 4-0 is good, especially considering how well Virginia Tech is playing.

8. Texas A&M (4-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 17
Final Score: Texas A&M 45, Arkansas 24
Up Next: at South Carolina

The resume is starting to look impressive with wins over UCLA, Auburn and Arkansas, and the last two away from College Station. Trevor Knight is playing like the real deal, but soon the fun really begins with Tennessee and at Alabama up after South Carolina.

9. Stanford (3-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 6
Final Score: Stanford 27, USC 10
Up Next: at UCLA

Ehhhhh, fine. Going to UCLA and coming away with a gut-check victory in the final moments is great no matter what, and beating the Bruins, USC and Kansas State to start the season is fantastic. But there’s still a bit of a prove-it factor, even after all that. Beat the darling of the pretentious media trying to look like they know something in Seattle, and then it’s time to really talk.

10. Florida State (3-1)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 7
Final Score: Florida State 55, South Florida 35
Up Next: North Carolina

There are a whole slew of issues right now, especially defensively, but South Florida was picked by many as an upset special – ol’ Dalvin Cook had something to say about that. This is a team that needs a rest, and it’s not going to get it with UNC up next before going to Miami.

11. Ole Miss (2-2)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 15
Final Score: Ole Miss 45, Georgia 14
Up Next: Ole Miss

The Rebels were tagged by a Florida State team that’s as healthy as it’s going to be, and it lost a wild game to Alabama. There’s no shame in either of those two defeats, especially with the way the Rebels handled the Bulldogs.

12. Houston (4-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 12
Final Score: Houston 64, Texas State 3
Up Next: Connecticut

Ummmmm, here’s the problem: there’s a possibility that Houston hasn’t really beaten anyone great if Oklahoma doesn’t come out of the break roaring. It’s been a fun first four weeks, but it’s hard to give too much love to a schedule this mediocre.

13. Nebraska (4-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 14
Final Score: Nebraska 24, Northwestern 13
Up Next: Illinois

Beating Oregon doesn’t seem to big now that the Ducks lost at home to Colorado, and Fresno State and Wyoming are awful. It’s easy to say the Northwestern win was good on the road, but whatever. The Huskers will be 7-0 with ease before going to Wisconsin.

14. Michigan State (2-1)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 4
Final Score: Wisconsin 30, Michigan State 6
Up Next: at Indiana

Wisconsin’s defense will do that to a ton of teams, but consider this. Michigan State’s road games the rest of the way are Indiana, Maryland, Illinois and Penn State. The Spartans are allowed the one home loss, and that’s it, but everything is still on the table.

15. Washington (4-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 9
Final Score: Washington 35, Arizona 28 OT
Up Next: Stanford

Really, Washington? We’re all supposed to be sold on you when your D got destroyed by a backup Arizona quarterback who ran wild? Do something impressive against Stanford.

16. Florida (3-1)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 11
Final Score: Tennessee 38, Florida 28
Up Next: at Vanderbilt

Blow this off fast, Florida. It might sting, and that was a bad second half, but Tennessee has to deal with Georgia, Texas A&M and Alabama. It’s Tennessee – there might be two losses lurking in there. However, the Gator D now needs some work after the meltdown in Knoxville.

17. Miami (3-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 19
Final Score: DIDN’T PLAY
Up Next: at Georgia Tech

Florida A&M, Florida Atlantic, at Appalachian State, and then a week to rest and prepare for Georgia Tech. The Canes might have taken it easy, but after the Yellow Jackets come Florida State, North Carolina, at Virginia Tech, at Notre Dame. Five of the next eight games are on the road.

18. Virginia Tech (3-1)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 29
Final Score: Virginia Tech 54, East Carolina 17
Up Next: at North Carolina

That’s a strong East Carolina team that Virginia Tech just made mincemeat out of. There’s a good chance that this might be the most underappreciated team going right now, but with four road games in the next five, it’ll earn its stripes.

19. Arizona State (4-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 39
Final Score: Arizona State 51, California 41
Up Next: at USC

Nothing to see here with that UTSA issue a few weeks ago. ASU held up and survived Texas Tech and Cal, but now it gets a wounded and desperate USC team on the road. With the way this offense is playing, it can handle it.

20. Baylor (4-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 47
Final Score: Baylor 35, Oklahoma State 24
Up Next: at Iowa State

Now there we go. There’s a real, live, restaurant-quality win. With the Cyclones up next and then Kansas, Baylor will be 6-0 now before going to Texas.

21. San Diego State (3-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 22
Final Score: DIDN’T PLAY
Up Next: at South Alabama

The Aztecs are going to be killed by the strength of schedule considering how bad Northern Illinois is. If Cal keeps losing, there’s a chance San Diego State won’t face a bowl team until Utah State on October 28th, and overall, it’s not a sure thing that it’ll play more than three teams that’ll get an extra game.

22. Arkansas (3-1)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 18
Final Score: Texas A&M 45, Arkansas 24
Up Next: Alcorn State

It’s okay, Arkansas. You’re still getting credit for the win over TCU. So you had a meltdown against a good Texas A&M team. It happens to the best of us. Just never, ever, ever jet-sweep on the one ever again under Bret Bielema.

23. Utah (4-0)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 49
Final Score: Utah 31, USC 27
Up Next: at California

Okay, fine, Utah. You probably deserve a little better, but BYU is 1-3, San Jose State is awful, and beating USC isn’t what it should be. The ranking would probably be higher if the Utes weren’t probably going to lose next week to …

24. California (2-2)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 23
Final Score: Arizona State 51, California 41
Up Next: Utah

The Bears might be two or three throws away from being 4-0. That Texas win might matter more and more over the coming weeks. There are certainly a ton of flaws, but it’s a fun show to watch.

25. Texas (2-1)

CFN Week 3 Rank: 24
Final Score: DIDN’T PLAY
Up Next: at Oklahoma State

With a week off, now it’s time to get back on point fast with a trip to Oklahoma State next followed up by Oklahoma. That Cal loss still hurts, but the goals are all still there. Now it’s time to get physical again.

CFN Week 4 College Football Rankings: No. 26-128

Week 4 Rankings & Quick Takes 
ACC | Big Ten | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC
What it all means: Florida-Tennessee
LSU-Auburn | Georgia-Ole Miss | Wisconsin-MSU

26. TCU (3-1)

27. Boise State (3-0)

28. Colorado (3-1)

29. Auburn (2-2)

30. LSU (2-2)

31. Georgia (3-1)

32. UCLA (2-2)

33. North Carolina (3-1)

34. Oklahoma (1-2)

35. Toledo (3-0)

36. Oregon (2-2)

37. USC (1-3)

38. West Virginia (3-0)

39. Missouri (2-2)

40. Western Michigan (4-0)

41. Iowa (3-1)

42. Georgia Tech (3-1)

43. Texas Tech (2-1)

44. South Florida (3-1)

45. Kansas State (2-1)

46. Wake Forest (4-0)

47. Minnesota (3-0)

48. BYU (1-3)

49. Arizona (2-2)

50. Northwestern (1-3)

51. Duke (2-2)

52. Notre Dame (1-3)

53. Maryland (3-0)

54. Syracuse (2-2)

55. Virginia (1-3)

56. Central Michigan (3-1)

57. Oklahoma State (2-2)

58. Pitt (2-2)

59. Penn State (2-2)

60. Cincinnati (3-1)

61. Air Force (3-0)

62. Navy (3-0)

63. Tulane (2-2)

64. Appalachian State (2-2)

65. Memphis (3-0)

66. Rutgers (2-2)

67. Georgia Southern (3-1)

68. Troy (3-1)

69. Southern Miss (3-1)

70. Louisiana-Lafayette (2-2)

71. South Alabama (2-2)

72. Mississippi State (3-1)

73. Kentucky (2-2)

74. South Carolina (2-2)

75. Vanderbilt (2-2)

76. Western Kentucky (2-2)

77. East Carolina (2-2)

78. North Carolina State (2-1)

79. Middle Tennessee (3-1)

80. Indiana (2-1)

81. Purdue (2-1)

82. Nevada (2-2)

83. Oregon State (1-2)

84. Washington State (1-2)

85. Louisiana Tech (1-3)

86. Boston College (2-2)

87. Utah State (2-2)

88. Connecticut (2-2)

89. UCF (2-2)

90. Tulsa (3-1)

91. Illinois (1-2)

92. Akron (2-2)

93. Marshall (1-2)

94. Colorado State (2-2)

95. Bowling Green (1-3)

96. Texas State (1-2)

97. Ohio (2-2)

98. Iowa State (1-3)

99. San Jose State (1-3)

100. Ball State (3-1)

101. Old Dominion (2-2)

102. Georgia State (0-3)

103. Florida Atlantic (1-3)

104. UTSA (1-3)

105. SMU (2-2)

106. Kansas (1-2)

107. Buffalo (1-2)

108. Army (3-1)

109. Temple (2-2)

110. UTEP (1-3)

111. Fresno State (1-3)

112. New Mexico State (1-3)

113. New Mexico (1-2)

114. Idaho (2-1)

115. UNLV (1-3)

116. Eastern Michigan (3-1)

117. Miami University (0-4)

118. Wyoming (2-2)

119. Hawaii (1-3)

120. ULM (1-2)

121. Massachusetts (1-3)

122. North Texas (2-2)

123. Kent State (1-3)

124. Charlotte (1-3)

125. FIU (0-4)

126. Northern Illinois (0-4)

127. Arkansas State (0-4)

128. Rice (0-4)

Week 4 Rankings & Quick Takes 
ACC | Big Ten | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC
What it all means: Florida-Tennessee
LSU-Auburn | Georgia-Ole Miss | Wisconsin-MSU

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