Big 12 Rankings & Quick Takes After Week 4

Big 12 Rankings & Quick Takes After Week 4

West Virginia

Big 12 Rankings & Quick Takes After Week 4

What happened in all the Week 4 Big 12 games? Where are all the teams ranked, and what’s the quick take on each game? Check out the Big 12 rankings and analysis.

Big 12 Week 4 Rankings & Quick Takes

How are the Big 12 predictions so far? SU: 24-7, ATS: 12-11

1. Baylor (4-0)

Final Score: Baylor 35, Oklahoma State 24
Prediction: Oklahoma State 45, Baylor 37, Baylor -8.5
Up Next: at Iowa State

Quick Take: Well, there we go. The Baylor offense that didn’t quite look like the Baylor offense at times throughout the first three games, now everything appears to be rolling with Seth Russell throwing for an ultra-efficient 387 yards and four scores. The running game fell flat – Russell shouldn’t be leading the team with 65 yards – but with Ishmael Zamora cranking out 175 yards and two scores, and Chris Platt with 114 and two touchdowns on just two catches, the O was more than fine.

2. TCU (3-1)

Final Score: TCU 33, SMU 3
Prediction: TCU 45, SMU 17, TCU -20
Up Next: Oklahoma

Quick Take: It took a little while to warm up the machine, but Kenny Hill was rolling as the game went on with 452 yards and two scores. The run defense came up with its best game yet, and there wasn’t any real threat after halftime, but the team has yet to come up with an air-tight 60-minute game. It’ll need to do that

3. Texas (2-1)

Up Next: at Oklahoma State

4. Oklahoma (1-2)

Up Next: at TCU

5. West Virginia (3-0)

Final Score: West Virginia 35, BYU 32
Prediction: West Virginia 27, BYU 17, WVU -7
Up Next: Kansas State

Quick Take: It would’ve been nice if the defense could’ve held up better late, and the offense should’ve been able to close it out with one more score, but the Mountaineers are still unbeaten and Skyler Howard looks terrific. He threw for 332 yards and a score, but the defensive problems against a mediocre BYU attack means problems with Big 12 play kicking in.

6. Kansas State (2-1)

Final Score: Kansas State 35, Missouri State 0
Prediction: Kansas State 37, Missouri State 10
Up Next: at West Virginia

Quick Take: It only took a half to get it done, literally. They cancelled the game halfway through when lightning started to kick in, but it didn’t matter. Jesse Ertz took target practice completing 7-of-8 passes for 94 yards and two scores, and taking off for a team-high 85 yards. It would’ve been nice to get the backups some meaningful work, but it was a razor-sharp 30 minute offensive performance.

7. Oklahoma State (2-2)

Final Score: Baylor 35, Oklahoma State 24
Prediction: Oklahoma State 45, Baylor 37, Baylor -8.5
Up Next: Texas

Quick Take: Oklahoma State is built to keep up the pace with anyone, but the passing game dinked and dunked compared to what Baylor was doing. Mason Rudolph is a bomber, and James Washington and the receiving corps can roll, but the machine just stalled with four turnover. There was balance, there were chances, and there was time – holding on to the ball for over 41 minutes – but the fumbles were too much to overcome. This is better than a 2-2 team – the secondary isn’t playing like it.

8. Texas Tech (2-1)

Up Next: Kansas

9. Iowa State (1-3)

Final Score: Iowa State 44, San Jose State 10
Prediction: San Jose State 31, Iowa State 30, Iowa State -6.5
Up Next: Baylor

Quick Take: There’s the sigh of relief game. After so many bad moments in the first three weeks, the offense started to click with Jacob Park looking great hitting 15-of-19 passes for 165 yards and three scores, while Mike Warren finally got room to rumble with 103 yards and a score. There still isn’t enough firepower to keep up with the Baylors of the world – that’s next week – without the defense coming up with four takeaways again.

10. Kansas (1-2)

Up Next: Texas Tech

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