Auburn 18, LSU 13: What It All Means

Auburn 18, LSU 13: What It All Means

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Auburn 18, LSU 13: What It All Means

Auburn 18, LSU 13. Here’s what matters about the Tiger win – for the Auburn side.

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Auburn 18, LSU 13

It lived down to the hype.

It might not have been scintillating until the end, and the Auburn offense might not have been a flash of lightning, but the formula worked – kick field goals, rely on the defense, and don’t make mistakes.

And there but for a nanosecond, the narrative would’ve been different.

Neither team is going anywhere at this point and they’re both just going to be jockeying for bowl position, and that’s the problem. For those looking for a definitive stance on either head coach and the future of the respective programs, there’s nothing to take out of this.

Auburn doesn’t look like it’s about to turn it back on and be a major player again this year. Yeah, Gus Malzahn got the win, but hitting six field goals allowed LSU to have that one last shot at pulling it out.

Is Les Miles done? He came into the season with the most NFL-ready veteran talent, the best running back on the planet, and everything in place to go on a march. Even if Danny Etling had gotten the snap off in time and the touchdown counted, whatever. There’s still no passing game, Leonard Fournette is hurt – and should be off training for the NFL now, by the way – and this was supposed to be the easy part of the slate.

A split-second shouldn’t be the difference between Miles being on a hot seat or living to fight another day – it was a problem that LSU was in that position in the first place.

They are who we thought they were – both Tiger teams. But it was still a fun and crazy finish, anyway.

What Does This All REALLY Mean?

There’s absolutely nothing happening with LSU to suggest that this uber-disaster of a disappointment will all of a sudden be good, but it can get to the SEC title game by winning out. That’s the only way this season turns into anything positive considering what this team was supposed to do. Take it one step at a time – beat Missouri next, and then deal with the road trip to Florida.

Auburn will roll by UL Monroe, and it can even beat Mississippi Stat on the road, but that’s the problem – on the road. There’s not enough firepower or pop to be a real contender for the SEC West, but other than Alabama, who’s looking unbeatable? With this defense, Auburn isn’t going to go quietly.

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