5 Top Replacement Options For LSU Head Coach Les Miles

5 Top Replacement Options For LSU Head Coach Les Miles


5 Top Replacement Options For LSU Head Coach Les Miles

Who are the five best options to replace Les Miles at LSU?

5 Good And Realistic Replacement Options For Les Miles At LSU

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Everyone wants Tom Herman. Every big-time school thinks it can get anyone. Everyone wants Gary Patterson, Dabo Swinney, Jon Gruden, and every other name to throw on a list of good coaches who might be available.

But who’s realistic for LSU? Who could bring the credibility, the talent, and the ego to step in and not only replace a personality as big as Miles, but not be afraid to go toe-to-toe with Nick Saban?

Here are five realistic candidates to at least be interviewed for the gig after the season is over.

5. Mike Gundy

It worked out just fine the last time LSU brought in an Oklahoma State head coach.

Gundy appears to be hitting the There Too Long phase of his tenure at Stillwater. He might bristle at the idea of going anywhere else, but he’s overdue to look at his other options and even upgrade a bit. He’s been ready for a change of scenery for a while, and even though he’s done his part to make the Cowboys good on their own, he’s ready for a job where he doesn’t have to play second-fiddle in his own state.

4. Greg Schiano

There’s a big, giant college football head coaching job out there somewhere with his name on it.

There’s also a chance he’d be in the mix for the Penn State job if it came open, but there’s an equal chance the school might want to sever all ties from the past. Either way, the current Ohio State defensive coordinator is renting space at his current gig. There’s a reason the Buckeye defense is crushing and killing everything in its path – it has as much athleticism and talent as anyone, and Schiano is that good.

3. Ed Orgeron

A peerless assistant coach and one of the best recruiters in the game, he’s right out of central casting. However, that’s also sort of the issue – he’s too good as an assistant and it doesn’t really translate into being a head man.

A disaster at Ole Miss going 10-25 in his three years, he’s the rah-rah type who can rally up a team and make it rock for the next two months – don’t be stunned if LSU comes back roaring under his watch.

His lines are going to be a killer, his team is going to be physical, and energy won’t be a problem. Beat Alabama, and the gig is his.

2. Jeremy Pruitt

Is he a big enough deal? Is he going to be the A-list guy strong enough to take on a job like this LSU? Does he need a stepping-stone gig first? As is, the Alabama defensive coordinator is a hot name for just about every potential opening, mainly because he’s a disciple of the Saban world. He knows defense, he’s been a part of three national titles, and he’s ready. It’s just a question of whether or not he can be sold to the fan base that might want someone bigger.

1. Jimbo Fisher

Obviously this doesn’t seem like it makes any sense to Florida State fans, but Florida State isn’t the SEC.

Fisher has a team still in the hunt for the ACC title and a spot in the college football playoff, but he’s what the program wants. The LSU gig was supposedly all but his before the administration changed its mind at the last second, and after this season, it might be time to go back to where he was the offensive coordinator in the early 2000s.

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