Classic CFN (2009): Tim Tebow To Lead Republican Party

Classic CFN (2009): Tim Tebow To Lead Republican Party


Classic CFN (2009): Tim Tebow To Lead Republican Party


Tim Tebow to speak at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Back in 2009, we cranked up an April Fools’ Day gag about Tebow possibly becoming the leader of the party. Now it might actually happen.

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It was announced on Thursday that Tim Tebow would be one of the speakers in Cleveland at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Who could’ve foreseen this? Republished from 2009 …


Tebow To Lead Republican Party

Two weeks ago, Rush Limbaugh, the popular talk radio host and conservative icon, was taking a walk outside of his home in West Palm Beach when he struck up a conversation with two people wearing Florida Gators t-shirts.

During the brief chat, one of the fans asked Limbaugh who he thought would be the right person to steer the Republican Party in the right direction. Limbaugh, a die-hard football fan who spent a stint as a studio personality for ESPN’s Sunday Countdown, jokingly quipped that he thought Tim Tebow would be the perfect choice.

What started as an off-the-cuff remark has turned into a minor movement that appears to be gaining momentum by the day. One of the people Limbaugh was talking with was Horace White, a key member of the Republican Party of Florida who mulled over the concept of Tebow, a registered Republican, trying to do for the struggling party what he has done for the Gators by being the leader and the figurehead for the party. He’d tour the country, make speeches, and inspire people by simply being Tim Tebow.

RPOF Chairman Jim Greer floated the idea to others in the national offices, and all of a sudden the idea has taken on a behind-the-scenes life of its own.

“It’s not as crazy as it might sound,” said Greer. “Think about it. Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Governor of California? Guess what? He turned out to be a leader of the party and would’ve been a prime candidate for President if he had been born in the U.S.”

“We think Tebow represents the best of what the Republicans can offer,” Greer continued. “He’s a leader, he’s a winner, and he’s a God-fearing young man who has a wisdom and maturity beyond his years.”

Greer and fellow Florida republicans would be looking for Tebow to become a figurehead at first, and then became the one to lead the G.O.P. in a new direction, possibly as the Republican National Committee Chair at some point after becoming a star in the Florida political circles. The idea of Governor, at some point after his pro career, has been floated out there.

One overzealous fan, Cletus Spuckler, even created a series of posters and bumper stickers saying Tebow For President 2024, but was then reminded that Tebow would have to get past being born in the Philippines.

“Whatever,” said a straight-faced Spuckler. “That didn’t stop that socialist Muslim Obama from getting elected.”

White and Greer have different plans for Tebow, hoping for a decent NFL career to increase his profile and bring that much more attention to the party and races down the road.

“Because of his age (Tebow will be 22 this August) we’re looking more to use him eight years from now for the 2016 election,” said Greer. “Until then we’re interested in trying to build him up, show him the ropes, and make him the new star of the party. Someone to rally around and, of course, someone to inspire us.”

Tebow laughed off the rumor saying he is “concentrating on the season and winning another national title, God bless,” but others have endorsed the idea.

Thom Brennaman, who called the BCS Championship game for Fox, agrees with the plan.

“In such a cynical and sarcastic society, often times looking for the negative on anybody and anything, if you’re fortunate enough to spend five minutes or 20 minutes around Tim Tebow, your life is better for it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to ask Tebow to circumcise me.”

Happy 2009 April Fools’ Day … And God Bless

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