Big 12 Expansion Back On? 5 Things That Matter

Big 12 Expansion Back On? 5 Things That Matter

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Big 12 Expansion Back On? 5 Things That Matter

In the Big 12 Board of Directors call with the media, the idea of expansion has been ramped up again. What are the five things that matter out of the call?

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Big 12 To Look Into Expansion Again. What Does It Mean?

– Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby has been put in charge of looking into the league expanding to two or four teams, exploring all the ideas to see what makes the most sense. And why is this back on now after expansion appeared to be tabled? Apparently, the revenue potential is just too great considering all the possibilities with all the league’s media partners. And yeah, the new ACC deal has cranked up the timetable.

– One of the big keys? The revenue generated for the current Big 12 members wouldn’t be diluted no matter how many new teams are added. The schools being added to the league would basically be at the kids’ table for a while in terms of distribution – but it would still be worthwhile.

– Which schools are going to be considered? That wasn’t discussed, but purely based on speculation, assume Cincinnati, East Carolina, Houston, Memphis, Boise State, Air Force, BYU, UConn, USF and UCF will get a long, long look. They’re going to get another chance to make their case – at least that’s the way the Board of Directors made it seem on the call.

– Oh, by the way, Baylor isn’t in any more trouble. Apparently, the Big 12 is happy with what it heard from the school and the process made going forward. At least at this time, it’s highly unlikely that Baylor will be penalized by the league.

What Does This Really Mean? Get ready for the Big 12 to get back on the front-burner in terms of attention, school-recruiting, and business potential depending on what the league plans on pushing forward. At this point, expansion isn’t 100% certain – it was described as “exploratory” – but it seems like it’s almost certain considering there’s SO much money there to throw around.

This is the Big 12’s way of realizing that it’s going to be left in the dust of the other Power 5 conferences in terms of prestige and revenue if it doesn’t do this. It was a “unanimous vote” by the Big 12 schools to look into expanding.

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