Trevor Knight To Texas A&M, Austin Appleby To Florida, Chad Voytik To ... ?

Trevor Knight To Texas A&M, Austin Appleby To Florida, Chad Voytik To ... ?

Texas A&M

Trevor Knight To Texas A&M, Austin Appleby To Florida, Chad Voytik To ... ?

QB Transfers

Trevor Knight to Texas A&M, Austin Appleby to Florida, and Chad Voytik leaving Pitt. The quarterback carousel continues.

Trevor Knight transfers to Texas A&M, Austin Appleby transfers to Florida, Chad Voytik to … ?

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Welcome to the world of musical quarterbacks.

Oklahoma’s Trevor Knight was okay, then bad, then unbelievable in the 2014 Sugar Bowl win over Alabama, then pretty good, then Katy Perry thought he was pretty, then he was bad, then Baker Mayfield walked on to the Sooners, then everyone knew Baker Mayfield was the team’s best quarterback, then Trevor Knight said he was thinking about transferring, then Oklahoma was bad against Clemson, and then Knight said he was transferring to Texas A&M.

The ironic part about all of this is that he became Oklahoma’s quarterback in the first place because of Texas A&M.

OU got whacked around by Johnny Manziel in a 41-13 loss in the 2013 Cotton Bowl, and head coach Bob Stoops realized he needed a quarterback with a big more mobility. Blake “The Belldozer” Bell could run in a straight line when people were in the way, but Knight was the better fit for what the OU offense wanted to do.

And then Mayfield really became the right fit for what the OU offense wanted to do.

The problem now is that Knight is a consolation prize for an A&M program that became the hot place for superstar quarterback prospects to go. Kyle Allen was supposed to be special, and he still might be, while Kyler Murray is probably going to be an absolute killer for the Sooners once he’s eligible in 2017.

Trevor Knight for Kyler Murray? Yeah, you take that trade if you’re the Sooners.

Meanwhile, Florida has apparently become so desperate to find a quarterback who isn’t awful at playing college football that it’s taking Purdue’s hand-me-downs.

The Gator offense became positively Muschampian once Will Grier was suspended for being Mr. Supplements, with Treon Harris doing little-to-nothing to move the attack and without any other viable options to play around with.

So in comes Appleby, a big, strapping 6-5, 240-pounder with a live arm, a little bit of mobility – and a penchant for throwing lots and lots of interceptions. However, he can complete a forward pass to his own team once in a while – he has a live arm and the tools to potentially be something terrific with a little tweaking – giving him the leg up on the other Gator options coming into spring camp.

Meanwhile, Pitt’s Chad Voytik is an intriguing option for several schools after getting politely shoved out of the starting job by former Tennessee Volunteer Nate Peterman early on this season under new head coach Pat Narduzzi.

He handled the move to the No. 2 status well and didn’t make any real waves, but he wants to play again with Peterman entrenched as the starter going into 2016. He’s shopping around looking for a place where he can start.

Wisconsin all of a sudden enters the picture with Voytik’s former head coach, Paul Chryst, at the helm and a huge void at QB.

Bart Houston has the size, skills and experience to take over for Joel Stave – but he couldn’t beat out Joel Stave. Under Chryst, Voytik threw for 2,233 yards and 16 touchdowns with seven interceptions in 2015, but his job was mostly to hand off to James Conner.

Vanderbilt is an option, but there’s a logjam of bad at quarterback, and Memphis is also on the table with a relationship with the coaching staff.

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